Trouble for Zakaria?

Our Bad Media has a lengthy story on Fareed Zakaria and more alleged examples of plagiarism…

Unless Adam Winkler’s book on gun rights detoured into issues like the Chinese movie industry and corporate tax rates, the examples below seem unlikely to have been the result of another notes mix-up by Zakaria.


These are all articles that were written before the plagiarism scandal in August of 2012. In other words, these passages ostensibly would have been part of the reviews conducted by CNN, TIME and the Washington Post. Unless otherwise noted, none of the examples listed here have any kind of citation (hyperlink or otherwise) to the sources Zakaria lifted from.

Because these are no new instances of alleged plagiarism since the original scandal in 2012 that are listed here, this story takes on more of a historical tone than it would if any of these incidents had happened in the years since. But, it does raise serious questions regarding the due diligence that was conducted by those investigating Zakaria at the time.

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