Free for All: 08/11/14

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  1. CNN’s coverage of the Michael Brown shooting is out of control. At least they’re not talking about Tony Stewart though.

  2. 58 minutes in to a 60 minute broadcast and the “investigation” was finally mentioned, only for CNN to cut the feed (it was a TAPED news conference, not even live) and end their broadcast. Pathetic.

  3. Al Jazeera America had the same video from the same news conference that CNN lost. AJAM’s clip dealt with the investigation – at the point where CNN “lost” and cut their feed.

    CNN is just pathetic.

  4. savefarris Says:

    On Obama’s “Hey, I didn’t promise anything when it comes to Iraq”:

    Politifact, back in 2009, declared Mission Accomplished

  5. savefarris Says:

    Guess who was against Presidents going on vacation back in 2008…

  6. “they’re not talking about Tony Stewart though.”

    ^^I just don’t get all this talk about Stewart’s anger management problems. It was the driver that was killed who was angry – not Stewart. Yes Stewart has walked unto the track and thrown things at drivers before; just like Ward Jr. did in this race. But why would Stewart be angry at Davis Jr., he was still in the race? The whole thing is stupid.

  7. Fritz, part of the problem is the first eyewitness account from the track came from a friend of Ward’s, and much of what he says either contradicts; or at least cannot be confirmed; by the video. The only thing the video clearly shows is that Ward charged the track, and was almost hit by the white car before Stewart got there. I don’t know what Tony did just before he came into view, but I do know this: I’ve been watching auto racing for 47 years, and I’ve seen hundreds of drivers walk a few steps and gesture at a car. I’ve never seen someone get that close, then leap closer and move around. Regardless of the things we don’t yet know, that kid was way too close to those sliding cars on a dirt track in bad lighting while wearing a black race-suit. It’s incredibly sad.

  8. Robin Williams died. Reported as a suicide, but not confirmed.

  9. So shocking and sad.

  10. icemannyr Says:

    Rob Wheeler on F&F Missouri riots segment said, “You talk about unemployment, these are the same people who voted for Obama and still don’t have jobs.”.
    So people are rioting not just because of the shooting of an unarmed teen it’s because Obama has not created jobs for them.

  11. Gee Ice you weren’t aware that Obama/Democrat supporters are into rioting and looting? Republicans tend to favor armed insurrection like the gang at the Bundy ranch.

  12. savefarris Says:

    ice, it is hard to stay up all night rioting if you’ve got to be at work the next morning.

  13. Apparently Rob Wheeler can tell by looking at a video who has a job and who they voted for. This marker he sees seems to be skin color. That’s a racist judgment.

  14. Regardless of how he meant it, and I’m sure that it wasn’t meant harshly, an apology is appropriate. Shepard isn’t the type to sit there and bemoan being misinterpreted, while a family and nation grieves the loss of a genius.

  15. Put another way, sometimes it’s not about you.

  16. Shep is a good guy who knows the phrase he used probably was more appropriate for private conversation than a national newscast. So he apologized like a proper adult. Good for him.

  17. Rush Limbaugh has fallen completely off his rocker.

    Tony Stewart “ran down” Kevin Ward. Brilliance, considering most NASCAR fans are hardcore Conservatives.

  18. I just learned on Twitter that SE Cupp is a liberal.

  19. SE is a liberal, Billo is independent, and I’m a Libertarian. Sure, why not??

  20. She criticized Rush. Since Rush is never wrong, it must be that she’s not a Real Conservative. Been there.

  21. SE is woman with a brain, and Rush is probably insane. So there ya go.

  22. I disagree with Spud that CNN interviewing Lance Armstrong about Robin Williams was “scraping the barrel”. Robin was an avid cyclist who could be seen on a regular basis on his bike here in Marin County – I have no doubt he lived in Tiburon specifically for the awesome riding there – and he and Lance were good friends. Robin would appreciate this aspect of his life being to discussed; it was important to him.

  23. CNN Tonight talking race. So amazing to see Alisyn Camerota, Fox Exile, participate in an intelligent discussion of the subject. They set up the segment with various parents talking about how they teach their sons to act, when dealing with police. Ali sincerely expressed her shock that such things have to happen, and the discussion went from there. I’m quite certain that it had never come up on Fox & Friends.

  24. icemannyr Says:

    FNC is to busy having guests blame Obama for the riots, demanding people condemn the riots and complaining about Al Sharpton being there.

  25. The funny thing is, Al Sharpton has already condemned the violence in the Ferguson protests and called for protesters to be peaceful. But FOX News ignores that.

  26. Sharpton’s history makes it surprisingly easy to ignore that. He also wants the name of the cop to be released. Because what could go wrong?

  27. On the other hand, what the hell is going on, there? The place is starting to look like Kent State, for God sake.

  28. Why do they have a military force?

  29. CNN is using Mark O’Mara as some kind of ‘expert’ on a cop killing an unarmed black man. In what psychotic world did this make sense to them?

  30. Brandon Friedman ‏@BFriedmanDC 40m
    The gentleman on the left has more personal body armor and weaponry than I did while invading Iraq.

  31. “Why do they have a military force?”

    ^^After 9/11 and the start of the Dept. Homeland Security the Feds were giving any local/state police force that asked any anti-terrorism stuff they could dream up; whether there was a legitimate threat in their community or not. Lots of small town forces now have swat team gear and heavy armament up to and including armored personal carriers. Unfortunately most small police forces don’t have proper training on how and when to use the gear. This looks to be one of those cases.

  32. More needs to said about the militarization of civilian forces. A program called 1033 has given over 4 billion dollars worth of excess military equipment to these little dinky towns. Many have MRAP and grenade launchers etc. Very dangerous stuff. Ive been talking at my reps to try and get it stopped at the state level.

    “Since the creation of the 1033 program by Congress in the early 1990s, the program has distributed $4.3 billion of excess equipment, ranging from innocuous office supplies to bomb-disposing robots and other advanced technology. The flood of military supplies — along with the continuing drug war and grant programs from other federal agencies that provide military-style equipment — has pushed the culture of police forces far from its law-enforcement roots.

    Indeed, the motto of the 1033 program is “From Warfighter to Crimefighter.”

  33. Let’s see what this one does.

  34. Try this instead.

  35. Funny thing is, the first place I saw stories about ‘militarization of local police’ was Al Jazeera. You know, the terrorist news channel. Maybe the American news channels can take a look at it.

  36. In which someone living in a Conservative Victimization Bubble decides the problem in the Ferguson story is a conspiracy in the media to not notice them.

    S.E. Cupp ‏@secupp
    Am I the only one with Google? Why is MSM perpetuating myth that only liberals are angry about militarization of cops?

  37. I don’t know about anyone else, but my default tends to be to support the police. With all that’s going on in Ferguson, it seems a bit trite to even mention that there might now be a doubt.

  38. If you think Slate and DailyKos are MSM, you need to look up the definition of ‘mainstream media’. It’s a conservative media figure whining about liberal media, and it’s navel-gazing stupidity.

  39. ^ …which is beside the point, anyway. As Lynn alluded to, complaining that you haven’t gotten your proper due as being anti-police before today is just weird. I like SE although I rarely agree with her, but this line of thinking is bizarrely tone deaf.

  40. icemannyr Says:

    Don Lemon is in Ferguson for CNN Tonight at 10pm as is Joie Chen for America Tonight at 9pm on AJAM.

  41. Noting that our local law enforcement is too-heavily armed is not being “anti-police”. This has been an issue for Libertarians and some conservatives, in the past. It’s simple-minded for some sources to claim that “the Right” has never had an interest in this issue, up until now.

  42. Yeah, my point is that SE Cupp has decided to complain that some imagined MSM – apparently this is Anything Not Conservative – isn’t giving her crowd the proper due about police militarization. It seems to me she would be better served covering the topic than whining about what somebody somewhere is saying about “the right”.

  43. Perhaps so, but when you have people on CNN, this day, claiming this “lack of interest”, it’s a valid point to make.

  44. Right, some liberal guest goes on CNN and says this, and a conservative media figure decides “the MSM” said it. That’s bollocks. This is a stupid meme the right uses all the time to claim victimization: Pick something a liberal said, then pretend there’s an entire mainstream media saying it. Their definition of MSM seems to be “anyone who disagrees with me”. It’s dishonest.

  45. Maybe they won’t be able to ignore this.

  46. savefarris Says:

    It took a few days, but the media finally found a way to blame #ferguson on the Republicans:

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