Free for All: 05/13/14

What’s on your mind?


14 Responses to “Free for All: 05/13/14”

  1. The above would have been a real story if a Gawker reporter claimed a FOX executive said it at a party he was never at.

  2. Spending time at Gawker may cost you more than having to take a shower:

  3. erich500 Says:

    Howard Fineman is uncommonly silly.

    Even in these silly times.

    Substance free (hey, it’s the internet) but short and to the point.

  4. There was a day when he was considered an impartial, top notch political analyst. Long gone.

  5. erich500 Says:

    Well, somebody had to do a Larry Kelly intervention. I drew the short straw.

    Four posts in a row?

    “Inside Cable News” is turning into “Inside Larry’s Head”.

  6. brilliant stuff though, no?

  7. LOD called in to his show tonight to give an update on his accident and return date. Sounds like he’s doing well and we can expect him back sometime in June; although we may see him on Skype before then.

    Ari Melber, who has been subbing for LOD, has really improved his preforming skills over the last few months and I expect, if he doesn’t get the Jansing gig when she leaves, will get some other show on the network before years end.

    I would say he could replace Chris Hayes but Chris too has improved his on air delivery of late and his show format has improved as well. he’s still shrill and a bit stiff at times but he’s getting better with every show.

  8. The ratings will tell.

  9. erich500 Says:

    ^^ “Stuff” does come quickly to my mind.

    Brilliant is further down on my mental list.

    Even further down on Hillary’s mental list.

    Which apparently is all jumbled up.

    Karl told me so.

  10. Bill spilled the beans it took her six months to recover. Karl might just be on to something. Six months is a long time.

  11. Page Six is reporting that Stacy Dash; the star of ‘Clueless’, is in talks to work at Fox News. I can’t see her as a reporter/host but being a Republican Party supporter and with her right wing views; she would play well on F&F, the Five, Outnumbered, or some kind of reality show.

  12. I don’t get the story of a Chris McDaniel supporter photographing Thad Cochran’s wife. I understand this guy wanted to do a Karl Rove style smear (think McCain’s black love child in the 2000 SC primary) linking a rumored affair by Cochran to his wife; hospitalized for a decade with dementia.

    The thing is why do you need a photograph of the wife? Publish the rumor and tell us about the wife. That’s the kind of thing Rove or Drudge do all the time. The photo of the wife just makes the story about how you got the picture and not the smear. This screw-up just made Cochran a more sympathetic figure and ended any chance McDaniel had of winning the primary. For Tea Party supporters and we liberals that is not a good thing.

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