Bill Wolff to The View…

The Hollywood Reporter’s Marissa Guthrie writes that MSNBC Primetime VP and Rachel Maddow Show EP Bill Wolff is headed to ABC to take over running The View.

ABC is filling another key role in its quest to reinvigorate The View. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that longtime Rachel Maddow Show executive producer Bill Wolff is set to replace Bill Geddie as showrunner for the upcoming season.

Wolff, also the vice president of primetime programming at the cable news network, is departing — per a MSNBC spokesperson. His deal with ABC is still being finalized, but he is expected to be on board by September when it returns from hiatus.


9 Responses to “Bill Wolff to The View…”

  1. savefarris Says:

    Who would have thought that Barbara Walters was the one keeping the show from careening left?

  2. Bill Wolff used to produce Tucker, and did a chat with him at the end of every show after Willie Geist left. Anyone who thinks Wolff is reliably left is dreaming.

  3. Maybe Bill Wolff is a professional and did what he thought would make whatever show he was producing interesting and draw ratings.

    Just a thought.

  4. ^ Pam for the win! It’s a good thought.

  5. Byw, Wolff was hilarious on Tucker. Willie was ok, but Bill is the funniest guy who should be on TV.

  6. *Btw

    I’m typing without my reading glasses. Bad idea.

  7. Are they bringing back Meredith Viera?

  8. Great hire by The View. Wolff, and his wacky sense of humor, is the perfect fit for the gong show that will be the ‘new’ View.

    It’s a big loss for Maddow, as his willingness to try anything (see all the mixology skits) lightened the shows hard edges and gave the host a self deprecating humanity that many hosts lack.

    Any word on who will replace Wolff on TRMS? It will be interesting to see if they promote from the inside or bring in someone from outside the network.

  9. I agree with fritz3 … Great move for Wolff. Always been a great personality. Big loss to MSNBC & TRMS. Wish him great success.

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