Chuck Todd to Meet The Press?

Politico’s Mike Allen reports that Chuck Todd is the likely replacement for David Gregory on Meet The Press. Thanks. We all knew that…

Chuck Todd, a political obsessive and rabid sports fan, is the likely successor to David Gregory as moderator of “Meet the Press,” with the change expected to be announced in coming weeks, according to top political sources. The move is an effort by NBC News President Deborah Turness to restore passion and insider cred to a network treasure that has been adrift since the death in 2008 of the irreplaceable Tim Russert. Although Todd is not a classic television performer guaranteed to wow focus groups, his NBC bosses have been impressed by his love of the game, which brings with it authenticity, sources, and a loyal following among newsmakers and political junkies.


34 Responses to “Chuck Todd to Meet The Press?”

  1. Anybody have a better idea for a replacement? There’s got to be another candidate.

  2. It’s like Republicans in ’16: Is this all we’ve got?

  3. It’d be nice if they’d hire somebody who would challenge both sides equally (which neither Gregory nor Todd do) with tough questions (which Todd doesn’t do).

    If they hire Todd, they should rename the show “Lets have a chit chat…with Chuck Todd”.

  4. savefarris Says:

    There’s got to be another candidate.

    In house? Nope.

  5. I’ve said it before (and it will never happen)..they should tap MSNBC for a diversity pick which will draw attention to that moribund show. Tamron Hall.

  6. I’m all for NBC throwing a wrench into their slow-moving gears but not with Tamron Hall. She does well on those late-night dateline type shows. But, she’s too easily angered to do something like hosting MTP. She always seems too personally invested in the stories.

  7. But, she’s a Texan. So, there’s one bonus point for her. However, so is Dan Rather so….nevermind.

  8. Like I said, it’ll never happen, but if I were trying to program a show permanently etched with the memory of what Tim Russert did with it, I wouldn’t keep going to the “hope this one is kinda like Tim” well. MTP needs a big shakeup..Chuck Todd ain’t it.

  9. And, I probably come across as being some sort of Chuck Todd hater. Which I’m not. I enjoy his show. Just think he’d be awful for MTP.

  10. Chuck will do fine as host. He has a deep knowledge of the subject, is always polite and fair and has a good sense of humor.

    The big problem with MTP is the format that relies on politicians and pundits as guests. I’d watch more if it were journalists and experts on the subject being discussed as guests.

    As for out of the box I’d go with Ari Melber. polite, knowledgeable and again with a sense of humor. Maybe he gets TDR if Todd can’t do both shows.

  11. danoregon Says:

    You either have to get someone “official Washington” feels comfortable with (like Scheiffer) or reimagine the format (like This Week did). People weren’t tuning in to MTP for the set or the format – they were hoping to see something happen. Better to have someone in the role who isn’t part of the day to day reporting, someone who acts more like a therapist for newsmakers to vent to.

  12. At the risk of making Joe’s head explode; I nominate Megyn Kelly. If she would take both sides to task, which she has the capability of doing, she’d be great.

  13. Megyn would be great on MTP, which is the main reason why her dishonest display on The Kelly File drives me so crazy. It wouldn’t matter so much if she was an Ainsley-level pretty-girl prompter reader, but Megyn Kelly is capable of real journalism. It’s squandered on that ridiculous FNC show, and she seems happy to squander it.

  14. Two comments about Megyn Kelly, and no one has shown up with any FOX HATER madness. Man, we put up with that crap for a long time…

  15. Kelly is a nice fantasy for you on the right but it’s never going to happen. She’s an opinion host on an opinion network. It’s the same reason we won’t see Maddow (and Joe Scarborough for that matter) as a host on the show.

    Although Maddow would be just as capable as Kelly (I say more so, but that’s another debate); MTP, and all Sunday political shows, are thought of as non partisan; so a ‘non-partisan’ host is a given.

    BTW: ABC’s GS is now considered a non-partisan by most Washington insiders despite the outcries of those on the right here.

  16. You have a problem with Stephanopoulos on the left here, too. I will never accept a political strategist as a straight news anchor or the manager of a cable news network. It’s an insult to the viewers that Steph and Roger Ailes have those jobs.

  17. If I was head of NBC I’d go with Jansing even at the expense of loosing both Gregory and Todd. My reasoning is because she’s the least bias they have and has global news cred. Sunday morning demos are newsers and politicos and not a general audience who beyond respects her. Todd was a stand out when he was put on air for his first election cycle, but has happened is that MSNBC politics have perminated NBC news in a bad way. Todd originally was the middle down the road guy when he was first used on air but in recent years has been pulled into the cable news bs of back and forth drama that you see with morning joe and in the cable verse. Todd should’ve been picked or campbell brown following Russert’s death, but gregory somehow got lucky. A Jansing/Willams pairing during elections would be wishful thinking.

  18. “I will never accept a political strategist as a straight news anchor or the manager of a cable news network.”

    ^^Sorry but you’re simple wrong on that point Joe. One’s past job can, and often does, have very little relevance to ones current position. A former retired athlete can become an unbiased referee. A former lawyer or prosecutor can become an unbiased judge. A ex-politician can become an unbiased member of a tribunal or commission. There is no reason a past political strategist or aide can’t become an unbiased political show host and George Stephanopoulos is a good example of that phenomena as you can find.

  19. Actually, George is terrible at it. He knows he’s perceived as a liberal political hack, and compensates by being the most boring, incurious politics interviewer in the business. He does not belong in that job.

  20. savefarris Says:

    fritz, was that the same George Stephanapolous that asked Mitt Romney in a primary debate whether or not he wanted to ban contraception?

    Up until that point, the issue hadn’t been on anyone’s radar. But right after that, the Left’s #WarOnWomen campaign began in earnest. Why, it’s almost as if it was co-ordinated.

  21. Joe says: “He knows he’s perceived as a liberal political hack, and compensates by being the most boring, incurious politics interviewer in the business.”

    Farris says: “was that the same George Stephanapolous that asked Mitt Romney in a primary debate whether or not he wanted to ban contraception?”

    ^^There is no host that doesn’t ask on occasion a question perceived as biased by the other side.

    You both can’t be right. I stand by my point.

  22. I don’t think anyone claimed we could both be right. But this is way off topic anyway.

  23. So much for “after the midterms”. Chuck Todd named today.

  24. NBC handled this well…

  25. motownman Says:

    Joe, this is a thread about Meet The Press, Chuck Todd and David Gregory. I know you hate her, but taking a gratuitous shot at Ainsley is UNCALLED FOR!!!


  27. motownman Says:

    There was no reason for you to drag Ainsley into this. Whenever you do I’m going to call you on it.

  28. Bring it on, Motown. I couldn’t possibly care less about some Fox Cult fetish with Ainsley. She’s a very pretty girl, and that’s the beginning and end of why she works there. Tough it out, buddy.

  29. motownman Says:

    I’d take one Ainsley over 100 Tamron Halls.

  30. I’d take either to dinner and a movie. Which is what you’re talking about. Buh bye now.

  31. motownman Says:

    The only opinion that matters is Roger Ailes and he likes Ainsley just fine. 🙂

  32. Which doesn’t contradict what Joe said. She’s there until her fanbase loses interest. Sometime after childbirth is my guess. Whatever happened to Courtney Friel?

  33. I know that one. Courtney works at KTLA in Los Angeles, which is actually a bigger gig than she had at FNC.

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