FBN Taps Charles Payne For 6pm Show…

TVNewser’s Merril Knox writes that FBN has given Charles Payne a 6pm show…

Fox Business is launching a new show hosted by Charles Payne in the 6pmET timeslot, FBN EVP Kevin Magee announced today. “Making Money with Charles Payne” will debut June 2.

“Charles has an incredible talent for identifying growth sectors in the markets and we’re excited to launch a new show dedicated to helping viewers spot these emerging investment prospects,” Magee said in a statement.

2 Responses to “FBN Taps Charles Payne For 6pm Show…”

  1. Charles has been a solid part of FBN for a number of years. I’ve always appreciated his common sense approach to finance, sharing his views in plain language.

  2. Charles is a fabulous “feet on the ground” star. He has such great insite and I know he works very hard…..all the time.

    I very much enjoy when he subs for the “stars,” so he’s long overdue for his own show. However, I’m not sure the late time slot is good for what he does, he would be better in an earlier time slot, (but what do I know? I’m a mere civilian).

    In short, Charles has a great future…..and Roger needs to keep him!

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