Survey Says…

Usually when I get told about an NBC News VIPs survey, it’s about some sort of advertiser related survey; “Did you know brand X sponsored this?” “Did brand X sponsoring this make you think more favorably about brand X?”…blah..blah..blah…


However, every once in a while you get genuine NBC gold dust in one of these surveys…something I can really sink my teeth into. We apparently have just such an example this week when News VIPs released a survey regarding the CNBC syndicated show On The Money with Becky Quick. Check out these survey screen grabs sent in by an anonymous mole…




This was no superficial advertiser survey but a top to bottom “How are we doing?/What should we be doing?” survey. It should not be that surprising actually. This isn’t the first time this show has been the subject of a “How are we doing?/What should we be doing?” survey…though back then it was called The Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo. Bartiromo is no longer fronting that show, nor does it still have the WSJ branding.

As On The Money’s ratings…either from syndication or from CNBC…are not normally publicly revealed, there’s no easy way to tell if the show has dropped in the ratings recently. Though, certainly, the timing of this survey so soon after Bartiromo’s departure from CNBC leaves open the possibility that this survey’s arrival isn’t…how shall I put it?…purely coincidental.

One Response to “Survey Says…”

  1. Becky Quick is booooring! The only thing she has going for her is her “special” relationship with Warren Buffet.

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