Robin Meade to New Day?

CNN Commentary is claiming talks are underway to bring Robin Meade over to New Day…

Sources say Morning Express anchor Robin Meade is in serious talks to make the jump from HLN to CNN, where she will become the new co-anchor of New Day. I have also been told HLN is finished and it is only a matter of which organization, Glenn Beck’s The Blaze or Vice News, buys them out.

The problem with this report isn’t whether it’s possible or not. I have no doubt that at some level talks are going on to bring Meade to NYC.

No, the problem with this report is…well…Meade. Meade really didn’t want to go to NYC according to reports in the past…though I’m sure money can cure many ills. The more fundamental problem is Meade comes across the air best as a solo anchor.


If she’s not the center of the universe, I have serious doubts how successful any show she’s involved with will be.

New Day is not geared towards the concept of the solo anchor. Indeed, if anything it has gotten more ensemble based as time has gone by. So CNN would be taking a high megawattage solo anchor who stands out a mile away and plug her in to an ensemble show where nobody is supposed to burn that bright. Looks like a recipe for disaster to me. Unless…

…CNN guts the entire format of New Day and the talent that go with it…including Chris Cuomo…and put Meade on by herself with a rotating cast of supporting players. I just see no way CNN can get away with having an Alpha Male anchor in Cuomo and an Alpha Female anchor in Meade share the screen together without the show tearing itself apart in due course.

Then there’s the format. Morning Express is all happy happy joy joy, light on news, and feeds off Meade’s bubbly personality. CNN’s New Day is heavy on news, light on fluff, nobody stands out, and the show does not feed off anybody’s personality. So plugging Meade into that format would be the ultimate square peg/round hole experiment in cable news.

I’m not saying that all these reasons mean that Meade can’t come to CNN. What I am saying is if CNN does bring Meade over, something is going to have to change and change a lot in order for it to work.


12 Responses to “Robin Meade to New Day?”

  1. CNN is crazy if they think Robin Meade is going to work as a co-host doing news about cop shootings and ISIS atrocities. They need to keep the format with new hosts who will fit like Brooke Baldwin, Christi Paul and Victor Blackwell.

  2. motownman Says:

    It can work if Zucker admits Cuomo is the problem but I’m not sure he’ll do that. I could see a team working with Robin doing the light stories and Aly doing the news stories. Otherwise I think they’d have to import Robin’s show from HLN.

  3. Just take morning express, studio and all… and put it on CNN! Scrap “New Day” all together. I see no reason Robin cannot do hard news.

    Good Morning America does a good job of mixing lighter news with hard news. Robin can do it too.

  4. Why does CNN want all their shows to be in NYC? Their Atlanta studio’s are much more modern looking, plus if shows are produced and talent is in Atlanta it is more cost effective.

    I can see why Robin doesn’t want to leave Atlanta. From her instagram it looks like she has a huge luxurious home with a spacious back yard and swimming pool that looks like something out of a 5 star resort hotel. She couldn’t have that lifestyle in NYC.

  5. It’s a case of getting more “in studio” guests. Atlanta isn’t anywhere close to the center of the media universe. New York is.

  6. I prefer Brooke Baldwin to any of the options mentioned so far. I am not sure how well anyone can work with Chris Cuomo.

  7. danoregon Says:

    I used to watch Headline news when I wanted a newscast with news in it, no chatter, etc.

  8. Spouse still complains about the loss of Headline News, the way we kvetch that MTV no longer shows videos. Many of the same elements to both, actually.

  9. I miss Rudi Bakhtiar.

  10. I wish they had left the whole thing alone. I miss Vinnie, Ryan, and the rest of the team

  11. Robin should just take her show and cast across town to Fox where she belongs. Those fools at left leaning global CNN have already destroyed two major news organizations because they’re egos couldn’t leave well alone.

  12. What I would like to see is if they moved Robin Meade and her show to CNN to replace Early start and make it two hours. Then at 7AM EST move @thishour with Micheala and Berman up and make it two hours. If anyone been watching @thishour, they both have great chemistry. I think both those teams in the morning would be better than new day. They’re also both lower maintience and cheaper shows to produce lead by personality.

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