Free for All: 05/22/14

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3 Responses to “Free for All: 05/22/14”

  1. savefarris Says:

    Everyone’s giving Stewart kudos for grilling Geithner last night. Except … Stewart refused to hold Geithner’s feet to the fire when he repeatedly said “The Congress was against us.”

    Sir, you had a filibuster-proof Congress. The Congress was NOT against you.

  2. Wrong Savefarris. In the 110th congress, Dems had majority in House and Senate but the 60 necessary to avoid filibuster. In the 111th Congress, Dems gained a bigger majority in the house (small majority in 2008) but still had less than 60 in the Senate. I will in no way defend Geithner but your assertion that it was a filibuster-proof Congress is factually inaccurate. Dems got the filibuster proof majority in late 2009.

    I guess Stewart picked the right battle. Stewart +1, you 0.

  3. savefarris Says:

    Geithner couldn’t be talking about the 110th, because he’s relaying the story as Treasury Secretary (and with Obama as President). Geithner wasn’t SotT until the 111th.

    I suppose if you want to die on the hill of “Democrats only had an overwhelming majority but couldn’t technically override a filibuster until August”, you could. But “The Congress was against us” is 100% factually incorrect.

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