Pile on CNN…

Raw Story’s Scott Kaufman writes about what transpired on Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk Radio Show when Miles O’Brien was on… (via J$)

On the latest episode of his StarTalk Radio Show, Neil DeGrasse Tyson spoke to former CNN science journalist Miles O’Brien about the failures of modern news reporting — particularly at CNN.

As the interview began, O’Brien joked that CNN fired the unit because they were ignorant of celebrity gossip. “After all, what do we know about the Kardashians?”

Ouch. Low Blow. But it gets worse…

“We’re in the boutique age of journalism. CNN is just the department store — the Wal-Mart of journalism,” O’Brien replied, “and think about what that does to quality. There is room for a Madison Avenue boutique, then, for people who care about things that are specific to them, and they will seek you out.”

“They will find you,” Tyson agreed. “They’ll find you.”


“We don’t need reporters,” O’Brien replied. “We can just read the tweets!” This, Tyson and O’Brien agreed, is the direction in which CNN is headed.

O’Brien hammered home this point by recounting a moment, late in his time at CNN, when he walked into his executive producers’ offices with a 2 minute and 30 second science piece and was told that the 24-hours a day, 7-days a week news channel “didn’t have the time” to air it.

“I’m sorry,” an astounded Tyson responded, “but you have all the time! You have all the time!”

So…uh…what’s the over/under on O’Brien showing up as a contributor again on CNN’s air anytime soon?

On the other hand if O’Brien has such disdain for what CNN is doing…why did he agree to be a contributor and appear on their air?


2 Responses to “Pile on CNN…”

  1. Slumming I suppose.

  2. He didn’t seem to have a problem with doing plane coverage for them

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