Zakaria Responds…

Politico’s Dylan Byers writes about Fareed Zakaria pushing back on the new “old” Plagiarism accusations…

“These are all facts, not someone else’s writing or opinions or expressions,” Zakaria wrote in an email to POLITICO. He also referred to the majority of instances as “cases in my writing where I have cited a statistic that also appeared somewhere else,” suggesting that he had merely repeated readily available information. In some cases, he says he referred to the primary source or took quotes from an interview subject, not from other news reports.

The authors of the report — @blippoblappo & @crushingbort, two Twitter users who publish on a site called “Our Bad Media” — immediately took issue with Zakaria’s statement. His claim that the passages were facts as opposed to other authors’ writing or expressions was “patently untrue from the 1st example,” @crushingbort wrote on Twitter.


One Response to “Zakaria Responds…”

  1. I imagine if you put any writer of current affaires under a microscope you will find occasional phases and sentences that are the same as some other writer in the field. The worse I can see here is some sloppiness in the editing.

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