Jamie Colby Update…

TVNewser’s Chris Ariens fills in some blanks about what’s going on with FNC’s Jamie Colby…

Fox News anchor Jamie Colby will be hosting a new reality-based series for Fox Business Network, TVNewser has learned. “Strange Inheritance” will look at real-life stories of unconventional inheritances. Colby will be taking a break from Fox News weekend anchoring as she tapes the show. In fact, she was in Iowa over the weekend working on one of the episodes.

FBN anchor Tracy Byrnes had been slated to host the show. “Due to family obligations, Tracy had to remove herself from the project, but we couldn’t be more enthused for Jamie Colby to take over the reins,” FBN EVP Kevin Magee says. “Jamie’s experience in storytelling and background in law make her a terrific choice for ‘Strange Inheritance.’”

This does explain the mystery of what I was seeing on Colby’s Twitter feed with all the references to “show taping”…


3 Responses to “Jamie Colby Update…”

  1. Sounds a lot like the format Contessa Brewer has on MSNBC’s Caught on Camera.

  2. shame John Beresford Tipton is dead

  3. My wife and I miss Jamie colby; we hope she comes back soon.

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