The ATL-NYC Migration Begins?

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin tweeted the following yesterday…

“whatttt… we’re moving?!” 😉 “@AnneClaireCNN congrats @BrookeBCNN on the big move to NYC– ATL will miss you dearly

It has been an open secret that Jeff Zucker has wanted to move talent from CNN’s Atlanta HQ to New York. What he realistically gains from such a move is kind of lost on me, especially given the currently known state of CNN NY’s studio availability for dayside broadcasts (see: The Legal View’s slightly, but not convincingly, gussied up location inside CNN NY’s newsroom). Baldwin appears to be the first ATL anchor to announce a move to NYC. Will Carol Costello be next? Costello has recently been bouncing around between ATL, NYC, and Washington D.C. a pattern which suggests she too is ultimately NYC bound.

Hopefully CNN will have a real set these ATL transplants can use…

Update: TVNewser’s Merril Knox confirmed this later on…

“Carol Costello and Brooke Baldwin will move to New York to anchor their weekday CNN Newsroom shows, beginning in August. There will be no other changes to those shows’ production team,” a CNN spokesperson told TVNewser. “Atlanta is, and always will be, a critical part of CNN Worldwide’s operations. It remains home to much of our programming and content, including the production for many of our shows, CNN’s worldwide newsgathering operations, CNN Digital, CNN International, CNN en Espanol, HLN and Newsource.”

And it also houses one of CNN’s most modern sets which the network poured a lot of money into. Now it is a set without a show though presumably some show…perhaps on CNNI or HLN…is going to use it going forward. Otherwise its construction will have been a colossal waste of money.

A CNN source tells us having the anchors in New York gives them more on-set guest opportunities.

Ok, yes…this is true. Being located in Atlanta does undercut CNN from getting guests as easily as it would if its news was airing from New York. Now, let us hope they will have a real set these guests can appear on.


5 Responses to “The ATL-NYC Migration Begins?”

  1. Carol is on her way too. She’s been moved around so much. Atlanta, DC, NY, DC, Atlanta, and now NY (unless I’m missing a stop or two!) Even though Ashleigh is based in NY she’s not ALWAYS on the same set. Sometimes she’s on a flash set, sometimes her set, once recently the big NY set. Atlanta anchors have consistency with their look/set.

  2. Oops – meant to add. I remember hearing that CNN was moving from the TWC – so if they find a big enough space, they could just easily move CNN World HQ to there and just have an Atlanta Bureau. Let go the ones who don’t want to move – or just not move anyone and hire new/cheap?

  3. That change is years away.

  4. Too bad they are cutting back on Studio 7 that’s my favorite CNN set, but why so focused on doing everything from NYC that’s not why CNN’s ratings are low …

  5. imnotblue Says:

    Yuck… I have an ex-girlfriend who works at CNN Atlanta.

    I hope she don’t come back here.

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