Outnumbered: Your Opinions…

So, the new FNC 12pm show Outnumbered has been on for a couple of weeks now. My DVR is jammed at that hour so I have not been able to catch the show much save for the first day. I’ll have to cut some normally scheduled recordings to free up a slot to watch a few more episodes. In the meantime, tell me what you think of the show…


4 Responses to “Outnumbered: Your Opinions…”

  1. Haven’t seen the show yet but I imagine the it will do well at FNC. These types of panel shows are the flavor of the month on cable news at the moment and sadly I expect this trend to continue. It’s a lot like how the Food Channel moved from celebrity chief how to shows into a game show format.

    BTW: this is the show they say Stacey Dash will land on when she signs at FNC.

  2. I haven’t seen the show yet on MSNBC where an almost communist trashes conservatives, patriotism, and traditional values, without rebuttal, but I’m sure the trend there will continue, ratings aside.

  3. My god the legs on that show are just the best on TV…..Jedadiah and Kimberly……have no idea what they talk about….

  4. I’ve seen it , it’s like a daytime talk show feel it’s less like the Five. Wish they would have kept it a news hour than a talk/panel show . They have a lot of women/men comparison stories.

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