John Walsh Interview

Capital New York’s Alex Weprin interviews John Walsh about his new CNN reality TV show.

One of the show’s strongest points of departure may be style of presentation. CNN signed Zero Point Zero Productions, the company behind Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown,” to produce the new show, alleviating some of the stress on Walsh, while also giving the program a unique visual and storytelling perspective.

Walsh said Monday that networks began talking to him as early as 2011, when “America’s Most Wanted” first faced cancellation on Fox.

“I was talking to ABC… about doing a pilot for them, to be a contributor, to be their ‘Special Justice Correspondent,’ appearing on Diane Sawyer, ‘Nightline,” ‘G.M.A.’” Walsh said. “That was a really flattering, phenomenal offer, but as I said, I am 68 years old, I am been on the road my entire life, living in hotels, now I have my first grandchild.”

The discussions with ABC and CNN followed a similar effort by Roger Ailes, the C.E.O. of Fox News and a friend of Walsh’s. When Fox canceled “America’s Most Wanted,” Walsh talked with Fox News about bringing the show to the cable channel, a fact reported at the time by the A.P.


4 Responses to “John Walsh Interview”

  1. LynnLGM Says:

    I like John Walsh, and the show looks as though it might be good, but someone needs to remind him that you should rack up some ratings before you p|ss off the audience.

  2. I’ve never cared for John Walsh in the past and I doubt I’ll ever watch on his show on CNN.

    To me he’s a male version of Nancy Grace and the show sounds like ‘America’s Most Wanted’ with a different name. Yet another true crime show to boost CNN’s ratings.

  3. He is going to be the Pierce Morgan replacement to be the anti-gunner dolt. Word is already out to watch who the sponsors are and take note.

  4. LynnLGM Says:

    Sigh. John Walsh has been in television for 30 years, but he’s going to be taken down by pro-gunners. Good luck with that.

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