David Gregory to CNN?!?!

Page Six reports that David Gregory was seen at CNN this week…

As rumors swirl that David Gregory could be replaced as host of “Meet the Press,” the embattled anchor may already be lining up his next move: He was seen meeting at CNN Thursday.

Sources have said that Gregory’s days at “Meet the Press” are numbered, with ratings down, but that NBC would likely wait until after the midterm elections to make any change. But multiple sources told us that the former NBC White House correspondent was seen in CNN’s building Thursday afternoon, signaling he could be prepping a move himself.

A move to CNN would make sense, sources told Page Six, since the anchor enjoyed close ties with former NBC honcho Jeff Zucker before the exec took over at CNN Worldwide last year.

“No one was surprised to hear David was meeting over at CNN,” a network-news insider said after word spread that Gregory was spotted at the rival news network. “Jeff and David have been very close professionally and personally. Jeff was a champion of David’s during his time at NBC. Their families are close. They have a very strong relationship that dates back to the 1990s.” Before rising to CEO, Zucker had been producer of ­“Today” when Gregory was hired at the network.

If CNN had poached Gregory before he got the Meet The Press gig it would have been seen as a big steal. But coming off being hounded off Meet The Press and being labeled as a failure (for letting MTP crash in the ratings), CNN poaching Gregory now doesn’t look so good. Yes ok, so Zucker and Gregory are tight. That doesn’t mean bringing him over to CNN is a good idea. CNN has enough people on its roster who don’t make strong show hosts. It doesn’t need another.


17 Responses to “David Gregory to CNN?!?!”

  1. Low-rated Sunday-show host moves to lower-rated cable news channel. Tough to see anyone looking good in this.

  2. David Gregory already had a cable show on MSNBC before MTP, and I don’t remember anyone caring. He simply is not an interesting host.

  3. Sounds about right, David Gregory, a sinking captain going on a sinking ship cable news network.

    How the mighty have fallen.

  4. “CNN has enough people on its roster who don’t make strong show hosts. It doesn’t need another.”

    ^^ Couldn’t agree more. Blitzer, Crowley, King etc. already give CNN a big stable of boring hosts. They don’t need any more.

    On the positive side, this could be a convenient way for NBC to replace Gregory – if there’s any truth to the story.

  5. tarnished goods

  6. So’s yer ol’ man!

  7. Gregory screwed Imus during that whole “nappy headed whor*” thing so I’m glad to see him getting screwed in his turn– they were really tight and Imus had him on all the time which no doubt helped his career, but Gregory betrayed him and their friendship–

  8. That’s a little selective there, Charvat. Lots of establishment press types did Imus’ show, and they all anbandoned him after his weeklong bleating about what a swell guy he really was, and the world was out to get him. Imus eventually snapped out of it and properly apologized to those girls, but this was after his show was gone and the party was over.

  9. danoregon Says:

    There are worse ideas than putting Gregory on the morning show and moving Cuomo to the 9 p.m. slot. The thing is, I don’t know what kind of value he brings. Another middle-aged inside-the-NY-Wash corridor? He’s always kind of been in positions where he is dependent on other people being willing to use whatever forum he’s at (WH Press room or MTP) to say stuff. He’s affable, unoffensive, and doesn’t make waves – he’s perfect for mornings.

  10. savefarris Says:

    There are worse ideas than putting Gregory on the morning show and moving Cuomo to the 9 p.m. slot.

    Not even CNN would be dumb enough to put the brother of a currently-active politician on in Primetime. (Let’s imagine the uproar if Fox replaced Megyn Kelly with Jeb Bush.)

    Plus, I’m not sure Gregory has enough of a personality to do mornings. The couple of times I watched him sub on ‘Today’, he was painfully stiff.

  11. That’s a stupid analogy Farris. Cuomo has an actual TV News background/history. Jeb Bush doesn’t.

  12. savefarris Says:

    You know what: you’re right. There’s a much better analogy available of someone with “actual TV news background” and it has the added bonus of having already happened, so we can verify whether or not it pegged the outrage meter.

    I give you… John Ellis.

    Now, multiply that outrage exponentially because Cuomo would be on-screen in primetime instead of off-camera and because he’s a brother, not a cousin.


  13. Not really. Ellis would suck as a news host. Cuomo would be at least tolerable. And most people didn’t know who Ellis was when he was working at FNC. In fact Ellis’ role at FNC in 2000 was more damaging than anything Cuomo could do now since Ellis was part of the decision desk and as a show host Cuomo would not have that kind of control.

  14. I can see CNN hiring Gregory and NBC putting Chuck Todd in the MTP chair. Both are predictable moves that no one will care about. And neither will do anything to help either network/show.

    They would be boring moves old-guard MSM types.

  15. bushleaguer Says:

    If this were true, what would they do with him? Gregory probably wouldn’t come cheap so you’d think that he’d get his own show at a decent time but when? They already have the go-to-guy in terms of politics with Jake Tapper.

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