New Day Experimentation?

In a must-read for all the eyeball popping anonymous quotes, The Wrap’s Jethro Nededog writes that CNN is going to experiment with different hosts to be paired with Chris Cuomo for New Day…

Insiders tell TheWrap bad chemistry between co-hosts and ratings challenges have forced the network to look closely at “New Day”

CNN is in the process of making radical changes to its troubled morning show “New Day,” individuals with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap.

The network’s signature morning show is plagued with bad chemistry, including reports of bickering between its hosts Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan and Michaela Pereira. The show is also stuck in the perennial No. 2 morning ratings spot among cable news networks.

And there’s this…

In a move to inject new life into “New Day,” insiders told TheWrap that CNN has tested several anchor combinations with and without current host Cuomo — to see what will work.

“They have tried Chris Cuomo with every available woman,” one individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap. “And they keep trying ‘New Day’ combinations that use none of the three anchors.”

And this…

“The only success story on that show is Michaela Pereira, who came from a big morning job in L.A., but they keep shoving her to the 11 a.m. timeslot,” the individual said. “Chris is insecure about her, because she is a natural on mornings. It’s her career talent … so they push her aside so he looks bigger.”

Bolduan, who is currently pregnant, hasn’t been included in the anchor testings so far (though she co-hosted “New Day” on Thursday with John Berman, who was filling in for a vacationing Cuomo).

“That speaks for itself,” the insider said of the network’s lack of testing around Bolduan, inferring that her future with the morning show is uncertain.

And keep reading for more on Alisyn Camerota and Don Lemon…

9 Responses to “New Day Experimentation?”

  1. “They have tried Chris Cuomo with every available woman,” ..
    Ahem. Double-meanings aside, are they incapable of getting a clue? The women are not the problem. Aside from casting him situations that require a sweaty t-shirt, they might want to acknowledge the obvious.

  2. As I said at the beginning, building a morning show around Cuomo is ridiculous. He’s tolerable in the field, or doing interviews for dayside news shows, but extremely annoying as Your Friendly Morning Guy. The other two can go, too: Balduan is a decent news anchor, but too shut sown for morning chat; and Pereiria looks like she’s gonna slap somebody at any moment.

    They already have a New Day which is working fine on the weekends. Christi Paul and Victor Blackwell are young, handsome, get along swimmingly, and do a basic news-plus-features morning show which is easy to watch. Start ’em Monday morning and be done with it.

  3. For anyone not named Michaela, that’s a pretty brutal read.

  4. harry1420 Says:

    its not the people…its not the content..a lot of folks dont want news in the morning. cnn will never have a ratings winner morning show. me I like the news in the morning and find new day just great. I prefer to be informed vs entertained. its a news channel .

  5. For anyone not named Michaela, that’s a pretty brutal read.

    It’s actually more brutal for her than the others because this story reads like it came from her. It most likely didn’t. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if someone poison pilled this story to make it look like it came from her to screw her over.

  6. I do think there’s an appetite for basic news in the morning, Harry, but it can’t come from hosts who visibly dislike each other, and this has been the case since Day One. Before, actually. Remember those strange “friends hanging out” videos they made of the hosts getting to know each other? Yeah, that was not a good sign…

  7. I wonder if CNN will try out David Gregory on New Day if/when he joins the network? He’s not great at hosting a serious political talk show but might be OK in the lighter atmosphere of a morning show. I remember he was competent as a sub host on Today. He can’t be any worse than Cuomo. Just sayin’.

    The most interest dig in the article was at Don Lemon’s expense. “Don Lemon, who has become this weird clown.” So true. He reminds me a lot of Rick Sanchez just before he got fired at CNN.

  8. ^^^ I see I wasn’t the only one who made allusions between Lemon and Sanchez…

  9. bushleaguer Says:

    I agree, Harry – while the chemistry between the hosts is terrible, what really ails the show is the content. What CNN needs to do is to copy what Fox And Friends does which is make the show a hybrid of hard news and fluff. That’s not to say they need to drag the hosts outside on some plaza and have them run an obstacle course, but incorporate some cooking segments and so forth. Like Morning Joe, New Day takes itself too seriously and that isn’t a great fit in the morning. Most people will log onto the internet and browse the headlnes for their news or watch local news for weather and traffic info.

    But since this is about the anchors, they are not going to ditch Cuomo so get rid of Balduan who is better suited for covering the political beat and replace her with, say, Brooke Baldwin and give that a go.

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