CNN Brings Atlanta Anchors to NYC…Stuffs Them In a Cube.

Well today was the day that Carol Costello and Brooke Baldwin started anchoring from New York. To commemorate the occasion the network unveiled its brand new state of the art studio in the Time Warner Center.

No it didn’t. It stuffed Costello and Baldwin into the same claustrophobic cube Ashleigh Banfield has been forced to live in for the past couple of years.

Between the three of them, they take up five hours of CNN’s dayside offering. Essentially the bulk of Dayside on CNN is now going to be spent in that little cubby hole with the seven year old video wall tech, the substandard lighting, the super close ups because there’s not enough room to really pull back, and the overall crampt feel that any show has which airs from that location.

CNN had a big budget studio in Atlanta. It was state of the art. It got dropped in favor of the idea of having the news anchors in New York.

Well now the anchors are in New York. And woe is them for having to work in a set that looks like it was cobbled together with spare parts. The only change was they modified the desk so that the network could show off Brooke Baldwin’s legs. I’m not going to argue about whether CNN should or should not be making such a big deal out of Brooke Baldwin’s legs…but I will point out that the current setup looks stupid and forced because everything is crammed so close together because they only have this teeny weeny cube space to work with.

Like CNN doesn’t have any REAL studios in NYC they could use? I mean you’re talking about the bulk of your dayside programming here. You should at least have a set that’s up to the task and not one that is as woefully inadequate as this one is.


9 Responses to “CNN Brings Atlanta Anchors to NYC…Stuffs Them In a Cube.”

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  2. Yes! I agree 100%. There are a handful of sets that can be used, or build one! CNN Commentary has the right idea. (Although I’d keep “At This Hour” out of the New Day set, cause it might end up looking too much like a “New Day” rehash.)

  3. It looks like an affiliate set in Texas.

  4. Shadowbox for legs.

  5. They should have stayed in Atlanta

  6. It’s not about the news, it’s ALL about the views.

  7. capricex Says:

    I would personally like to see New Day broadcast elsewhere and newsroom /all dayside coverage use the New day set. The brick factory set was used nicely when MSNBC dayside was in secacus NJ and I think it would work nicely for all nyc based daytime shows.

  8. capricex Says:

    ^ Not to mention, dayside has become more important to CNN number wise than New Day vs MSNBC daytime and should get support.

  9. harry1420 Says:

    just deliver information..does it matter where its from..

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