Zakaria: Round 2…

Our Bad Media returns with another alleged Zakaria plagiarism “expose”…

Last Tuesday, Fareed Zakaria responded to our initial blog post showing that he had clearly and inappropriately copied and pasted other journalists’ work. He did so by demonstrably lying and getting a number of facts just plain wrong. We think our work held up pretty well, even more so after the response from a pretty diverse group of journalists. For those wondering what constitutes plagiarism, it might be helpful to first read this walkthrough from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. Then keep scrolling, because today we’re adding even more to the pile by showing how Zakaria blatantly and repeatedly plagiarized in not just what is his most popular book, but two different cover stories for the magazines he used to serve as editor for, Foreign Affairs and Newsweek.

This isn’t going to go away easily and it’s going to get increasingly uncomfortable over at Time Warner if people keep unearthing stuff like this on Zakaria…


2 Responses to “Zakaria: Round 2…”

  1. You can get away with it once. Once is an accident, an oversight, an “Oops!”. or maybe fobbed off on an underling. Doesn’t even look as though he attempted to clean up his act.

  2. There’s too much of a pattern here for it to be dismissed as just being sloppy or overworked. Not now.

    I don’t doubt that he had too many hats to wear and some of this was innocent. Maybe most. But all? There’s a tipping point in this and he’s pretty close to it.

    Although in fairness to him, using facts from one piece and putting it in yours is not exactly my definition of plagiarism. Should he have attributed them? Yes. But facts are not owned by anyone.

    How those facts are expressed is another question.

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