CNBC To Air Live Putin Interview…

Say what you will about the man, his government, and whatever ulterior motives he has for doing this, it’s a huge deal for CNBC to land a live interview with Vladimir Putin on Squawk Box tomorrow at 6am ET…

[CNBC EXCLUSIVE] Russian President Vladimir Putin will sit down in a live interview on @CNBC Friday morning at 6a ET.

That said, there are some questions that this raises:

– What are the ground rules? Is Putin on to talk about a specific thing or are there no restrictions (read: Ukraine)?
– Why did Putin choose CNBC? It’s great for the network but it’s still an odd play for him. Did he think he’d get an easier time than he would have if it had been one of the big three networks top anchors doing the interview?
– Is there any linkage to Brian Williams’ Snowden interview airing on NBC next week? The timing of the two interviews could be co-incidental. Then again Russia surely must have been aware of NBC’s Snowden interview. I would tend to think you can’t just go into Russia and interview whomever you want without Russia being made aware of it, particularly when the person is such a high value target as Snowden is. Was there any quid pro quo?


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