Free for All: 08/20/14

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  1. The ‘We are MSNBC” promos are really well done. The rapid fire head shots of the various hosts and prominent personalities works well to show the diversity on the network and the theme is catchy and sticks in your head. It’s the best network promo series I’ve seen in along time.

  2. icemannyr Says:

    MSNBC added the promo to their video section,

  3. Am I seeing good news on the TV? Is that possible?

  4. savefarris Says:

    In which I defend the Obama Administration against all the excessive vacation talk: just because Obama isn’t in the WH doesn’t mean that work isn’t getting done!

    Team Obama: Fighting the fight against ALS.

  5. “Team Obama: Fighting the fight against ALS.”

    ^^Cheap shot. It has nothing to do with “Team Obama”. The same rule would apply to ‘Team Bush’, ‘Team Reagan’ or, God forbid, ‘Team Cruz’.

  6. savefarris Says:

    A. Cheap? Sure, but I enjoy how you pretend to be shocked and outraged, as if the current outfit is above such tactics and would never stoop as low or lower.

    B. The ethics rule in question is using the official’s position for ‘private gain’. Seeing has how the ALS Foundation (a nonprofit) is the ultimate beneficiary, I fail to see how participating violates that specific rule.

    C. Given this administration’s precedent, any administration before or since would be free to re-write that particular rule even if it was applicable.

  7. savefarris Says:

    D. George W. was “The Decider”. Don Lemon has decided he and he alone is going to be “The Definer”.

  8. Sure, let’s put some gasbag on a show with four impossibly fit women so he can tell them they might want to “drop a few”. Not only is this moronic, but it’s a very bad message for young women who may be watching. FOX already has a problem with presenting women in an highly enhanced version of beauty which is very difficult for regular folks – even very attractive ones – to meet; now they’re being told it’s still not enough. Way to go, buddy.

  9. Come on Joe.The show is based on fake controversies; and having the male guest mock the females as overweight plays right into that theme. He was pulling their chains and got exactly the reaction he, and I assume, the producers wanted. I imagine he’ll be a regular on the show now.

  10. Outnumbered is presented on a news channel with hosts who regularly appear on other shows as anchors or opinion guests. “Hey, we’re being intentionally over the top and ridiculous” does not absolve them of responsibility for whatever crap they present.

  11. imnotblue Says:

    “FOX already has a problem with presenting women in an highly enhanced version of beauty which is very difficult for regular folks – even very attractive ones – to meet;…”

    Say what?

  12. I think I was pretty clear, Blue, especially as I’ve been talking about this for many years. FOX is notorious for upping the “babe factor” in news media, to the degree that entire paragraphs in profiles of their hosts are devoted to the insane, hours-long makeup regimen they go through before showtime.

    Outnumbered is just the latest, most egregious example of this ‘tight dresses, big hair, makeup machinegun’ look that borders on the ludicrous and embarrassing. So now on top of that we have some idiot male co-host implying it’s not good enough. That network is run by morons.

  13. “Abort it and try again”.
    Who knew Richard Dawkins was such an ar$ehole?

  14. I posted that without describing it. Dawkins says it’s immoral to allow people with Down’s Syndrome to exist.

  15. savefarris Says:

    I think I was pretty clear, Blue, especially as I’ve been talking about this for many years. FOX is notorious for upping the “babe factor” in news media

    You gotta hand it to joe: when he’s right, he’s right. They even made a documentary about FNC’s anchor selection process.

    Networks have been searching for the prettiest face possible to read a teleprompter for as long as teleprompters have been invented. Is FNC guilty? Yeah! But if you’re gonna indict one, indict ’em all.

  16. Try reading the words on the screen, Farris. I specifically stated that FNC has upped the ante in this area for all news media. Since it’s patently obvious they are the ones who have pushed this concept to new heights in the last 10-15 years, it seems silly to play the “they all do it” game as if it’s a completely level playing field, and has always been the same.

    But I digress, the central point of the Mediaite article I posted is about “Dr.” Ablow’s offensive and stupid remarks.

  17. Dawkins is a real charmer. I guess the world was anxiously awaiting his view of the value of Down’s Syndrome life.

  18. motownman Says:

    None of you guys get it. Ablow’s statements are only a diversion. If you watch Outnumbered regularly it’s the latest example of Roger Ailes’ genius as a programmer. The point isn’t four women vs. one man, it’s five conservatives indulging in 60 minutes of Obama bashing. The only one outnumbered on the show is President Obama.

  19. Couldn’t agree more motownman.

  20. Obama bashing
    That’s the “point” of every opinion show on Fox, and it’s beside the point. Ablow appears on Fox, ostensibly, as a “mental health professional”. In that capacity, he regularly makes comments that insult various groups of people. We know that Fox doesn’t care, and actually encourages that sort of thing. That doesn’t make in any less worth pointing out. Keith Ablow is a provocateur, disguised as a doctor. Just as the women on that show are disguised as “people discussing the news”.

  21. The idea seems to be that we know what Fox is, so we shouldn’t bother discussing it. You know, the same way that conservatives, like myself, “know” that the rest of the press is liberal, but got tired of complaining about it. Clearly, no. Fox News, with their constant concern for how “other news outlets” are covering things, is as much fair game for criticism as any of them, and shouldn’t be let off the hook because “we know who they are”. That is, in a word, bullcrap.

  22. motownman Says:

    Nobody’s letting them off the hook. Fox sells it as one guy vs. four women, the battle of the sexes and all that. But that’s just window dressing to get attention. You are right about Ablow, and today they’re having Charles Payne, the guy with the caveman cuff links. But the focus of the show will be Obama bashing.

  23. “But the focus of the show will be Obama bashing.”

    I’m not sure how they come up with things to bash him about since everything is going super swell. I mean, I can think of tons of things to praise him about right now.

  24. “It’s all Obama bashing” is also a simplistic Get Out Of Jail Free card. The specific story was about some quack doctor telling 4 co-hosts and a First Lady who are in clearly great shape that they could stand to lose 5 pounds. It’s insulting, stupid and unhealthy. FNC knows who this douchebag is, and regularly puts him on the air anyway. They don’t get a pass because “Roger Ailes is a genius”.

  25. motownman Says:

    Robin Meade reportedly headed to CNN to host New Day. Sounds like HLN is toast:

  26. Robin Meade? No. That’s a bad idea.

  27. On CNN, I could swear that I heard someone say “After the funeral, what’s next for Michael Brown?”. Any further comment would be rude.

  28. The “Josie” story splashed all over rightwing media was from a hoax Facebook account. But now it’s the right’s Official Story of what the cop says happened. ‘Cause who cares about actual eyewitness accounts?

  29. savefarris Says:

    Proof you can take the anchor off MSNBC, but you can’t take the MSNBC out of the anchor:

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