The Best Cable News Channel?

Henry Tenenbaum writes on The Huffington Post that Al Jazeera America is the best cable news channel…

In terms of raw numbers, Al Jazeera America’s ratings are dismal. According to Nielsen, an average of 12,000 homes tuned in to Al Jazeera daily during May (which is, encouragingly, a 25 percent increase over February). Al Jazeera is quick to point out that all cable networks had small audiences at start-up. They also say that Nielsen found the network has a higher “composition” of affluent, educated, professional or managerial viewers than their competitors.

As for content, Al Jazeera America is generally engaging, relevant and well-staffed. Anchors and interviewers like Anthony Mora, Ray Suarez, Joie Chen and John Siegenthaler have not succumbed to the breathless breaking news” intonations or the “tell us what we already know” questions. The schedule is a mix of news, analysis, business and investigative documentaries. The network has won two Peabody Awards within its first year of operation.

In short, Al Jazeera America is a News Network, not just a channel with the word “news” in its name.

3 Responses to “The Best Cable News Channel?”

  1. USED to be a “great show” called OMNIBUS which gave the high culture the nation deserved. Though repeatedly told of its greatness, only the few marveled at it. Shame the Arabs didn’t have money to burn in those days. Not that it would have got any. Agenda, you see.

  2. Oh Tenenbaum, Oh Tenenbaum, let’s not watch and say we did.

  3. Hi, Larry. I’m not clear on your point.

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