All Quiet On The Legal Front…

I said it’ll never get to trial and I was right. Gawker’s JK Trotter writes about a settlement in the Roger Dormal lawsuit and a new twist in the Brian Lewis saga…

Now, nearly a year later, Fox says those claims about its former P.R. undertaker were untrue. Fox’s admission appeared in an unusual document recently entered by the network’s attorney at the Supreme Court of New York in Lower Manhattan, during the final stages of an age discrimination lawsuit filed by former network executive Roger Domal. Last week, Dornal and Fox reached a confidential settlement agreement, which the plaintiff’s attorney, Christopher Chang, confirmed on Monday.

Fox had initially responded to Domal’s complaint by accusing the plaintiff of conspiring with Lewis to generate bogus expense reports. Lewis took this as a breach of his own settlement with Fox, and he filed an arbitration claim accusing the network of disparagement.

So last week, Fox quietly relented. In a 2-page filing dated June 3 and submitted by Fox attorney Barry Asen, the network formally withdrew its allegations of fraud against Lewis:

But then there’s this…

Fox’s original accusations of financial fraud had served as a distraction from the real story of Lewis’s firing, which was that Fox News executives were suspicious of Lewis’s cooperation with Roger Ailes biographer Gabriel Sherman. This aggressive P.R. strategy spectacularly backfired after Lewis’s attorney, Judd Burstein, accused Fox of lying about his client, threatened to reveal the channel’s dark secrets, and went on to extract a multimillion-dollar settlement.

So Fox was, in fact, lying about Lewis. It’s good to know that Fox itself agrees.

Comeon Trotter…that’s not worthy of you. Let’s look at what was legally said to resolve this…

IT IS HEREBY STIPULATED AND AGREED, by and between counsel for the respective parties, that Defendants’ affirmative defense set forth in Paragraph 48 of their Answer to the Complaint, which alleged, inter alia, that Brian Lewis, with Plaintiff’s assistance, had made fraudulent requests to Fox News Network LLC for expense reimbursement, is hereby withdrawn with prejudice.

The claim withdrawal neither proves nor disproves that FNC was or was not lying about Lewis and what he did or did not do to merit termination. All it means is that FNC is withdrawing the claim. Nothing more. Nothing less. The backroom back and forth wrangling match between the lawyers produced a result that all sides agreed to. But that doesn’t mean the truth has revealed itself. It only means that all parties have agreed a legally binding talking point…a talking point which may or may not bear any semblence on reality.

So Trotter, by saying FNC lied and that FNC is now agreeing that it lies, says more about Trotter and his biases than it does about the correct historical record…which we will never know…

Unless another legal bruhaha erupts involving FNC which drags Lewis into it like this one did. Then its back to the mattresses…

One Response to “All Quiet On The Legal Front…”

  1. dead, buried, and grass is growing.

    Fox haters sit back and lament. Another useless energy spent.

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