The Battle for the “Table Scraps”…

Ok, I’ve been severely distracted most of this week taking care of some very important internet business which will become very apparent in three months time. So I’m playing catch up on the blog. One of the things I wanted to note is the recent battle for ratings table scraps that have broken out among Cable News’ minnows…

TVNewser’s Jordan Chariton wrote yesterday about NewsMax TV securing distribution through DirecTV.

Newsmax has found a TV home, signing a deal with DirectTV for a soft-launch next month. Newsmax Media CEO Christopher Ruddy says the channel, which streams online from headquarters in Florida and studios in New York, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles, will be “independent news with a mainstream conservative tilt.”

This is a big deal…not for NewsMax really – they’ll need a lot more than DirecTV if they want to mount a credible challenge to FNC and outflank them on the Right.

No…this is a big deal for another Right leaning upstart you never heard of; One America News Network.

In signing with DirecTV, One America News Network, has been put in a serious bind. It’s been on the air for a year but hasn’t been able to gain much penetration beyond Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-verse. I don’t know the total viewership levels of those two fiber distribution channels but I doubt it’s as big as DirecTV. Furthermore, by signing with DirecTV, NewsMax has essentially bigfooted OANN from expanding there (if it ever had a shot to begin with).

If NewsMax gets on FiOS or U-verse, OANN’s days may be seriously numbered…


5 Responses to “The Battle for the “Table Scraps”…”

  1. The scrub tree that fell in the unpopulated forest was never heard… nor missed.

    Me and my DirecTV will watch for the new growth of NEWSMAX with interest. 🙂

  2. Larry you are nothing but a partisan hack…Go back to Dollars Dump and let the adults talk

  3. That sounded so adult.

  4. Dollars Dump


    Anyway, ONN seems to cover a bit of international news and looks highly of FNC (gfx wise) and even has their own O’reilly clone. Oh and the ticker font is gigantic on this channel too.

  5. James Frost Says:

    I have been watching with interest Newsmax and TV and One America News and One America has an advantage. They produce better programming. More professional. Better talent. Seems to be operated by real professionals verse Newsmax.

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