Anatomy of a Tweet…

The Blaze’s Jason Howerton writes about a tweet that a CNN reporter deleted…

CNN international correspondent Diana Magnay called a group Israelis “scum” Thursday as she says the group was cheering as Israel continued its aggressive action against Gaza.

“Israelis on hill above Sderot cheer as bombs land on #gaza; threaten to ‘destroy our car if I say a word wrong’. Scum,” Magnay tweeted. She quickly deleted the controversial post.

The CNN reporter has been silent on Twitter ever since.

Howerton clearly read Magnay’s tweet one specific way as evidenced by the title of his story…

It’s No Mystery Why CNN Reporter Quickly Deleted Her Jaw-Dropping Tweet About Group of Israelis

It could be the way Howerton thinks it is. Or it could not. The “scum” remark could reference the fact that they threatened to destroy their car. We just don’t know. So I’m going to cut her some slack until we get definitive evidence pointing to one viewpoint or the other…


5 Responses to “Anatomy of a Tweet…”

  1. paminwi Says:

    If it was only about possibly destroying her car she could have clarified that point in another follow-up tweet. She chose to delete the first tweet. Not much to think about there. We all know what she was talking about.

    But, yup, you go ahead and cut her some slack.

    It’s kind if like cutting Obama some slack when he said he wanted his hamburger done medium-well with tomato and lettuce. And now that idiot is at the Hamptons FUNDRAISING!

  2. If definitive evidence is ever found one way or the other I’ll eat my hat.

  3. When Rupert buys Time-Warner he can sell CNN to Israel and a definitive analysis would follow.

  4. A little slack for this guy too?
    NBC News Pulls Reporter Who Witnessed Israeli Attack in Gaza

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