Not A Propaganda Machine…

The Salt Lake Tribune’s Scott D. Pierce writes about Al Jazeera America…

“We are the place to go when you want unbiased, high-quality, in-depth news,” said Kate O’Brian, president of Al Jazeera America. “We’re the only broadcast network to offer news in prime time, hosted by John Seigenthaler at [6 MT] every night. It’s news from the around the country and around the globe and how that news affects us here in the U.S.”

And, she insists, AJA does not lean in any direction politically.

“We don’t want to be right-leaning or left-leaning,” O’Brian said. “We don’t want to be taking a position on something. We really want to tell the story of the people that the story is affecting and let the viewer decide.”


One Response to “Not A Propaganda Machine…”

  1. Outsider Says:

    Don’t know about AJAM being a propaganda machine but when it comes to coverage of the current Mideast conflict, everyone knows which side AJE has taken. On AJAm’s website, they at least call the coverage ‘Israeli-Palestinian Conflict’ but on AJE (also on-air) it’s ‘Gaza Under Attack’. As if Hamas isn’t doing it’s share of making life for everyone in that region miserable. Such a shame because on other stories they can do a great job but when it comes to the precious Gaza strip, to hades with balance. Now I’m not saying every single journalist at AJE is doing a miserable job, some of them have been fair but it’s quite clear what the editorial line is. The way things are portrayed, it’s that everything is Israel’s fault and Hamas is absolutely spotless, sinless even. I’ll stick to the BBC and CNN when it comes fair coverage of the Mideast.
    I’ll take the Baltimore Sun’s guy’s word on AJAM being balanced since I don’t watch them but AJE is definitely not balanced on this conflict.

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