The Case For Al Jazeera America…

The Desert Sun’s Darryl James Jr. makes his case that Al Jazeera America offers a fresh perspective on news…

And what a refreshing change, CNN reincarnated, news reporting as it happens, and an American staff of anchors/reporters who were providing old-school reporting. From all over the world, it appears this group has more reporters in more corners of the world than any other news organization.

I was especially pleased to finally receive a full picture of what is happening in Ukraine, not a three-minute snippet but more than a half- hour to allow extensive reports coming in from Kiev, Russia, east Ukraine, Europe and the United States.

After a couple of days viewing, I felt I had found Nirvana, but truth be told, I was apprehensive about the Arabian connection, muted obviously by the shining faces of the American anchors and reporters.

One Response to “The Case For Al Jazeera America…”

  1. and an ungrateful nation wraps four day old fish in The Desert Sun.

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