CNN + Glenn Beck?

The Wall Street Journal’s Keach Hagey writes about CNN having joint venture discussions with Glenn Beck as a replacement for HLN…

Time Warner Inc.’s CNN has looked beyond Vice Media in its quest for a partner to help revamp its struggling sister station, HLN.

CNN executives have held talks in recent weeks with representatives from Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, a 24-hour news and entertainment network, about a potential joint venture to overhaul HLN, according to people familiar with the matter. Those discussions came after Vice’s talks became public in June. CNN and The Blaze representatives couldn’t agree on terms, the people said.

Among the possible deals considered was an arrangement similar to the one being discussed with Vice Media, according to a person familiar with the deal: forming a new venture between CNN-parent Time Warner and The Blaze that would replace HLN’s current programming with Blaze programming.

The talks illustrate Time Warner’s eagerness to find a solution for the problems at HLN, which has seen its total viewership decline 22% for the season to date, and a 19% decrease in viewers 18 to 49 years old, the demographic that advertisers pay a premium to reach, according to Nielsen.


8 Responses to “CNN + Glenn Beck?”

  1. Well now we know why Reliable Sources spent two weekends on puff pieces about “Glenn Beck’s transformation and future”. It was embarrassing enough before I knew the reason…

  2. The circle shall be unbroken. Hey is it funnier if he gets Fox-level ratings now, or if he gets the same ratings as he used to?

  3. “forming a new venture between CNN-parent Time Warner and The Blaze that would replace HLN’s current programming with Blaze programming.”

    ^^Wow! That’s just flat out creepy.

  4. Headline News –> HLN –> BTV
    Ted Turner must be ..doing whatever he does, while weeping uncontrollably.

  5. Kevin Ehsani Says:

    Time Warner is worried about HLN’s ratings, and their bright idea is to bring in Glenn Beck, again? As if that’s going to automatically boost the ratings? Do these people ever give up on trying to outfox Fox News? Nobody watched Beck when he was at HLN before, so why would they watch him now? He might as well just work for Fox, again, where the rest of the right-wing viewership goes. But I guess that’s how desperate Time Warner is for relevancy.

  6. Brian Stelter says he didn’t know about any negotiations.

    Brian Stelter @brianstelter I started asking Beck’s PR ppl for interview in January. Succeeded in May; scheduled it in June; taped it on July 15. No hint of talks (2/3)

    Brian Stelter @brianstelter In retrospect, though, my Aug. 10 @CNNMoney story explains why Beck might want a partner: to gain cable subs (3/3)

  7. “Brian Stelter says he didn’t know about any negotiations.”

    ^^I don’t think his Beck interviews and the CNN negotiations are related. Beck obviously knew about them and used the interviews for his own purposes, but Stelter was just doing his job IMO. They were very good interviews in any case.

  8. I cannot agree about “very good interviews”. Brian asked the right questions, but Beck got away with a whole lot of “I should have handled things differently, but won’t say what, and also I was right”. He’s a snake-oil salesman, and he sold CNN a couple barrels full.

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