Inside The Sixties Party…

New York Daily News’ Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke writes about CNN’s party for it’s new The Sixties mini-series…

The schmaltz factor was high at the premiere party last Wednesday evening, the night before the network debut.

A crowd of media types, most of whom hadn’t been alive during the actual ’60s, gathered under the stars in Grand Central’s main concourse, pushing past confused commuters to get to Vanderbilt Hall. As the crowd grew, the overwhelmed event coordinators threw open the rope, not bothering to check the list. After all, there were retro cocktails and, because some things never change, thirsty people to drink them.

We almost tripped over the shag rug as we made our way to the buffet, which was piled high with plastic TV-dinner trays waiting to be filled with the cuisine of the era like beef stroganoff, green bean casserole with fried onion, and fried chicken. Another table featured shrimp cocktail, twice-baked potatoes and iceberg wedges.

Waiters in granny glasses brought around shots of Swedish meatballs and celery stuffed with pimento cheese. (“It’s really fun and easy to make,” one of them offered with Cold War-era neighborliness.)

“Now, I am sure there are some that wonder why we need a miniseries about the 1960s,” CNN President Jeff Zucker, who was born in 1965, told the crowd. “But the reality is that when you start to think about everything that happened in those 10 years, you realize how many questions remain unanswered and how much we have to learn from that decade of America’s own coming of age.”


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