Musical Studios…

FTVLive is reporting that HLN will be taking over CNN’s studio space including its newest studio.

Meanwhile, CNN will get HLN’s former and much smaller studio and workspace. As FTVLive FIRST reported, CNN boss Jeff Zucker moved the Atlanta based shows, talent and most of the managers to New York.

Man, they better be working on building one hell of a studio for Newsroom in NYC otherwise this NYC move hurts CNN badly…


7 Responses to “Musical Studios…”

  1. Da_King Says:

    Spud, If you do not mind please explain your reasoning? Also, I doubt they will be any new studios built for Newsroom with an impending move in three years or less I do not believe it to be feasible…more than likely they will either use the @ This Hour set or the Legal View set.

  2. Da_King Says:

    *There and not they….excuse me on that.

  3. Man! They just got new drapes.

  4. “Man, they better be working on building one hell of a studio for Newsroom in NYC otherwise this NYC move hurts CNN badly.”

    I believe using the word “hell” as a language enhancer is unnecessary.

  5. bushleaguer Says:

    Newsroom will be hurt if they don’t build a new studio (or make use of the New Day studio as Erin Burnett has done since she returned from maternity leave), but they don’t make good use of that space in Atlanta now. Brooke Baldwin sits in the middle of it all with a small table for her notes. Hopefully they will have plenty of in-studio guests once the move is made.

  6. I agree the New Day studio is highly underutilized. Monday-Thursday, it’s only used for three shows (New Day and Erin Burnett Outfront on CNN; Quest Means Business on CNNI); and on Friday, it is used on Unguarded with Rachel Nichols; and on Sunday, Fareed Zakaria GPS.

    I’d rather see John and Michaela host This Hour from the New Day set, and have Ashleigh Banfield host from the Communication Center instead of the fugly CNN Money desk.

  7. And what happen to the best person on HLN. Vinnie Politan????

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