Free for All: 06/11/14

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30 Responses to “Free for All: 06/11/14”

  1. Mark my words, Obama is about to get run over by the steamroller called ISIS Iraq. Don’t know what that is? Just stick with your favorite cable news channel. You will.

  2. President Barack Obama’s favorability ratings hit the lowest point of his presidency in a Bloomberg National Poll, with just 44 percent of Americans saying they have positive feelings about him.

    “But they don’t like him, personally?”

    “No, not any more.”

    “Why not?”

    __________________________________________ (fill in)

  3. Well the everytown map was a fraud. And mass shootings have decreased over past 30 yrs. As had violent crime. And no evidence that school shootings are on the rise. But that doesn’t stop politicians, media people and twitter geniuses from lying

  4. The LEFT and their POTUS want gun legislation whether it makes sense to solve a problem on not. They just want it. They will lie to get it.

  5. joeremi Says:

    We’ve had 74 school shootings since Newtown. That’s just the mass shootings in schools. Are we supposed to accept this? It’s madness! We don’t just have a problem with a proliferation of guns. We have a problem with the lunatic fetish glorification of the damn things in this country, and this bizarre hyping of a gun’s wonderfulness is feeding an hysteria of violence.

    There is a deep sickness in this country, and you “from my cold, dead hands” people are contributing to it.

  6. Bunk as usual from these people.
    CNN debunked the 74 number.

    As I said, the “whatever it takes crowd” will lie.

  7. motownman Says:

    So it’s “only” 41 instead of 74.
    Oh, that’s MUCH better. Jeez,

  8. Iraq burns and falls as Obama diddles about whether to smack ISIS with airstrikes… maybe he’ll decide to do something when they are raising the Qaeda flag over Baghdad…

  9. CBS NEWS reported that mass shootings have not increased since 1970. Scott Pelley said, “It just seems like it”. The reporter replied that urban gang shootings dwarf the school shooting statistics.

    Laws on the books aren’t being enforced.

    Any honest liberal, and they are few, will tell you their real solution is to outlaw any civilian ownership of firearms. That way, the Oregon kid would not have figured out how to take the secured guns from his home and crazy people couldn’t get them anywhere.

    (Not gonna happen short of The Liberal Fascist Republic)

  10. There haven’t been 74 school shootings. That’s a bogus number put out by a radical anti-gun group and forwarded by idiots on twitter.

    The stats don’t back up the hysteria. There’s just much, much more coverage these days.

  11. one is too many

    Outlaw all guns.


    Blunt objects.

    Video games.

    Pointed sticks.

    Big rocks.

  12. Having run from Iraq in the worst way possible,
    Obama has to look back over his shoulder earlier than he expected.

    HEALTH CARE — check

    OUT OF IRAQ — check

    GITMO — working on it

    FIX VA — forget that one


  13. NO, there were not 74 mass shootings….most were gang crap or suicide or robbery. They just glommed on EVERY gun shot. There were 7 , not 74.

  14. Ashley Banfield just called the coalition of the willing the “coalition of the pip squeak willing”…then said “as some called it”. Some? Who? I’ve never heard that and nothing comes up when you google it.

  15. Chelsea Clinton paid $600K by NBC.

    Talent = $

  16. savefarris Says:

    Shorter Obama: “F*&$ you, Iraq: there’s golf to be played. If you still exist by next week, we might send you a drone. Maybe.”

  17. savefarris Says:

    PS: How awesome was it that Joe fell for the Everytown map even AFTER is was debunked?

    Don’t feel too bad, joe. Stewart and Hayes did too.

  18. Oh, Joe makes so infrequent appearances here he’s rusty. You have to keep your ICN juices flowing to be in top form. Spud is just thrilled I exercise religiously.

  19. joeremi Says:

    Sorry, Farris, but where I’m from guns going off in schools count as school shootings. Crazy, right?

  20. R.I.P. Casey Kasem.

    We save to have money in out later years. Good idea unless money grubbing relatives battle to take what’s left. Then, you’d be better off poor and on Medicaid.

  21. Obama wanted us out of Iraq in the worst way. That’s what he got.

  22. Do liberals get outraged over death threats? You betcha… but some more than others:

  23. savefarris Says:

    Crazy, right?

    Crazy. And/or “Mostly False” from those hard-line Tea Party propagandists over at PolitiFact:

  24. The truth only maters if it serves the moral high ground. [as defined by jihadist liberals]

  25. oops….narrative fail. Vegas cop killers were part of Occupy protestors.

    Vegas cop killers were NOT right wingers…were part of Occupy Movement protest.

  26. savefarris Says:

    Rachel: Bringing you the latest headlines from 2003…

    Maybe your ratings are dropping because you haven’t had a new argument in 11 years.

  27. All the jokes about Bush being dumb. John Kerry is that dumb, no joking about it. Team of rivals? Team of rabble.

  28. joeremi Says:

    Read the article, Bricko. The Million Mask March was a collection of people including OWS refugees and anarchists. The Vegas cop killers were rightwing murderous loons.

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