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  1. The NY Daily News ‘Confidential’ column has some interesting speculation on who producers of The View may be looking at to fill the ‘conservative’ seat/seats on the show.

    The three leading candidates all currently work for cable nets; Juliet Huddy at FNC, SE Cupp at CNN and Abby Huntsman at MSNBC. Megan McCain was also in the mix but has apparently dropped out of the race.

    It will be interesting to see who they pick to battle Rosie O’Donnell on the revamped program.

  2. Our favorite cat thinks 1. Juliet Huddy is ‘conservative, 2. Juliet Huddy works at FNC, and 3. There really was an alien autopsy.

  3. My choice would be SE Cupp, but she might be too “smart” for the program. WHo ever chooses to work with Rosie O’Donnell is more concerned about the 5 minutes of fame rather than being taken seriously. That show has become a joke… a show among female panel shows. This has spilled over into cable news. *gag*

  4. savefarris Says:

    If you wanna replace Hasslebeck, there’s really only one option:

    Carrie Prejean.

    Conservative? Check.
    …But still ditzy enough not to win a debate? Check.
    Telegenic? Check.
    Married to an NFL QB? Check!

    The choice is obvious.

  5. icemannyr Says:

    Considering CNN keeps preempting Crossfire it might be a good time for S.E. Cupp to join The View if she’s offered a role as co-host..
    Her on air time a CNN seems to be limited to commentary videos.

  6. icemannyr Says:

    Today Carol Costello did her show from a flash cam studio and never said her broadcast location and at 12pm Pamela Brown is on subbing and instead of being in the regular NYC studio she also is using a flash cam and never said her broadcast location.

    If Carol has already made the move from Atlanta since she was not using the Atlanta studio, I wonder why she was not using one of the NYC studios today?

    It also odd that Pamela is not using the NYC studio at 12pm.
    Zucker wants shows does from NYC then has the sub anchor use a flash cam set in D.C.

  7. “Considering CNN keeps preempting Crossfire it might be a good time for S.E. Cupp to join The View if she’s offered a role as co-host..”

    ^^ Career-wise The View is a big step up from anything the cable nets can offer these ladies. If they get the offer any female cable net host; except maybe a few PT types like Maddow, Burnett and Kelly; would jump at the opportunity – and I’m not sure about Burnett.

  8. The View is a women-chat show which sometimes does politics. SE Cupp is a hard-right conservative who talks politics and shouts “Oh my God!” a lot. Unless they plan on going all politics, I don’t see her fitting that show well.

  9. One of John Walsh’s fugitives on the new show was killed by cops in NY. Next, on CNN.

  10. The Hunt
    The Catch
    The Kill

    No, not The Hunger Games. This is CNN.

  11. Walsh is back in the saddle.

  12. 99 bucks a year for a Sarah Palin Channel. ProTip: Less talking, more pics.

  13. savefarris Says:

    Did Cenk Uyger really just slam Palin for starting her own web channel?


  14. LynnLGM Says:

    Would someone please explain why anyone is still reporting what Cenk says? Is he broadcast, anymore?

  15. For the same reason Lindsay Lohan is reported: the outrageous attracts eyeballs.

  16. imnotblue Says:

    During at the DMV in NYC… feeling compelled to go on a rant about government run healthcare, but will refrain for now…

  17. joeremi Says:

    I like Cenk, but he was fired for being an habitual screamer. I have no idea why anyone would care what he thinks of a Sarah Palin Channel.

    My DMV runs fabulously as long as you get an appointment. Which I rarely have to do because the website is fabulous, too.

  18. Appointment? Never heard of an appointment at the DMV. Or, are you making a funny about

  19. imnotblue Says:

    The website in NY is very confusing. In still waiting for someone to respond to my email from last month, and after 6 phone calls with no one answering, I gave up.

    I bought my leased car… There should have been a document that was easy to find, that said “Fill out this, this, and this and bring them over.” Instead it took me about two hours to locate and fill out all the documents. And that was for something easy!

  20. My DMV runs great without an appointment, but that’s small-town Ohio for ya.

  21. imnotblue Says:

    Ha! Unless I read the site wrong, the is only ONE DMV in Queens (where I now live).

    That’s a lot of people for one place. They’re must have been about 300 people there today, and the woman at the desk said it was a light day.

  22. joeremi Says:

    Most towns have one DMV. I’m sure there’s more in a big city like NY or LA.

    Yes, you can make appointments at the DMV. And the best way to search the website is to type what you need in the search box. There’s a whole bunch of stuff the DMV covers, so navigating the whole site is a bit daunting.

  23. Jose Diaz-Barlet has been on the air for a week or so and we now pretty much know what his program is all about. By my crude calculation well over half his show’s stories concern illegal immigration. That puts JD-B’s show in the same grouping as Sharpton, Schultz and MHP; single issue advocacy programing. I watch almost no Sharpton, Schultz or MHP so it’s unlikely I’ll be watching much of J D-B.

  24. joeremi Says:

    Immigration is a massive issue which is usually covered on both sides by people who talk in soundbites. Diaz-Balart actually explains what’s really going on, including the part where Americans rely on these people for services, then pretend they want them all to go home. I think his show is interesting.

  25. If blacks would take the jobs the immigrants take it would solve multiple problems, but noooo.

  26. savefarris Says:

    including the part where Americans rely on these people for services

    They wouldn’t have to if we could lower the minimum wage. 🙂

  27. imnotblue Says:

    Joe… You are right about searching on the site, but nowhere did I see anything for an appointment. And I had no luck getting anyone to respond to me prior to my visit.

    And again, as far as I know, in NYC there are DMVs post borough, but only one each. That’s not much for a lot of people. When I lived in Westchester, there were a few post county, but not per town.

    I really can’t identify with your positive DMV experiences, but believe you. Maybe it’s a west coast thing… Because I’ve DMVed in the entire tri-state, and they all stink.

  28. They stink in Cali too.

  29. If blacks would take the jobs the immigrants take it would solve multiple problems, but noooo.

    If Larry would learn to play by the rules this blog would be a lot nicer and I wouldn’t have to babysit him, but nooooooooo….

  30. Don’t think I’ve heard from you in months. Hi.

  31. savefarris Says:

    I don’t want to say Rush is getting predictable. But tonight, as of 7:39pm CDT, I am predicting that the first hour of Rush’s Wednesday show will feature an extended riff about how Juan Williams is embodying the Limbaugh Theorem.

    For the record.

  32. joeremi Says:

    For Cali you hover the cursor over Online Services, and a menu appears, including Appointments.

  33. savefarris Says:

    The WaPo with a bombshell: state subsidies were in an original version of ObamaCare. TAKE THAT, HALBIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean what Greg Sargent thinks it means.

    Oh Greg: drown your tears…

  34. joeremi Says:

    I found the lease forms, too, in under 10 seconds. I get that the DMV is a busy joint if you waltz in unannounced, but I don’t see the issue with finding forms and getting an appointment online. I haven’t had a bad experience there in at least 20 years.

  35. Some VA Hospitals are well run.

  36. NBC Sports just put out a press release stating that they’re the fastest growing sports network since August 17, 2013 (the day they began airing the Barclay’s Premier League). I’m sure it’s a happy coincidence that August 17th was their benchmark since that was the day FOX Sports 1 went live.

  37. Luke Russert sub-hosting Alex Wagner’s progressive opinion hour? Surrounding him with slanted guest without any opposing views makes Luke look like just another lefty.

  38. savefarris Says:

    NBCSN’s press release is gonna look even sillier in 15 days.

  39. Luke Russert sub-hosting Alex Wagner’s progressive opinion hour? Surrounding him with slanted guest without any opposing views makes Luke look like just another lefty.

    That’s bull. He was called in because Alex was sick..the guests had already been booked.

  40. Ooh, Hala Gorani has an hour on CNN. New one on me.

  41. Tara Reid was on MSNBC earlier. Really?

  42. NBCSN’s press release is gonna look even sillier in 15 days.

    Yeah, SEC Network’s going to explode and be one of the top sports networks. And I’m the pope.

  43. Tara Reid was on MSNBC earlier. Really?

    The ‘writer’ of SharkNado2 was on Tamron’s show, too. Excruciating.

  44. The ‘writer’ of SharkNado2 was on Tamron’s show, too. Excruciating.

    While NBC’s meddling around in MSNBC, they might as well pull the plug and turn it back in to NBC News on Cable.

  45. “That’s bull. He was called in because Alex was sick..the guests had already been booked.”
    More that using your straight news guy as a flack is bull. Find somebody else.

  46. Maybe Mia Farrow has another kid?

  47. You’re going to have to decide if Luke Russert “looks like a lefty”, or if you’re mad at MSNBC for dragging him in when Alex was sick. Those are two separate topics.

  48. I like Luke. Hate to see them ruining him.

  49. Agreed. They need to find opinion subs for opinion shows, or at least cancel the guest lineup and let him do news about Israel, etc.

  50. Is there really a difference between the stars of “Sharknado 2,” and “Politics Nation”?

  51. People would be surprised how often Joe and I agree.

  52. MSNBC still may have a bridge they want to sell you, but IMPEACHMENT is their new fixation. Dylan Byrers:

    “Fox News has 95 mentions of impeachment, and MSNBC 448 [so far in July]. That works out to about 2.7 mentions per hour of original programming on MSNBC, or once every 22 minutes. … MSNBC hasn’t become quite as obsessed with impeachment as CNN was with Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, but it may be getting there. Impeachment mentions on MSNBC increased sixfold from May to July. Overall, since Jan. 1, MSNBC has mentioned impeachment 905 times to Fox News’s 213.”

  53. LynnLGM Says:

    You have to watch this. A little sad, but only a little.

  54. joeremi Says:

    Fox viewers are shocked that a liberal newstalk channel would use the Fox model to get a message across. This amuses me greatly.

  55. LynnLGM Says:

    Are we of the opinion that this is a recent development? Um, not really.

  56. savefarris Says:

    The ‘writer’ of SharkNado2 was on Tamron’s show, too. Excruciating.

    Isn’t SciFi (I refuse to use the hipster spelling) part of the Universal/Comcast family?

    Synergy, baby!

    I find your lack of faith in the SECN disturbing. 3 weeks before air and it’s ALREADY got a larger subscriber base than NFLN. It’s gonna make Sharnado look like Mecha Python … or something.

    Heck, throw on a houndstooth test pattern and you’ve got the entire state of Alabama tuned in.

  57. joeremi Says:

    I have less faith in Ari Melber as a show-host than Concha does, but I agree about Ronan, and said as much when he started: He’s a decent guest/pundit-type answering questions; terrible at asking them.

    I still feel this way about Chuck Todd, too, btw. He was a great political analyst, and I think a boring waste as the guy listening to others’ answers.

  58. “I have less faith in Ari Melber as a show-host than Concha does”

    ^^I like Ari a lot and would be more than happy to see him replace Sharpton Ed or MHP.

    His idea of moving Farrow to The Cycle is not a bad one. His show is badly formatted and he needs to learn his craft. Having to deal with Toure every day would teach him how to deal with idiot guests on his own future show.

    I don’t think paring Weiner and Coulter is worthy of discussion. It only shows the contempt Concha has for MSNBC.

    “and I think a boring waste as the guy listening to others’ answers.”

    I tend to agree about Todd. He was great on Steve Kornacki’s show last week.The best part of Chucks show are his panel discussions with other political reporters and pollsters. The worst are his interviews with politicians.

    Bob McCown, a renowned Toronto sports talk show host, has had a career policy of never interviewing working athletes. He says they are terrible interviews because they only self promote, talk in platitudes and are boring. I feel political show hosts should have the same policy with politicians , for the same reasons.

  59. is worthy of discussion >>> is not worthy of discussion Sorry.

  60. joeremi Says:

    I don’t think paring Weiner and Coulter is worthy of discussion. It only shows the contempt Concha has for MSNBC.

    I think you would have a different opinion if you followed Joe on Twitter. He’s a good and fair conservative, and interacts much. He used to do Scarborough Country, and I think is harking back to those MSNBC days with the Weiner/Coulter idea. I don’t love it because I find point/counterpoint Crossfire-type shows annoying, but I see what he sees in it.

  61. “I think you would have a different opinion if you followed Joe on Twitter.”

    I’ve no interest in watching Concha on twitter. I’ve seen him a few times on Howie’s show (when I used to watch it) and I’ll I saw was someone looking to get a regular pundit gig by saying outrageous things.

    “I think is harking back to those MSNBC days with the Weiner/Coulter idea.”

    This style show has been done lots of times in the past on MSNBC and I never watched. Shtick as a format just doesn’t interest me.

  62. I would watch Concha on the Twitter, but reception is bad since the conversion from analog to digital.

  63. Mr. Concha, that is.

  64. LynnLGM Says:

    Russell Brand is Weird Al minus the charm and talent, and the only man who could make Sean Hannity favorable by comparison.

  65. He always looks unclean.

  66. LynnLGM Says:

    Of course, Hannity responded, which was the idea to begin with. A Hannity/Brand feud is just too silly to contemplate.

  67. joeremi Says:

    There was a Republican Rep. Burgess on Jose Diaz-Balart’s show this morning. He said POTUS needs to go to the border and send a clear message to kids in Guatemala that they’ll be sent home if they come here. Fair enough, standard talking points, it’s all good. Then Jose told him kids escaping roving gangs and drug cartels who are raping and murdering them will come anyway. It was at this point that Mr. Burgess said the president should send a boat instead of letting them make the journey through Central America. So there ya go.

  68. joeremi Says:

    Hannity & Brand: It’s the Bold Fresh Tour, except like that year the Duke Boys were replaced by Coy and Vance.

  69. LynnLGM Says:

    Brand is like the cousin from California that you never heard of, brought in to give the show “street cred”.

  70. Yeah, these people aren’t sucking up to anyone.

  71. “”

    Wow! It’s not often I agree with every choice on a best/worst of list; but I have no argument with any of the choices on the worst of list and agree with most of the best of list as well. I haven’t seen the FBN or AJAM shows so can’t comment on those choices. The only addition I might make is to put MHP on the worst of list and Fareed Zakaria GPS on the best of.

  72. The same writer hit Ed Schultz and Hannity, which is pretty cool.

    I think Mediaite chose to list shows people have actually heard of. Nobody watches Fareed or MHP.

  73. They both disappear into the weekend quicksand.

  74. Fareed is the most famous wonk you’ve never heard of.

  75. I’d put HUCKABEE in that same category, Joe, though he makes my personal dislike list.

  76. Huckabee ran for president sort-of-fairly-successfully, so people are generally aware of him. Although probably not enough to know he has a weekend show which is a combination of 700 Club and The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour.

  77. savefarris Says:

    OH SNAP, IT’S ON NOW!!!!

    Wait, he apoligized already? Well for f**ks sake.

  78. LynnLGM Says:

    Who could look at Bill Weir and not anticipate several regrettable statements?

  79. joeremi Says:

    Here’s a new one: Don’t just say climate change is a hoax; say it’s actually getting colder. I hadn’t heard this before, and apparently Ms. Whitney can’t remember where she heard it. She’s also a little unclear on where the president was born, but it’s most certainly all the interviewer’s fault because she’s a conservative woman. Or something.

  80. joeremi Says:

    That Bill Weir Twitter-moment is a bad one, but the conventional wisdom around what he said is not accurate. His complaint is that Fox Nation called the weather ‘climate’. Weather and climate are not fungible words, and Weir is correct about it. He did not weigh in on the climate change “debate”.

    But, As Joe Concha points out..bad idea. I’d love to know what store/restaurant/bar Bill hit before he decided to fire that little gem off, ’cause that decision was crazy.

  81. Alot of the shows on that 12 worst cable news shows list are really are awful… Ed Schultz , Hannity, Outnumbered ,Sharpton. I wonder if they mean FOX and Friends as a whole (including weekends ?) or just weekday.. I find weekend is better than weekday version.

  82. “Nobody watches Fareed or MHP.”

    ^^Well I watch Fareed Zakaria and I believe Spud does as well – so there’s two. 😉

    And lots of black academic feminists watch MHP.

  83. joeremi Says:

    I’ve tried watching MHP ’cause I loved her as a guest on Maddow and whatnot, but her show is boring.

  84. “I’ve tried watching MHP ’cause I loved her as a guest on Maddow and whatnot, but her show is boring”

    ^^I liked her too as a sub for Maddow but that was with Rachel’s format and production team. Her weekend show has allowed her to do stories that she was interested in; black victimhood, feminism, university education etc. Her guests are often academics and liberal single issue advocates. It has an audience but, as you say, to the majority of potential viewers it’s boring.

  85. joeremi Says:

    The topics are fine, but MHP has the same problem mentioned earlier with a couple other MSNBC hosts: The thing that made her interesting – answering questions – has been abandoned so she can ask them. So she makes a statement, then asks a “don’t you agree” question, when what an MHP fan is really looking for is for her to be the one answering it.

  86. Now Fritz has done it. Enquiring minds want to know:
    ………. DOES

  87. Well the cease fire didn’t last long!

  88. savefarris Says:

    She’s also a little unclear on where the president was born, but it’s most certainly all the interviewer’s fault because she’s a conservative woman. Or something.

    If an up and coming liberal were being interviewed and the first two questions out of the chute were:

    1. What proof do you have that Bush 43 didn’t complete his TANG service?
    2. Should moms be able to abort up to and including 8 hours after delivery?

    … they’d assume (rightfully) that the interviewer has no intention whatsoever of being fair and it’s a hit job. (I know, imaging a MSM reporter doing a hit job on a liberal is beyond comprehension. Just work with me here…)

    So you either play along and give the interviewer exactly what they’re looking for (the Akin method) or you cut if off and leave.

  89. Monica Lewinsky now a Vanity Fair contributor reports Dylan Byers “There is no set schedule or subject area, but she and her editor are on the lookout for relevant topics of interest,” a spokesperson says.

    In the interest of not being [whatever] all of the time, I herby abandon my offering of relevant topic suggestions.

  90. If your claim to fame is that you said something crazy about climate change a month ago, you probably should expect to be asked about it. Then you should expect to be asked if you have any other discredited, bizarre ideas.

    No matter how much a politician would like reporters to stick to their script, they’re not there as a publicist. Show up ready to answer for yourself and challenge the interviewer, or run. She ran.

  91. savefarris Says:

    No matter how much a politician would like reporters to stick to their script, they’re not there as a publicist.

    Not according to some:

    That’s also a nice little self-fulfilling racket you’ve got going there. focus on a single “crazy” statement, blow it out of proportion, then demand in an interview the only reason you have a “claim to fame” is because of said statement.

    Oh, and if a single media person steps out of line and tries to flip the script on one of the MSM’s chosen heroes (“Why did you hold your first fundraiser in the home of a convicted terrorist?”, “Why are the American people required to buy your birth control?”), it’s #racism, #waronwomen, #g__bashing, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

  92. That’s quite an unfocused rant you’ve got there. Your original examples only hold up if the Democrat had just supported abortion after birth (a sentence which makes no sense), and then was asked about Bush’s Guard service as if it had been a major theme for Democrats for years leading up to the interview. In your scenario, the interviewer would have every right to start with those two questions.

    Bottom line, the lady showed up for an interview with a history of saying things no science supports, and had nothing to back it up. Then she whined about being a victim, which used to be a thing conservatives railed against. Excellent work.

  93. As is the norm, Roanoke TV stations can’t interrupt “Paternity Court” for a Presidential Address.

  94. And he’s probably due to make fun of Republicans, cracking some funny jokes at their expense. Don’t think he’s done that in 24 hours.

  95. savefarris Says:

    Your original examples only hold up if the Democrat had just supported abortion after birth

    Let me introduce you to … a certain state senator from Illinois

  96. Will Antonin ‏@Will_Antonin
    I rest easy knowing that a government that can’t secure a border, build a website or keep track of its sick veterans just brought Ebola here


    Megyn Kelly

    The Fox News Channel host of “The Kelly Files” had her second-highest-rated month since launching last year, averaging 386,000 25-54s.


    Rachel Maddow

    Kelly’s MSNBC competitor in the 9 p.m. timeslot had her second-worst month ever among the key news demo, averaging 181,000 25-54s.

    Al Jazeera America

    Word came this week that the news network is mulling another round of layoffs after slashing jobs in April. The network’s ratings are dangerously low. It averaged only 6,000 25-54s in July, fifth-worst on cable.

  98. “I rest easy knowing that a government that can’t secure a border, build a website or keep track of its sick veterans just brought Ebola here”

    ^^If it was a member of your family that was brought back home for better care you might not have such a snarky view of this story.

  99. If it was a “member of my family”, I would be more concerned for the possibility of an outbreak. t’s not “snarky” to point out what a risk this is. This same CDC seemed to have some issues handling anthrax, which is not exactly a new pathogen.

  100. Actually, the accusation was snarly, though the irony isn’t a new vintage.

  101. savefarris Says:

    I made the mistake of tuning in the news channels on the weekend. Oops: all 3 are literally chasing an ambulance.

  102. Chasing him with her gavel, I bet.

  103. Great interview with Glenn Beck on Reliable Sources today. Think what you will about his beliefs; he’s one great actor. Anyone familiar with the great evangelical preachers, like Jimmy Swaggart, will appreciate this performance. Just amazing.

  104. In other words, he’s a fraud. Your basic left-handed compliment. Damning by faint praise. More… but not worth the effort.

  105. Glenn Beck is a paranoid opportunist who truly believes whatever he’s saying at that moment. Neither left nor right can rely on him to stick with whatever he’s selling today, because he may move on to something else in a few months.

  106. An honest paranoid opportunist, but the are out to get him.

  107. No one is “out to get” Glenn Beck. It’s called disagreeing with what a person says.

  108. “Glenn Beck is a paranoid opportunist who truly believes whatever he’s saying at that moment.”

    ^^That may be true but my point is that he is a master at selling that belief. It’s no surprise to me that he is as successful as he is in his chosen field; he could sell sand in the desert.

  109. “No one is “out to get” Glenn Beck.”

    –again, stop speaking as if you were speaking for everyone–

    Beck has his enemies.

  110. I’ll speak any way I please. “Enemies” is paranoid rightwing persecution BS.

  111. As long as you know you don’t get away with it.

  112. Whatcha gonna do about it, Blog Dad? I’ll be over here shivering in my boots while you work it out.

  113. Beck’s theme on Reliable Sources – presented in an hilariously self-important manner – was he did things wrong, but everybody is responsible; he won’t click off the things he actually said wrong; and he did good stuff which he will mention. So basically he’s kinda sorry, but not really, and oh by the way he’s a swell guy. Keep selling, Glenn.

  114. if Beck can stir up the Car Talk Boys, you know he’s still got the juice.

  115. Beck said something mildly interesting about “turning people into cartoon figures”, and that’s a valid issue in today’s politics. Can’t help but be reminded of when Beck himself was being criticized by a columnist, such as Joe Klein or Charles Blow. Glenn would do segments on his show, wearing a smoking jacket and carrying a pipe, and do his rendition of the person who was critical of him. He would use that voice, a really bad impression of a Hahvahd professor. Or like if George Segal played the millionaire on Gilligan’s Island. Beck’s entire point was that you shouldn’t listen to this person (who, conveniently enough, is critical of Beck) because he’s an elitist who looks down on you. I would then see these terrible people on CNN, and while they were certainly liberal, they were not overwhelmingly unreasonable. They might have even had a few smart things to say.
    So, I don’t know, maybe that’s part part of the problem with today’s politics, and maybe that’s one of the things that Glenn Beck forgot to apologize for.

  116. icemannyr Says:

    According to FOX & Friends First and FOX & Friends there is a “Public Panic” over Ebola.
    Is anyone in your area panicking? They are not panicking here.

  117. nope, my area is panicking about FOX panicking.

  118. Morning Joe and Andrea Mitchell both qualified the Ebola story as “concern over social media”, which I think is a fair representation of public reaction to the patients being flown to the US. “Public panic” is the usual made-up alarmist crap FNC bombards their viewers with.

  119. The only one I saw panicking over the return of the two Americans with Ebola is Donald Trump. But he’s a regular on F&F’s. So there’s that.

    But don’t worry the right wing blogs and FNC will find away to blame the Ebola outbreak in Africa on Obama. After all he’s from Kenya; isn’t he?

  120. Yep, that’s what us right-wingers believe. We’re so dumb.

  121. Arwa Damon. I guess if you’re a woman in a war zone, you might have a short fuse.

  122. The problem at FNC is they have a bizarre habit of turning what happens amongst themselves into “the whole country thinks this”. The Terrible Evil Obama allows two Ebola patients to be transported to the US, and they hate The Terrible Evil Obama, so they go into a panic. Then this concept gets transferred to the air as “the country is in a panic”, because they either already believe this, or they want this in-studio reaction to become a thing their viewers feel, too.

    A good example of this is the Bret Baier interview of Dude Guy. I can’t remember his name, but it was some Obama guy who responded to Baier’s questions about Benghazi with “Dude, that was a long time ago.” What was lost in the hullabaloo about “dude” was that Bret reacted with “Everybody’s talking about it!” Which wasn’t true. The Issa Witchhunt Gang was embarking on another show trial ‘investigation’ of Benghazi, and the “everybody” Baier referred to were the people he works with.

    This is all of a piece with something Spud said years ago about FNC: They have a bunker mentality (Spud). (My opinion) They see themselves as besieged, and tend to live in a closed loop in which only they know The Truth Of Things, and this cloistered world gets transferred to the screen as if we all live in it with them. It’s quite strange.

  123. Arwa Damon

    Some things are just obvious. Like Arwa Damon can drink you under the table, and don’t even think about putting a hand on her.

  124. Outsider Says:

    “Emotion is the stuff of propaganda, and news is against propaganda.”
    A great piece except at the end with the support of the Fairness Doctrine.

  125. Outsider Says:

    What’s fascinating about the Ebola patients is all these ‘Bible-believing Christians’ at FNC and some of their viewers who claim to be ‘Christians’ is that they have no problems with other members of the body of Christ not getting the care they need. Some people even attacked Samaritan’s Purse for getting involved with it. I guess exhibiting hatred towards Hispanics and LGBT people (not talking about marriage but abuse) is more Christ-like than treating those who are ill. So essentially, they’re willing to sell out servants of God to score a few cheap political points. Absolutely astonishing.

  126. “bizarre habit”
    “It’s quit strange”
    Demeaning words that turn a rant into a pretense of superiority.

  127. John Snow, you know nothing.

  128. The problem at FNC
    Special Report did a very straight, very measured presentation of the issues with Ebola, including the recent case in NY. It would have been fine, had they not felt it necessary to play a clip of Donald Trump’s considered opinion. Unless you’re prefacing him with “This is what some idiots think”, I fail to see what he adds to the discussion.

  129. “Bible thumping Christians at Fox News”
    “Hatred toward Hispanics and LGBT people”
    “Selling out the servant of God to score political points”

    Bizarre talk. It’s quite strange. Absolutely not astounding.

  130. Arwa Damon
    To the best of my knowledge, Ernie Pyle never bit anyone.

  131. The problem at MSNBC.

    If Ronan Farrow would take a cue from Megyn Kelly and grill some of his guests instead of doing their nails, he might stand out as something unique at MSNBC. Or he might get fired… which would in fact be a great career move.

  132. If she can’t control her problem, she should take some time off and get some help. Pretty much universal good advice.

  133. Not sure why Spud isn’t featuring this profile of Megyn Kelly as she is proving to be a unique force in all of cable news:

    Foes of FOX who aren’t FOX-haters are giving her grudging admiration. The FOX-haters have lost.

  134. That Politico press release is embarrassing. The writer admits The Kelly File is heavily loaded with rightwing talking points, then gives her a pass on her “straight news anchor” claim anyway. Hey, did you hear that Brent Bozell thinks she compares to Tim Russert? Golly, that’s fascinating.

  135. Wonder if the guy even read it? Probably picked up from Twitter quote of the one guy he hates ignoring Chris Matthews, Greenwald, Joe Manchin, etc. Being misleading isn’t fascinating. It’s the stuff of trolls.

  136. Of course I read it. It was crap, and I don’t care what Matthews, Greenwald or Manchin think. Megyn Kelly is a serial liar about what she does on that show, and most of the media is giving her a pass on it. Everybody wants to get off the “conservatives claim we’re biased” train, and they’ve decided to do it by deeming The Golden Girl a news anchor when that is not the job she is doing. The whole spectacle is transparent and embarrassing.

  137. That rant should be emarassing,

  138. “Of course I read it”

    … Let’s just wander over to Twitter for fun. Ah, to be charitable, maybe just bragging to the biddies, mmm.
    “@JosephRemiB: @laura_lrnzo @IceManNYR @politico It’s AMAZING. I got as far as Bozell and bailed out. It’s a press release.”

    or suffering from severe MDS…Megyn Derangement Syndrome.

  139. Buddies, not biddies.

  140. Outsider Says:

    Murdoch abandons Time Warner bid.

  141. Shares of Fox rose 8.6 percent to $34 at 4:12 p.m. New York time in late trading. Time Warner dropped 10 percent to $76.64 in late trading.

  142. I finished reading the article, you lunatic. I’m sure my biddies would prefer you not reprint their names here without permission. You’re out of control.

  143. It’s all public. nothing in the shadows.

  144. Guess I can’t look forward to the remake of GAME CHANGE on HBO with everything in the book but the Palin part.

  145. icemannyr Says:

    The Ebola story has moved into bigoted stereotypical speculation, Andrea Tantaros bringing up that someone could come over here from Africa who has Ebola and practices Santeria.

  146. Does Andrea think all Africans dance in a circle and practice voodoo? That girl needs to get out of the studio more often…

  147. Well the religion is very popular in West Africa and even has over 20,000 practicers in the USA, so I suppose, though unlikely, the spread by blood sacrifice is possible. The US 5th Circuit Appeals Court ruled in 2009 freedom of religion related to animal sacrifice trumped animal rights laws. I’ll feel better when they get the disease under control in Africa.

  148. @DylanByers: A 21st Century Fox-Time Warner deal isn’t necessarily off the table:

  149. MSNBC Fans
    Any reporting or discussion going on there about the NY Govenor’s corruption investigation canceling scandal? Seems like an important story for someone talked about having presidential aspirations.

  150. Yes, I’ve seen several stories about it. It’d probably get a little more attention if the whole world wasn’t melting down right now.

  151. I can’t remember who all covered besides him, but I know Steve Kornacki has worked it on at least one show he guest hosted. He was the go-to guy for the Christie story..this kind of regional politics scandal is his specialty. Kornacki has an encyclopedic knowledge of local elections and politics.

  152. And Larry has left the building. Some people just never learn…no matter how many times you hit them over the head with a 2×4. Wellp…more fun for Dollar’s Place.

  153. MSNBC has had more coverage of the Cuomo scandal than FOX News Channel and CNN combined. Mediaite ran an article about that recently. FNC had only had a few mentions of it and CNN had ignored the story altogether.

  154. But, sure, let’s create a lie and claim that MSNBC is ignoring a scandal because it involves a Democrat and then say that FOX News Channel is the only network covering it. This is just like the drone memo last year, the one where MSNBC and NBC News broke the story and FOX News Channel spent days claiming MSNBC and NBC News ignored the story to protect President Obama.

  155. icemannyr Says:

    How much coverage is the McDonnell trial and the Move America Forward charity scam getting on FNC?

  156. I keep seeing comments about how McDonnell was a frontrunner for Romney’s VP. If Mitt didn’t pick up the $ signs in the governor’s eyes, I’ll bet Ann had his wife nailed.

  157. Ann is not a woman to be trifled with. Bet on it.

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