Free for All: 08/15/14

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  1. Ashleigh Banfield says “Did Michael Brown lose his life over a box of cigars?”. One could as easily have said “Did he lose his life as the result of robbing a convenience store?”. Or, just for a change, how about we present the facts as we know them, and not in a way that presents the guy as an innocent victim? You know, on a non-opinion news show.

  2. Banfield has a bad habit of playing Nancy Grace on straight news stories. She’s a drama queen, and unwatchable.

  3. Brian Stelter ‏@brianstelter
    Breaking: Al Gore is suing Al Jazeera “over a $500 million deal to purchase his network, Current TV”

  4. savefarris Says:

    The TX DA is gonna wanna take a look at this:

    Threse threats just can’t be tolerated!

  5. icemannyr Says:

    CNN and MSNBC were live in the 1am ET hour covering Ferguson as police start to enforce the 12am curfew.
    CNN had been live since 1am simulcasting CNNi. MSNBC went live sometime after 1:30am ET.

    AJAM says with taped programming and FNC says with Bill Ayres.

    At 2am ET FNC goes live for an update from Robert Gray in the CA newsroom.
    No reporting from anyone on scene and FNC goes to Red Eye in progress.

    CNN and MSNBC are staying live. AJAM stays on taped programming.

  6. FNC is running that ridiculous Dinesh D’Souza movie promo three times this weekend. Did he pay for a certain number of airings?

  7. Right? as though covering the non-story of Bill Ayers, and the naked promo of Dinesh D’Souza for a week wasn’t enough.

  8. icemannyr Says:

    For the 3am ET hour CNN is live simulcasting CNNi. MSNBC goes to regular programming.

    MSNBC went live for the MO State Police press conference.
    AJAM and FNC skip the press conference.

  9. Pretty good discussion on Candy Crowley’s show, about Ferguson. Nice to see LZ Granderson take an obvious shot at Al Sharpton, for bigfooting a situation in which he had no prior interest. Actually, he and the other lady, whose name I don’t know, seemed unimpressed.

  10. icemannyr Says:

    A new edition of America Tonight is on AJAM.

  11. icemannyr Says:

    All news channels covering Ferguson except FNC.

  12. You might have thought they’d anticipate this.

  13. Meanwhile, a reporter from the one network not covering this story is picking on a reporter covering this story.

    @heatherfoxnews Wow…national reporter confuses earplugs w rubber bullets #ferguson #clueless

  14. You believe that? Righties on Twitter have been retweeting that and ragging on the reporter all day. Fair enough for them, but here’s Little Miss Fair and Balanced piling on, and linking a far-right site to boot.

  15. While all this is happening, Fox airs,for the umpteenth time, the Bill Ayers interview. You know, that sterling bit of “news” about which no one outside their core audience could possibly give a crap.

  16. I should stop being amazed at how bizarrely awful that network is, but they keep hitting new lows. Those people live in a world they’ve created for themselves, and dubbed it The Real One. Sheer. Lunacy.

  17. Don Lemon looks like a jogger with those iPod-like headphones… an unusual on-air look. But at least he’s on a channel that seems to realize news is important for a news channel.

  18. This Michael Brown shooting is looking more and more like a redux of the Trayvon Martin shooting with all the same players and groups playing the same roles (with the exception of people like Al Sharpton) only with different names.

  19. savefarris Says:

    fritz might be onto something, even down to CNN’s overanalysis of the robbery video/911 call.

  20. icemannyr Says:

    Megyn Kelly on protesters “They don’t need masks they need roller blades.What’s their strategy exhaust them?”
    Only her show do protesters get mocking by a so called “straight news anchor”.

  21. Someone is going to get shot on-camera.

  22. Chris Hayes hit with a rock.

  23. Back to back sentences courtesy of cnn: the people that live here just want to be able to buy groceries without being stopped by police for being African American… those shots we just heard? Oh, they may not have been a part of the protest. From we’ve been told gun shots are a nightly thing.
    Thanks CNN. Keep being awesome.

  24. icemannyr Says:

    At least CNN is live. FNC is airing old outdated breaking news coverage from 11pm at 1am ET.

  25. danoregon Says:

    I realize this isn’t cable news, but….

    What’s the deal with the Today show acting like their anchors are the first people who have ever had a baby, turned 50, or turned 60? This kind of crud might work if people cared about them in the first place, but since they don’t, it makes the people (and the show) look ever more self-involved – which makes people like them less. What’s next, becoming a grandparent, what you need to know? How to deal with empty nest syndrome? Matt Lauer goes back to school shopping with his kids?

  26. At least FNC and MSNBC are broadcasting the press conference, which is the bare minimum of they should be doing. Don’t know why they can’t have someone on-air for about four-hours including breaks.

  27. I like how the reporter in Los Angeles says ‘now back to Shep in NY’ and then cuts into the middle of an interview recorded earlier as if they were still doing a live broadcast.

  28. motownman Says:

    Fox & Friends First began live coverage at 4 a.m. so you wonder why they just didn’t go live after the news conference instead of airing 20 taped minutes of Shep.

  29. motownman Says:

    Ainsley and Heather did a very nice job, including several live interviews.

  30. “At least CNN is live. ” yeah they’re doing a bang up job. They may get everything wrong but at least they’re saying something right?

  31. I think that Shep came to the realization that this probably would not be happening, without the press as a motivator. Now, I don’t know what you do about that, because it’s clearly a story. It’s also clear that the locals are not who’s causing the problem, so much as outside groups. Not “groups” in the organized sense, aside from “Hey, let’s go fck things up in Ferguson!”.

  32. icemannyr Says:

    “What’s the deal with the Today show acting like their anchors are the first people who have ever had a baby, turned 50, or turned 60?”

    Because GMA is in 1st place and they are in 2nd place.
    Any thing they can hype as a big event they are going to.

  33. icemannyr Says:

    To be fair starting at 2am MSNBC was rebroadcasting coverage old coverage from 11pm-2am.
    MSNBC at least made sure to indicate on screen that coverage was not live.

    There is a valid point to be made that maybe the media doing live on scene coverage late at night only fuels the people who have come to Ferguson to do more than protesting to cause problems so it gets on TV.

  34. A. One guest is not a network. B. Michelle Bernard is a very thoughtful person who generally speaks from a conservative POV. Her remarks should not be taken lightly.

  35. icemannyr Says:

    FNC is going to have Shep on at 11pm ET.

  36. I don’t care who she is. Her remarks are idiotic, insane and dangerous. Oh, and no where near factually correct. Not that that matters at MSNBC.

  37. savefarris Says:

    “Very thoughtful people who generally speak from a conservative POV” have carte blance to say any factually-incorrect, divisive, wrong-headed statement they want?

    Good to know!!!

  38. I often thought the media couldn’t sink further but they’ve managed to with their awful coverage of the Ferguson situation. They’ve, along with activists and the federal government, have created a situation where if the cop isn’t brought to trial and found guilty, the scenes from the last week will pale in comparison to what’s coming.

    Nevermind that there’s no actual proof of what the media continues to forward regarding the events of Michael Brown’s death. The first lie that he was shot in the back has already been debunked but that barely registered a blip on the media radar.

    If the cop’s story is true, as a St. Louis Dispatch crime reporter has intimated is backed up by a dozen witnesses, then he didn’t do anything wrong. But, none of that will matter because of the one-sided hysteria flowing from the likes of CNN and MSNBC. Nobody at CNN or MSNBC has given the cop the benefit of the doubt because they’fd caught up in “teenager” (not accurate); “never been in trouble” (not accurate) and “not violent” (not accurate).

    CNN has been just about as bad as MSNBC with things like Mark Lamont Hill blaming the violence on white anarachist protest infiltrators. Jake Tapper wondering why all the police presence with everything is so peacefully awesome…only to find out 4 cops were injured and two people were shot.


  39. “have carte blance to say any factually-incorrect, divisive, wrong-headed statement they want?”

    It’s certifiably insane. More black people are killed by other black people over a few week period than are killed by white people over a year. More black people are killed by other black people in a weekend than are killed by a policeman over a year-long period.

    It’s nothing more than race-baiting, fear-mongering idiocy. But, people want to believe. And, nobody challenges these morons for fear of being labeled racist. That’s why you see these insane riots.

  40. Yeah, Ms. Bernard is not specifically referring to black men only killed by white men. She’s been talking about the epidemic of black men being killed by shootings for years. I don’t recommend going on a rant about how terribly dishonest and unfair she is. You’ll lose that argument.

  41. savefarris Says:

    “Yeah, Ms. Bernard is not specifically referring to black men only killed by white men.”

    Yeah, you’re incorrect. She specifically says it’s a “war on african-american men”, meaning all the african-american men are on one side and … someone else … is on the other side.

    She doesn’t specifically say ‘whitey’, but she doesn’t have to. Especially since she’s on Matthews and knows how that specific audience will interpret her remarks.

    Now, you may be right that at other times in other venues, her remarks are more inclusive and wide-ranging. That doesn’t change the fact that on this appearance on this show, she blew it.

  42. You’re simply wrong, Farris. Michelle Bernard was speaking to a host and audience she has been speaking to for many years. While it is possible Mediaite and anyone else not familiar with her appearances on Hardball could have misunderstood her words, I can assure you regular Hardball viewers did not. The “war on black men” she is talking about references everything that is stacked against them in this society, including constant police suspicion and overreaction.

  43. savefarris Says:

    I don’t think anyone is arguing (even her) that the “war on black men” doesn’t have multiple fronts and is being fought in multiple venues. But a “war on black men” does not by definition include intercince squabbling. It’s [insert ethnicity here] vs. black, which, as lonestar points out, is VASTLY less relevant to the reality of the situation.

    The mere fact that we’re focusing on this case (and Trayvon before it), when there are literally HUNDREDS of the cases daily that lonestar described, prove Ms. Bernard incorrect. If this is so newsworthy that we need to focus on it for over a week and riot over it, must not be a very common situation!

  44. I’ve seen her on Hardball plenty of times. Her “conservative perspective” is limited and when there are issues such as what’s happening in Ferguson, she’s chooses sides based on color.

    From the transcript:

    “My daughter watched the news and looked at me and she said, “Why is it that they only do this to black people?””

    “I didn’t have an answer for her. I don’t have an answer that is palatable to be able to look my children in the face and say there are people in this country who not only do not like African-Americans, but they despise black men. There is a war on black boys in this country. In my opinion, there is a war on African-American men”

    ” think the fact that President Obama has repeatedly had to stand up and look at members of Congress and say, I am the president of the United States. Get over it. I think it enrages people.”

    “It is an absolutely deplorable situation that the United States, which is supposed to be the greatest nation on Earth, sits back and allows black boys to be murdered.”

    Then she dropped the genocide bomb. But, yeah I’m sure “Hardball viewers” didn’t misunderstand like us simpletons. It’s not like Hardball and MSNBC in general aren’t virulent race-bomb chuckers.

    To pretend she isn’t talking about black men being killed by white men is silly. Unless, I suppose she’s talking about all those racist black people who can’t get over seeing a black person as POTUS, too. And, unless when she says there are people who not only don’t like black people, they despise them, she’s talking about other black men. Because, you know all those black on black shootings occur because black people don’t like black people.


  45. No, LS, I will not debate you incessantly about race. We all know where that goes.

  46. Good. It wasn’t a race debate anyway.

    It was a debate over when a person says “there are people in this country who not only do not like African-Americans, but they despise black men” – that she clearly was not talking about other black people.

    Anyway, per Rasmussen, 57% of blacks believe the officer should be found guilty of murder.

    Good job, media.

  47. Actually, the witness O’Reilly smeared did not say Michael Brown was shot in the back. She said he was shot from behind, then turned around. The autopsy supports that the first bullet could have hit Brown’s arm from behind. As of yet there are no eyewitnesses which support the cop’s story. What a friend says he told her; or what a dozen people we haven’t heard from think; is irrelevant. If we ever get conflicting evidence, we’ll deal with it then.

  48. savefarris Says:

    per Rasmussen, 57% of blacks believe the officer should be found guilty of murder.

    That’s actually lower than I expected.

  49. It seems like the illness that’s causing the live bug to appear on CNN when things aren’t live has spread to CNNI simulcasts. Maybe it’s just a mistake but over the span of two hours makes you think it’s intentional.

  50. I can understand having it say ‘Live’ when they’re repeating a recorded interview, during an otherwise unrecorded program. Other than that…

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