The End of HLN As We Know It?

In a must read, Capital New York’s Alex Weprin writes about the possible end of HLN as we know it if Time Warner buys Vice…

If Vice were to gain control of HLN, the channel would almost certainly have to be unbundled from CNN. That could be messy, as pay-TV providers could seek to cut CNN’s carriage fee, or decline to carry HLN. If HLN were to continue to be bundled with CNN, Vice wouldn’t be able to capitalize on carriage fees, which would still be tied to CNN. All in all it would be a messy transaction.

What happens to HLN’s content?

If HLN is in the midst of a pivot, wouldn’t the Vice deal kill the pivot before it is even complete? HLN won’t have its new programming lineup ready til later this year, and even then it includes legacy shows hosted by talent like Dr. Drew and Nancy Grace. What would happen to HLN’s programming in the event of a Vice takeover? Would it stay on during the transition? Perhaps Vice would simply get a block of programming in the interim. Who knows.

I’ll go one further…what happens to certain HLN news talent? I’m thinking specifically of Robin Meade. This could force the issue, long speculated about by everyone and long favorited by FTVLive, of moving Meade over to CNN for mornings. I have never been a big proponent of such a move because I think Meade would be a bad fit for what CNN does in the mornings. But if Vice gets HLN, I have to believe Meade is CNN bound. Zucker would not want to let her go.

Everyone connected with New Day should be concerned. Very concerned. You all may have just been put on a clock.

10 Responses to “The End of HLN As We Know It?”

  1. What is vice?

    My info is probably way outdated.. But, last I heard Meade’s husband worked at Sea World or something about commuted from Atlanta daily. And if this is still the case I don’t think Meade would move to NYC.

  2. it’s the end of HLN as we know it.

    it’s the endof HLN as we know it.

    it’s the endof HLN as we know it… and I feel fine.

  3. bushleaguer Says:

    Vice has a channel on YouTube.

    They have an excellent documentary on Afghanistan titled “This is what winning looks like.” It’s well worth the time as all of the cable news networks and the network news has abandoned Afghanistan news entirely (spare the news about Sgt. Bergdahl).

  4. We found out today what losing in Iraq looks like.

  5. Eric Cantor lost his primary tonight to a Tea Party crazy. It’s the biggest political story of the year. FNC and MSNBC are covering the story wall to wall. CNN is showing a doc about OJ Simpson’s slow motion white bronco car chase. Whether HLN will still cover the news is not the relevant question. It’s whether CNN will still cover news.

  6. savefarris Says:

    9:17 CDT and CNN now has Lemon on CantorWatch.

    Jeffrey Toobin wins the “Lawrence O’Donnell Award” for claiming that tonight’s big winner is … Hillary Clinton.

  7. savefarris Says:

    PS: Nice smear, fritz.

  8. Kiss immigration reform goodbye.

    On HLN or any other channel.
    (See how easy it is to stay on topic?)

  9. […] is written in response to The end of HLN as we know it. I agree with most of what was written, but I’d just like to give a few of my own […]

  10. hln needs to step up and cover trials wall to wall. why the turnover of hosts. oh dam I forgot it is like the real world clipping the great workers and keep the lazy [sleep on the shift 40 of 48 hours] uncle tom workers; yeah I get it now . the creeps are running the shows. I quit.

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