Blogus Interruptus…

Dive, Dive, Dive!!!


Off to Indonesia where I will not lose any snorkels…I hope. Komodo, Lombok, and Bali await.

Blogging resumes September 16th. Longer if I…

• Go down in a plane crash.
• Get the bends.
• Drown.
• Have a heart attack while diving.
• Get stung by an Irukandji.
• Get kidnapped by Islamic fundamentalists.
• Get buried under volcanic ash.
• Get stung by a Box Jellyfish.
• Get busted for drugs that were planted in my luggage by smugglers.
• Contract malaria despite taking the pills.
• Contract typhoid despite taking the pills.
• Become shark bait.
• Get buried under rubble after a massive earthquake.
• Get swept away by a tsunami after a massive earthquake.
• Contract Japanese Encephalitis (I’m not paying $600 for a vaccination)

Diving is fun?


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  1. This is way beyond the NRA’s initial stance as a gun safety advocate, or even its modern transformation into a radical gun manufacturer lobbyist clothed in the politics of the Second Amendment. These people are psychotic. ‏@Salon
    NRA’s mind-blowing response to gun tragedy: “7 ways children can have fun at the shooting range”

  2. savefarris Says:

    Stay away from Malaysia Air!

  3. Oops. There must be a better way to do that.

  4. Well, the background sounds can’t be verified (yet) as being the Ferguson shooting, but the video message was recorded at that time.

  5. Don Lemon seems much more chipper, this evening. Nothing like a little validation to take the weight off your shoulders.

  6. This should put the red psycho-blogs into a tizzy.

    HowardKurtz @HowardKurtz Obama to attend wedding of MSNBC’s Alex Wagner (!) says Politico. But she is, after all, marrying former White House chef Sam Kass.

  7. I miss my documentary on CNN. “News” is such a bummer.

  8. I’d love to know why Politifact thinks this is a thing. I haven’t heard one person – not even my flaming liberal progressive friends – dispute a word of what Megyn Kelly said. Also, it’s on the Pundifact page, where she is grouped with Al Sharpton as an opinion host. Oops!

  9. ‘Diana Magnay’ is a great name. I just had to get that off my chest.

  10. Uh oh. Volcanic ash is on the list…

  11. Lauren Ashburn is the Yoko Ono of Media Buzz.

  12. Is it the least bit odd that a business show is going on about ransom for hostages, or is this a normal thing?

  13. FNC takes advantage of the fact business, economics, and politics easily overlap. You could make a business link to ransoms and hostage-taking and definitely a link to behavioural economics but even then it’s still odd and an unusual thing for a business programme called ‘Cashin’ In’ that used to be about personal finance to make hostage-taking a topic. What made it even more odd was the segment focused more on politics than business or economics.
    It seems all FNC business programmes have placed politics above business. I understand shows can change over time and the two fields overlap. Your World can get away with that but with a show called ‘Cashin’ In’, we expect more emphasis on business than politics in every segment. If it was called for example ‘Political Capital’, I doubt anyone would find it as problematic.
    That segment wasn’t very informative. It needed to go beyond or go further in-depth on ransoms may incentivize future abductions and subsidize terrorism especially with 7 minutes. They spent way too much time on international laws on war and whether or not prisoner swaps constitute as negotiating with terrorists, the latter is not even remotely related to business or economics. Why was it weak? The real intent was to focus more on politics than on business.

  14. Someone referred to Fox Business as FNC2, which seems appropriate. With certain exceptions, I think it’s an excuse to have a network that does all opinion, without that pesky “news” that gets in the way. The biz shows on Fox seemed to go ‘all political’ shortly after 9/’11, for what it’s worth.

  15. There are so many things wrong with that Cashin’ In segment:

    A. Hostage ransom is not a business story.

    B. It can be discussed in one minute: Paying ransom is always a bad idea until it’s your kid with a knife to his throat, so stop yelling like you have all the answers because you don’t.

    C. Why is Trapper John yelling at some girl who graduated from college three years ago, and why are either of them considered experts on hostage negotiation?

  16. Why is Trapper John yelling
    Right? I was thisfar from wondering why we should care what she thinks, like so many of her type on that network, but why in the world should we care what HE thinks? Fox has a rotating lineup of “Why am I listening to you?”, and he’s as much of a wonder as any of them.

  17. Fareed is back. I guess that’s all solved.

  18. CNNi has adopted the new CNN/Us graphics with a few minor differences. No ticker like before.

  19. Ainsley on F&F 1st: “The U.S. launching air strikes against militants in Somalia but don’t expect the president to talk about it instead he’s slamming Republicans over the economy.”

    Why should we not expect him to comment on the mission because the news anchor gives her opinion in the intro to the segment?

    When Obama was “slamming Republicans over the economy.”
    Do we know if the mission was over yet and he could have even commented on it?

  20. savefarris Says:

    Do we know if the mission was over yet and he could have even commented on it?

    Well, if the mission WASN’T over, then maybe making a partisan speech isn’t exactly the best use of your time. Maybe that would be the time to huddle w/ your military team and oversee the strike.

    You know, if you actually cared…

  21. Luke Russert hosted TDR today. I’m still doubtful the show will go to him next week but who knows. He did a excellent job today and is certainly ready to take on hosting duties if NBC wants to go in that direction.

  22. I want to like Luke Russert because I was a big fan of his Dad. But, he says some mind numbingly stupid things all too often.

  23. Well, if the mission WASN’T over, then maybe making a partisan speech isn’t exactly the best use of your time. Maybe that would be the time to huddle w/ your military team and oversee the strike.

    I believe the point was that Ainsley ostensibly is a news anchor, not a commentator. This distinction no longer exists at Fox News, yet they still throw “Fair and Balanced” around in promos. I saw one for Megyn Kelly last weekend. The same weekend they replayed her ridiculous Dinesh D’Souza infomercial disguised as an interview with Bill Ayers.

  24. savefarris Says:

    yet they still throw “Fair and Balanced” around in promos.

    You realize they only do that to annoy you, right?

    Although it does have the advantage of being true. Compare the way FNC treats Obama to the way ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN/ treated Bush back in the day. No contest: FNC is much more well behaved.

  25. If a news network is telling their viewers they’re fair just to annoy them, the problem is with the network.

  26. savefarris Says:

    Why is Sharpton broadcasting from a NBCSports-branded studio?

  27. “because the news anchor gives her opinion in the intro to the segment?”
    “I believe the point was that Ainsley ostensibly is a news anchor, not a commentator.”

    ^^You guys do realize Ainsley is reading a script on a teleprompter and not expressing ‘her’ opinion?

  28. So we all agree “fair and balanced” is an intentional insult, and everybody at FNC is reading a propaganda script. It would be nice if this bothered somebody…

  29. Now about that Afghan exit plan…
    “Fighters from a militant Islamic group in Afghanistan, allied to the Taliban, have told the BBC they are considering joining forces with Islamic State (IS).”
    Extremely courageous they tried contacting this group again.
    “Among Western journalists, the group has had a bad reputation ever since the 1980s, when it invited a freelance cameraman working for the BBC to join one of its operations, then killed him during the night in order to sell his equipment.”

  30. More adventures with Fox anchors unclear on the concept. If another network’s anchor pulled this stunt on a Republican president, Fox would scream for a week.

  31. What’s so great about that is that Ms Stepford is every bit as bright and well-spoken as you’d expect.

  32. savefarris Says:

    joe has forgotten the misadventures of Anderson Cooper (and the rest of the news media) yelling at GWB for not invading Louisiana back in 2005.

  33. Joe hasn’t forgotten… he just doesn’t care.

    Things are going so poorly right now for MSNBC and the Democrats, that bashing FNC is really all they’ve got left. It’s the same tired complaints about their slogan, that we’ve been hearing for over a decade.

    The world burns, and their number one concern -apparently- is a slogan. Wow.

  34. Blue, you’re disgusting. I’m quite well aware of what’s going on in the world, and have forums to discuss it in. This is a cable news blog. I’m talking about goings on in cable news here. Deal with it.

  35. Reporting from Anderson Cooper is a bit different than an FNC anchor commenting and arguing with people on Twitter.

    Just because someone did the same thing at another network does not make it ok for an FNC anchor to do the same thing.

  36. They can make comparisons to other networks 9 years ago to their heart’s’s on topic. Coming to a cable news blog to insult people for talking about cable news “while the world burns” is absurd. The only reason Blue doesn’t want me to speak is because I dared criticize his precious Fox News. I’m going to continue to do so when warranted.

  37. I’m sure that once Obama “does something!”, Heather can take credit, and for that we can be grateful. But seriously, has she deleted her ignorance-fueled rant yet?

  38. It’s still there. She continued for quite a while, including an “I expected you to blame Bush” tweet. Heather Childers’ profile lists her as Fox News Anchor. She does not seem to understand what an anchor’s job is.

  39. She “understands” it just fine, as far as Fox is concerned. The only thing that gets you into trouble is if you say something liberal, and not much even then. The same people who think Heather is aces will have a fit, and that’s about all.

  40. It’s ridiculous. Julie Banderas and Arthel Neville would never pull a stunt like this. They comprehend that you can’t play “conservative Republican” on Twitter, then cover the president as an objective journalist the next day (which Childers did this morning).

  41. A large group of people who’ve been described as a great threat to this country continue to cut the heads off of American journalists. It’s an act of war. Meanwhile, another journalist is pissed about it and want’s the POTUS to do something. So, she tweets. And everybody is outrageously outraged at the journalist tired of seeing peoples heads get cut off cuz, Fox News. Jeebus. How people can get so butt-hurt over everything FNC is beyond me. You complain about everything at FNC. You two are like the boy who cried wolf. Nobody is going to listen when you may have a legitimate complaint.

  42. I don’t care that you think “nobody is going to listen”, Chris. This thread shows that I’ve generated a significant amount of discussion on the topic of FNC anchors playing the opinion card repeatedly, so clearly someone is listening.

    People don’t have to discuss cable news if they think there are more important things to address; I talk about all kinds of other things on Twitter. This is a cable news blog.

  43. Once again, this is a cable news blog. It is not a “the world is falling apart” blog. And I find it not the smallest bit ironic that the same people who will go on for days about “liberal bias in the mainstream media” somehow find it out-of-bounds for others to complain about conservative bias on Fox. In other words, too damn bad.

  44. “How people can get so butt-hurt over everything FNC is beyond me.”

    ^^ Gotta agree LS. It’s hard to get worked up over some half baked twitter comments from an uninformed anchor on Fox News. Sort of like being upset at the latest ranting’s of Phil Robinson on the subject. Creating a fake controversy by saying dumb stuff is always good for your image at FNC and good for the ratings for Mr. Robertson’s show.

  45. You are missing the point, no one is saying what Heather Childers said that Obama should be doing something is wrong.

    What’s wrong is that a news anchor should not be tweeting that and then getting into twitter fights about her comments.

    It’s not as if this is the first time Heather Childers has made news because of her comments on Twitter.

  46. Journalists, Christians and others are getting their freaking heads sliced off with a GD knife by a group of people our POTUS recently referred to as the JV. Then, after the first journalist beheading this POTUS hit the golf course. If a “news anchor” is pissed about it fine by me. Regardless of where she works.

  47. The point I’m not missing is the only reason you care is because she works for FNC. If she worked elsewhere, neither you nor Stelter would care.

  48. When newspeople at non-FNC networks demand something of a POTUS during times such as these (see the Katrina example above), they’re hailed as heroes and given awards.

    When it involves and FNC anchor, it’s a crime against humanity. Hey there hypocrisy, nice to meet you.

  49. savefarris Says:

    They can make comparisons to other networks 9 years ago to their heart’s content

    Well, since you specifically asked about a network treating a Republican president in such a manner, I can’t exactly pull up an example from yesterday.

  50. The point is simple and obvious: FNC anchors are expressing opinions. If you want to discuss other network anchors doing the same thing, have at it. So far all I’ve seen are generalized references to something-something in the previous decade.

  51. savefarris Says:

    The only way it’d be worse if she had backed the Redskins:

    Is there ANY way we can get the Dem16 nominee to make Wendy Davis their Veep pick?

  52. Well, since you specifically asked about a network treating a Republican president in such a manner, I can’t exactly pull up an example from yesterday.

    You can pull up as many from as many years ago as you want. Like I said, “to your heart’s content”. Unlike the BS I’ve been getting all morning, I won’t tell you you shouldn’t discuss cable news.

  53. savefarris Says:

    I’m not sure joe realizes by taking this stand nad making this a thing, he’s saying “Don’t kill American journalists” is now a political issue on which there are two sides … and he is taking the other one.

  54. If you’re mad about anchors expressing opinions, there are plenty of anchors you shouldn’t follow on twitter. Like Jake Tapper & Don Lemon, for instance. But, they don’t work for FNC while daring to have blonde hair and boobs so it’s cool.

    BTW, Tapper is my favorite journalist in the media today. His Ferguson coverage was god awful, short on facts and full of opinions. It was disappointing. But, he’s still my favorite journalist.

  55. Apparently you missed my previous comments asking if Don Lemon is a news anchor or opinion host and that he can’t be both.

  56. FNC is my primary source of news, but I am not comfortable with the blurring line between the journalists and commentators. I think we know pretty much the political leanings of most people at Fox, but for Childers, an anchor, to go off like that is problematic for me; and I always found Childers to be the main culprit of this.

    Hopefully this was handled internally (I personally don’t think childers is that essential to FNC in any way so it wont be that big of deal for the channel) but I hope this doesn’t become a pattern. I can live with the news from a different perspective, but showcasing blatant opinions like that needs to stop.

  57. anchors expressing opinions
    Uh, we’ve criticized those other anchors. The fact that you choose to ignore all that is not a commentary on anyone who’s criticized Childers, but a statement of your own selective “outrage”.

  58. Farris, that’s offensive. My criticism of an anchor voicing opinions has nothing to do with my feelings about Americans being slaughtered, and I deeply resent that disgusting comment. You’re out of line.

  59. The Wendy Davis experiment remains fun. I would say that I’m thrilled she’s going to get trounced since she was nominated as the Dem candidate by the MSM. But, that would be silly because the only media that matters is FNC because everybody there is stoopid and blonde and stuff.

    Anyhoo, during the previous gubernatorial race between Perry and the trial lawyer/former mayor of Houston who’s name escapes me, there was a ton of buzz and excitement by Texas liberals. There was a lot of “but, he’s not really liberal, he’s a moderate”. Dems thought they had a chance to win that one and they were excited. Well, he got trounced.

    I haven’t seen any excitement for Davis, except when she appears in MSNBC promos, but that doesn’t matter because those people can’t vote for her. She is going to get obliterated. It’s not going to be close. And, it will be great.

    The only reason she is the Dem candidate for Governor is because she was propped up, supported and backed by the national media. The national media actually put a particular person on a Gubernatorial ballot. But, an FNC anchor demanding the POTUS do something because people keep getting their heads chopped off is the greatest media scandal in the history of the media. Well, at least since 2 days ago when that evil Megyn Kelly did something.

  60. “Uh, we’ve criticized those other anchors. The fact that you choose to ignore all that is not a commentary on anyone who’s criticized Childers, but a statement of your own selective “outrage”.”

    Sorry, I missed it. I blink every once in a while. Can’t help it.

  61. It will be hilarious to see her lose in spectacular fashion. She knows she’s trying to run for governor in Texas, right?

  62. I don’t know what the other networks are doing with this, but I wish MSNBC would stop showing stills from the execution videos. The ‘before they died’ shots are ISIS propaganda, and disrespectful to the families.

  63. Even worse FNC is using the video ISIS video in a promo for the 9pm and 10pm shows,

  64. Ugh, that’s reprehensible. I can’t even believe I saw that.

  65. Anybody know what MSNBC’s growing hope thing that I keep seeing promos for is?

  66. Hope that the Democrats don’t lose the Senate?

  67. Just saw that ISIS clip on CNN, minus the extraneous ‘Foxy’ stuff.

  68. My criticism of an anchor voicing opinions has nothing to do with my feelings about Americans being slaughtered

    Of course it does, because that was the “opinion” she was voicing. You obviously disagree with that “opinion”, which is why you’re complaining about it.

  69. “Growing Hope” = an innovative new way for Left-Leaning advocacy groups to astroturf a campaign.

  70. Who knew that “Do something…” was an offensive and unreasonably political opinion? I guess, “Do nothing…” is the opposite opinion?

    Perhaps, instead of pretending that journalists are superhuman unopinionated beings, we can realize that they to are people! And perhaps seeing yet another fellow American journalist get their heads cut off, would be a little frustrating.

    “Do something…” an opinion “to far” for a journalist. You’ve got to be kidding me.

  71. ^ Agree. Of all the things to pick on somebody for being “opinionated” about, this one seems silly. Per usual, it has more to do with where she works than what she said.

  72. As opposed to all those other criticisms of Fox with which you three agreed. Yeah, whatever.

  73. Farris, your reasoning about my thoughts on Heather’s Twitter behavior is ludicrous. I was quite clear on the subject, and to translate it to some bizarre concept that I’m ok with journalists being beheaded is hard to even comprehend. I never thought I would see someone stoop so low on this blog. I’m frankly shocked.

  74. “I’m frankly shocked.”

    Haha! You’re so over the top, you can’t be serious.

    Joe is running a parody account… This is a joke, right?

  75. savefarris Says:

    Yes, you were quite clear that someone railing against the death of American journalists is “ridiculous” and “unobjective” and “an opinion”.

    I, for one, see nothing wrong with her expressing such an opinion. You do. Vehemently. So the question is why? Why is holding the opinion that “People shouldn’t kill American Journalists” so out-of-bounds for you? Given your tenor, it’s a legitimate question.

  76. savefarris Says:

    PS: George Clooney just won the 2016 Best Picture Oscar

  77. You already know the answer, Farris. She is presenting herself as a partisan host while also presenting herself as an anchor. It’s a simple issue, and I’ve stated it clearly several times.

  78. savefarris Says:

    It’s “partisan” to say “Don’t kill American Journalists”?!?

    Like I said, we disagree. I don’t have a problem with that statement.

    You do.

  79. savefarris Says:

    ESPN anchor claims media is desirous of pumping up a race issue. Isn’t immediately fired.

    I guess they owe someone an apology!

  80. She screamed at POTUS in all caps DO SOMETHING!!, which is a statement that she thinks he is not. That is a partisan opinion coming from a news anchor who the next morning covered his comments on this very topic. As has been stated by others, Don Lemon – who as far as we know is still billed as an anchor by CNN – has come under much criticism for much opinionating as of late. I see no reason why we can bust on Lemon For this, but have to give Childers a pass.

  81. I, of course, don’t think Joe is saying he’s okay with journalists being killed. But, I just don’t get the over-the-top reaction to the tweet. She’s saying what pretty much everybody is thinking. Brian Stelter made his career being the loudest anti-FNC guy at mediabistro or TV Newser or whatever and he hasn’t slowed down in his FNC hate between the NYT and CNN. He’s basically Brent Bozell working for a major media network.

    Anyway, her reaction was understandable and a reaction I could see from someone on the left or the right. There really aren’t many defending Obama’s handling of foreign policy these days.

  82. For more Fox Fan weirdness, I present this, courtesy of CNN Commentary. The woman either left; or was pushed from; FNC, and she has “fans” following her to Facebook to give her grief for getting a new job. That. Is. CRAZY.

  83. Yep, us Fox fans are crazy. Unlike every other internet commenter out there. Especially from the fox-haters. I’m sorry, I meant the faux news haters. Those comments at Mediaite are particular gems.

  84. Yeah, there’s nothing “over the top” about accusing someone of approving the killing of American journalists, for the ultimate sin of criticizing Fox. Nothing at all.

  85. ^ what does that have to do with me? I didn’t say anything like that. And Joe knows I wouldn’t think that.

  86. savefarris Says:

    She screamed at POTUS in all caps DO SOMETHING!!, which is a statement that she thinks he is not.

    You got me there. Obama did hold a press conference. And broke out the 9-iron. So he did, in fact, do something. Despite her protestations.

    A journalist asking that a journalist’s death from a foreign power be avenged isn’t the hot-button issue you make it out to be. Unless you’re rooting for the foreign power, it’s not even a close call.

  87. ^ It doesn’t. I believe the young lady was referring to another commenter who used the term “over the top”. Who was responding to my comment to someone else. Isn’t this fun?

  88. A journalist asking that a journalist’s death from a foreign power be avenged isn’t the hot-button issue you make it out to be. Unless you’re rooting for the foreign power, it’s not even a close call.

    You’re the one who keeps pretending I made it a “hot button issue”. What I did was post a link to Mediaite about the Twitter battle Heather Childers got into after posting an ALL CAPS partisan tweet. She’s on cable news, and it was a notable cable news event to discuss on a cable news blog. How you guys keep turning this to the actual opinion she expressed is beyond me. The topic is not about the content of the opinion. The topic is that Heather voiced one as though she is a partisan host. Fox News, and Heather Childers herself, bill her as an anchor. It’s that simple.

  89. “Isn’t this fun?”

    Ha. Always. Cuz you’re a troublemaker. 🙂

  90. Cuz you’re a troublemaker.

    D@mn straight, skippy!

  91. Wait… So it’s the “all caps” that’s the problem?

    And based on the contents from politicians and analysts from BOTH sides, the opinion that the President should “do something,” is fairly nonpartisan.

    Additionally, let’s not forget this was on Twitter, not on the air. It’s she not allowed to offer an (alleged) opinion online as a nonpartisan anchor?

  92. NOW you’re catching on, Blue. I’m beginning to think you didn’t actually read my initial comments on this topic. No – as many people have learned – social media is not a separate oasis away from your job where you can say whatever pops in your head without consequence. If you’re going to play a straight news anchor on TV, it’s a generally a good idea to keep your politics off Twitter. Especially if your Twitter bio starts with News Anchor.

  93. savefarris Says:

    The topic is not about the content of the opinion. The topic is that Heather voiced one as though she is a partisan host

    Again with the “partisan” and “opinion”, as though this is an issue that has two different sides.

    On one side, we have a FOX anchor (and most of the civilized world, including ultra-righty Elizabeth Warren) saying that it’s not okay to kill American journalists.

    On the other side, you have … joe.

  94. Enough, Farris. You are rewriting what I’ve said, then commenting on the rewrite. It’s dishonest.

  95. I thought it was interesting that Bill O’Reilly had Tina Nguyen from Mediaite on his show, to discuss his comments on Asians. She did reasonably well, for someone with (presumably) no television experience. He also came off rather well, discussing this subject civilly with someone who clearly disagreed.

  96. Alright…. Just to make sure I understand it all:

    The problem is that she used her private social media account, to offer an opinion in ALL CAPS, which is inappropriate for an allegedly unbiased news anchor to do.

    Except her “opinion,” wasn’t really an opinion, and it’s offensive to suggest that there is an “otherside” to the view she put forth.


    Do I have that all correct now?

    I think the take away should be, “it’s bad when FNC does it, no matter what they do,” but somehow I doubt Joe will agree.

  97. Your takeaway is a bizarre rewrite of what I said because you’re a Fox Fanboy who thinks anything they do is ok because you agree with it. In the real world, news anchors don’t get to take Twitter to shout things at a president they cover without repercussions. In Fox Fanboy World, it’s all good. Of course, when something exactly like this happens with an anchor from another news source towards a Republican politician, the right will explode with accusations of BIAS! But it’s Fox, so nobody cares. It’s what they do.

  98. Week I’ll agree that my takeaway is bizarre, but it is apparently how you feel, since you didn’t disagree with what I wrote.

    That IS bizarre.

  99. You’re trolling me, Blue. Which apparently is your only interest in being here. Get back to us when you have an actual interest in a cable news topic, ’cause so far all we have is “Joe said something negative about Fox, and I’m so MAD about it!” Fascinating.

  100. The rumors of Joe and Mika taking over Meet The Press – essentially replacing MTP with Morning Joe – weren’t quite right. What they did was keep the MTP name; install one of MJ’s regular contributors as host; then move most of the panel over piece-by-piece without Mika. Well ok then!

  101. news anchors don’t get to take Twitter to shout things at a –insert– DEMOCRATIC –end insert- president they cover without repercussions.


    Because as we all know, if you’re yelling at a Republican President, well surely it’s because the R-POTUS has done something wrong and you have absolute moral authority.

  102. Ukraine?

    I guess all those problems got fixed because Item #1 on the State Department’s agenda is … picking a Twitter fight w/ Bill O’Reilly.

  103. Luke seems nice enough, but there have to be dozens more qualified people for that spot. I know they want him to rise up and be his father, but it’s not happening, and it’s not really fair to him. Or those other qualified people.

  104. Crazy that the Deputy Spokesman for the State Department is taking shots on twitter at a cable news anchor even if it is O’Reilly. And, Jen Psaki has been pretty much universally panned for her daily miscues and poor showings. What BOR said is true. Taking a twitter shot at him only draws more attention to Psaki’s terrible performance.

  105. Marie might want to take note of the fact that O’Reilly is hardly the only one who’s unimpressed with either she or her sorority sister, Jen. God help us that these are people with the President’s ear.

  106. Well, the WH has, in the past at least, developed a strategy to combat Fox News. So, there’s that.

  107. Marie Harf didn’t even hit the right mark in the link she provided. James Rosen – ostensibly a journalist, although I can’t say for sure if FNC thinks of him that way – did a spiffy job of deciding for the country what “the American people” hear from the president. I thought it was quite insulting in the usual Fox way: “We tell you what to believe, then tell you what ‘everyone’ believes.” That’s crappy journalism.

  108. You’re literally the only person I’ve heard who has accused James Rosen of crappy journalism. He’s one of the handful of people in the business that I have no idea their political leanings.

  109. Well that’s nice, LS, but I follow Rosen, and he has a bad habit of editorializing his news coverage to please his conservative audience. In the clip Harf linked, he “decided” for us that the only message “the American people” have retained about Obama and ISIS is “we have no strategy”. Not only is this an highly presumptuous statement presented as fact, but it’s not even an accurate recitation of the quote. If he wants to be a commentator saying “in my opinion this is what’s happening”, more power to him, but that is not my understanding of what he is, and at any rate, he didn’t present his comments as opinion. He was thinking for us like we’re children.

  110. Ok, whatever. I don’t care. I know where you stand regarding everybody at FNC. It’s tiresome and ridiculous. If only FNC would go away, there would be world peace and stuff.

    Anyway, predictably, and using the liberal playbook, the State Dept. Spox who issued the tweet screamed, wait for it…..”SEXISM”!.

    Of course she did. It’s what they do. Every day. All day. Sexism, racism, ism, ism, ism.

    No, O’Reilly wasn’t calling Psaki a moron because she’s a woman. He’s calling her a moron because she sucks at her job.

  111. Do you have a quote for sexism? The tweet you referenced does not claim it.

    As for “boo hoo, you hate Fox”, you’re gonna have to learn to live with this little theory of yours. Every time I criticize that network, someone shows up here to say it doesn’t matter what I think. Well that’s just too d@mn bad. Fox doesn’t get a pass because a bunch of conservative fanboys think it’s the bee’s knees, and I don’t get swept away because I happen to be a liberal. That’s not the way the world works. This is a cable news blog, and FNC is cable news. I’m going to continue to talk about them here, as well as MSNBC and CNN.

    Also, this:

    Mark Berman ‏@themarkberman · 1m
    BREAKING: Bob McDonnell found guilty of 11 counts, all corruption; Maureen McDonnell guilty on 8 corruption counts, obstruction of justice

  112. Larry Sabato ‏@LarrySabato
    And to think Bob #McDonnell could have pled guilty to a single felony in a plea deal…

  113. ^ A single felony with no charge for his wife. He must have been really pissed…

  114. “^ A single felony with no charge for his wife. He must have been really pissed…”

    ^^I’d say his arrogance and general stupidity, not to mention some really bad advice from his high priced lawyers, were his downfall.

    Interesting that all the cable nets are going with Joan Rivers death wall to wall. Celebrity deaths always tops real news on the nets.

  115. “”

    ^^It wouldn’t surprise me to see a lot of the regulars from TDR, like Luke Russert, appear on the new MTP.

    I wonder if having Joe Scarborough as a regular on the panel was a sop to him for not getting the host gig?

  116. I wonder if having Joe Scarborough as a regular on the panel was a sop to him for not getting the host gig?

    Partly, I think. I think it’s also a general plan at NBC and MSNBC to rebuild some of the conservative voice they lost when Pat Buchanan got canned. On the MSNBC cable side they’ve saturated the market for liberal talk, and need more variety of views for the lame-duck years of a Democratic administration.

  117. James Rosen is a professional and all you need to know is that this administration is afraid of him and his reporting. No other reporter in history has had his PARENTS phone tapped by an administration!

    Of course those moronic women at huge State Department are going to take him on via O’Reilly because he makes them look ridiculous almost every single day at the State Dept. briefing.

    Remember when the airliner was blown out of the sky over Ukraine and she opened the briefing with information about Afghanistan? Shep Smith was incredulous at her handling of the briefing that day.

    You can not help but laugh at the absurdity of that briefing.

  118. Huge sb the

  119. Harf didn’t take Rosen on, I did. Harf criticized O’Reilly for his comment about Psaki.

  120. Don’t you get it, lone? Joe KNOWS when someone at FNC is saying something biased! It doesn’t matter if no one else can see it. He sees it. And it’s not Joe being a look, it’s everyone else who’s the problem.

    Maybe Rosen didn’t do something as deliberate as using all caps, but it’s there! Yeah! Joe told me (and them insulted everyone who disagrees)!

    *rolls eyes*

  121. savefarris Says:

    joe may have a point: James Rosen is a documented ENEMY OF THE STATE.

    If Bush had tapped a reporter’s phone, he’d have been impeached. When Obama does it … (crickets)…

  122. Here’s your “sexism” link:

    MTP sucked with David Gregory and it’s going to suck when it’s eventually renamed MSNBC Sunday. Honestly, what the MSM needs is more liberal and conservative hating “conservatives” on the air. That’s be a ratings boost!

  123. “If Bush had tapped a reporter’s phone, he’d have been impeached. When Obama does it … (crickets)…”

    Obama can pretty much do whatever the hell he wants. The most push back he’ll get from the media (outside FNC) is “some say Obama shouldn’t have”…which will immediately be followed up by the other side saying “the criticism is cuz he’s black”.

  124. Andrea Tantaros on “The Five”: “He [Obama] does not love and want to protect the United States. Just look at the Cairo speech. It’s all there.”

    Sure the guy ran for President twice because he hates America.
    Someone should make a list of all of her comments.

  125. Go ahead, Ice No one is stopping you.

  126. Roger Ailes should put a stop to that. I don’t care what channel or who’s in office, there’s a limit to what is an acceptable opinion of a president. Saying he/she literally does not love the country they lead is too far. Just imagine AT’s reaction if a liberal on MSNBC tries to pull that stunt against a GOP prez. She’ll LOSE it.

  127. Obama hates this country or else he would not want to “fundamentally transform” this country. Why do you want to fundamentally transform something you love? It is like marrying someone, but saying now that I married you, you must change into something/someone I REALLY like. And if you don’t, what a disappointment you have turned out to be.

  128. Well gosh, Pam, some people love their country enough to want to better it. Saying that a sitting President of the United States does not love his country is ludicrous, and I guarantee you if I had said that about President Romney, you would have lost your mind.

  129. Good point, Joe. I can’t remember the last time I heard someone call the President a “fascist” or a “war criminal” over and over again. Of accuse politicians who do not agree with you of being “bigots” and “racists” and even “terrorists.”

    Oh wait, yes I can.

    But those were Republicans so… You know… It’s different.

  130. You’re a troll, Blue. Go talk to the wall if you can’t find a topic other than “Joe”.

  131. ^ It appears that Blue is talking to you and not about you. It’s called rebuttal.

  132. You know little of how Blue operates. He’s rarely around here unless Mean Old Joe shows up, then he goes into fits which will only be resolved when Mean Old Joe goes away. This is the very definition of trolling: Harass a commenter off a board, then lose interest. Well I’m back because I enjoy the topic of cable news, and he’s just going to have to live with it. Expect more comments about “Joe” and “what Joe thinks” and “rolls eyes”. I guarantee it.

  133. Joe: there is difference between wanting to “better” your country and wanting to “fundamentally transform” it.

    If you want to ” better” it, you belive that it has a good foundation and want to make changes on top of that good foundation. When you want to “fundamentally transform” it you want to rip out the foundation and start again.

    Kind of like either remodeling your house or buying the house, tearing it down and starting all over again. Obama wants to tear the house down and start over. In my mind there is a huge difference, obviously, not in yours.

  134. You’re right, Pam, we don’t agree on what we think Obama meant by those words. Of course, this gets to a longstanding problem with The Great Orator that I’ve had, which is that he isn’t one. The man gave a few good speeches, but for the most part he speaks in a garbled, double-back-on-itself style which makes it easy for people to draw literal conclusions from statements I do not perceive literally. I simply do not believe he was committed to your literal translation of that phrase. I think he loves his country, and liked that phrase for “improve things”. But you’re welcome to disagree

  135. Actually, Pam, my comment was about as garbled as the “garbled” I’m talking about. Good luck figuring out what the heck I meant! 😉

  136. Now look who is talking about someone and not to someone.
    I would guess that others respond to you as they do is because they have contradictory points of view. That’s trolling?

  137. Hey, new person, do you have a cable news thing you want to discuss? ‘Cause if you want to do 5 more rounds of “Blue is right, Joe is wrong”, I couldn’t possibly give a flip about such a silly discussion.

  138. savefarris Says:

    Saying that a sitting President of the United States does not love his country is ludicrous

    Damn skippy

  139. savefarris Says:

    Saying that a sitting President of the United States does not love his country is ludicrous

    You’re so right.

  140. savefarris Says:

    Saying that a sitting President of the United States does not love his country is ludicrous

    You know it!

  141. savefarris Says:

    Saying that a sitting President of the United States does not love his country is ludicrous

    Preach it, brother!

  142. savefarris Says:

    Saying that a sitting President of the United States does not love his country is ludicrous

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  143. savefarris Says:

    And let’s go ahead and respond for joe while we’re at it:

    A. Those aren’t the exact same words
    B. … with the exact same inflection.
    C. … in the exact same medium.
    D. … with the exact same punctuation.
    E. … from a person in the exact same position.
    G. That was, like, over 6 years ago.
    H. Yeah, but Bush deserved it.
    I. Give it up. You’re just selectively misquoting me.
    J. You’re racist.

  144. Joe is right, this is the pattern. He said something money, I point it out, he starts calling names and eventually gets spoken to. He’s managed to run a bunch of people of this board with his frequent name calling and insults.

    I think he’s upset to have his views questioned. I think he’s upset that he can’t built me away.

  145. Pardon… Bully me away.

  146. Just thought I’d give this commenting thing a try. Sorry Joe-person that I was breaking your rules. Anyway, The Independents on FBN was supposed to be cancelled but it wasn’t. It had pretty good ratings in August among viewers 25-54.

  147. Now that I’ve had a nice nap, I’ll take another run at my discussion with Pam.

    Love of country is not the same as love of the way the country is sometimes governed. I for one am quite fed up with the way this place has been run for the last few decades, and would heartily support a fundamental transformation which didn’t leave the USA a lopsided society in which the few and wealthy have so much power over the many and struggling.

    So yes, I love my country, and would like to see massive changes to it. The one thought easily supports the other, and Andrea Tantaros should think twice before throwing around ideas like the President of the United States does not love the country he has been elected twice to lead.

  148. savefarris Says:

    and would heartily support a fundamental transformation which didn’t leave the USA a lopsided society in which the few and wealthy have so much power over the many and struggling.

    Jealous much?

    America is the Land of Opportunity, not the Land of Everyone Gets a Trophy. Never before have Americans defined themselves by what SOMEONE ELSE has. That’s not individual liberty. That’s not self-reliance.

    That’s not America.

  149. That’s nice, but the point was to provide Pam with an example of how someone could love their country while wanting big changes for it to be a better place to live. I don’t give a damn what you think of my politics, and have no intention of debating them here. Endless politics having nothing to do with the topic of this blog are your area.

  150. savefarris Says:

    how someone could love their country while wanting big changes for it to be a better place to live.

    You’re changing the very thing that makes the country unique/great.

    “I love football. I just wish they’d bounce the ball on a wood surface and throw it in a hoop more. But DON’T YOU DARE QUESTION MY LOVE OF FOOTBALL!!!”

  151. savefarris Says:

    “I love Star Wars. I just wish there wasn’t that mystical Jedi stuff. Or the laser swords.”

    “I love cheeseburgers. I just wish they didn’t have meat. Or cheese. Or buns.”

    “I love The O’Reilly Factor. I just wish that Irish guy didn’t talk so loud.”

    “I love Florida. I just wish it was colder and didn’t get hit by hurricanes.”

    “I love Brittney Spears. I just don’t like auto-tunes or over-sexualization.”

    “I love Christianity. I’m just not big on the whole Jesus thing.”

  152. Will the media follow up on the French economist Thomas Piketty’s highly praised book? I lean right but this is beyond politics. Piketty’s book is influential and if his ideas are flawed in anyway, it ultimately hurts the electorate. This applies to not just him but every influential academic. No matter where anyone lives, popular ideas need to be scrutinized.

  153. Chuck Todd gets a POTUS interview for his first appearance as host of MTP. Pretty good get for a newbie host. Let the whining begin.

  154. Peter Alexander hinted today that TDR may go with rotating hosts for the near future.

    He may have hurt his own chances a little bit when he told Perry Bacon to “get a little sun” at the end of their segment. 🙂

  155. Chuck Todd gets POTUS, the whine will go up that “NBC is in the tank” regardless of how the interview goes, and I’m bored already.

  156. No one cares about the NBC interview, Obama hasn’t hasn’t said anything worthwhile in years.

  157. ^ Right? Liberals whining about poor NBC being criticized. Ee hah.

  158. Liberals whining about poor NBC being criticized.

    Conservatives will have to get in line behind me. I think the whole enterprise with Chuck Todd and the Morning Joe crew is ridiculous for MTP. It will be a rehashed version of a show MSNBC runs for 3 hours M-F, so what’s the point?

  159. Luke Russert seems like a nice enough kid, but when do they stop expecting him to be his father? He clearly isn’t, and I cannot imagine the resentment amongst people who see him skating past them, based upon his name.

  160. Add Joe Scar to the mix and you have must see tv. New show same as the old show. Can Mika be far behind?

  161. I would be surprised (though not shocked) to see Mika there. It seems to me they purposely named Todd host (instead of Joe) so they could move all the pieces of MJ over, without admitting they want most of that show on MTP without her.

  162. Mika is great as moderator/cathearder on Morning Joe, but I have no idea what she would bring to MTP. And no one wants to see “conservative guy” try to impress the little woman with his sensitivity. That’s annoying enough on their own show, with the ratings to prove it.

  163. ” the whine will go up that “NBC is in the tank” regardless of how the interview goes”

    I expect there to be some questions about how low Obama & his policies poll because Chuck Todd loves polls. But when Obama blames his numbers on Republicans or Bush or racists or whomever, I don’t expect any pushback from CT.

    I don’t expect questions on the IRS and Obama’s statement of “not even a smidgen…”

    I don’t expect a question on the DNC chair’s recent imbecilic statement.

    I don’t expect questions regarding whether Romney was correct about Russia and/or Iraq.

    I don’t really expect much. I do expect a lot of filibustering by POTUS while Todd just sits there and “uh-huhs”. I expect a question about sports. And maybe one about Beyoncé. And, some sort of “your job is really really hard, huh?”.

  164. Nice whining LS and all. I think I’ll wait until I see at least one show before I condemn it as: “a lot of filibustering”;”I’m bored already”;”no one cares about the NBC interview”; “Liberals whining about poor NBC being criticized”; “I think the whole enterprise with Chuck Todd and the Morning Joe crew is ridiculous”; “New show same as the old show etc. But then that’s the way I roll. 🙂

  165. I don’t expect questions on the IRS and Obama’s statement of “not even a smidgen…”

    I actually do expect one, but I expect it to be couched in such a way that Obama will be allowed to answer “Hey, I’ve got Holder looking into it. I can’t comment on an ongoing investigation.” The rub is that that Chuck won’t follow that up with “‘Not a Smidgeon’ sure sounds like a comment…”.

  166. savefarris Says:

    Having a Democrat on the ballot = Voter Suppression.

    So says The New Republic.

    If libs are already acting like this, MSNBC’s Election Night Meltdownapalooza is going to be even more epic than 2010’s was.

  167. Roll on, fritzy!

  168. That thing where Joe and Mika compete with one another to see who can be the most shocked over a stories that they HAD to have already previewed..priceless.

    Someone must have decided that Miles O’Brien looks better with stubble, because he had it yesterday and today. Doesn’t take long to shave. I notice a general trend toward better-looking men on that network, which doesn’t suck. Mike Rowe looks like he’s hit the gym, and Bourdain does a decent job of not looking as though he eats his way around the world (which he kinda does). Shallow and pointless to mention, I’m sure, but what the heck.

  169. How long will it be before Joe S. says:
    Both sides
    I like (insert name), but….
    (insert name) is a friend…..
    Cheeto eaters in their mother’s basement
    I was shocked and stunned and saddened when…..

  170. If you were a little bewildered that Megyn Kelly interviewed some old crackpot liberal professor (Ward Churchill, whoever that is) last night so she could ask him if the US should be bombed, your first hint is the equally inexplicable presence of Dinesh D’Souza again. Churchill is in his newest cheesy flick. You were watching an infomercial.

  171. Yeah, the Joe and Mika “shocked” thing gets pretty silly. “Joe, have you seen this? I haven’t seen it, but I heard…” ‘No, what..what are we talking about? Oh you’re KIDDING me.’

  172. Television is, generally speaking, not a spontaneous venue. When you do a three-hour show, you are not having viral videos (from yesterday) sprung on you at the last minute. Anyone with any knowledge of TV knows this. Joe and Mika have good chemistry, but anyone with a brain knows that they aren’t seeing these things at that moment. Just stop.

  173. I thought MTP was pretty terrible. And the Obama interview was about what I expected. The entire 2nd part of a 3 part discussion was about Ebola and why it’s important for the Dems to win in November?

  174. “I thought MTP was pretty terrible.”

    ^^ Wow! Shocker LS 🙂

    Todd was better than Gregory but that’s not a high bar to surmount. He looked comfortable in the role and the format was workable.

    The interview was about as good as you get with Obama, who tends to filibuster. You have to interrupt him if you want to get your questions answered. Todd did so, politely and with a smile, so he didn’t appear rude like Billo’s last interview.

    The panel was OK but a little boring. Even Scarborough was on his best behavior. I hated the new desk; which reminded me of the table when Alex Wagner’s show debuted. Having everyone turn to talk just doesn’t work for me. It all looked a bit like a mix of MTP and TDR.

    Because the POTUS interview dominated the show; I think we’ll have to give the show a few weeks or months to settle in before giving it a final grade. For now I’d say a solid B+.

  175. MTP: JS was awful. Get is used yo blathering for a long time on MJ and on MTP you just don’t have that much time. He was brought on to represent the Republican viewpoint and he said absolutely nothing memorable today that would show he is a Republican. You don’t have to be mean bit you can say why Republicans have issues with Obama.

    JS can’t do that because too mamy of his regular guests on MJ would give him crap about his points if he actually states a strong Republican viewpoint.

    My prediction: he will suck every week on MTP.

    The only real buzz I am hearing is about the tattoos on the arm of the guy from Buzzfeed.

  176. I didn’t feel like i was watching MTP. I felt like i was watching a morning show on MSNBC. Most people don’t like MSNBC so…NBC hires someone from MSNBC to be the moderator and gives Mitchell Scarborough and Luke Russert prime spots on the panel (no Russert today). If any of those 4 were liked, people would watch their shows.

  177. I highly doubt that Scarborough limits his views so his MJ guests won’t pick on him. I also take issue with “he doesn’t talk Republican”. I like Joe, but his “Republican talking” drives me crazy on a regular basis.

  178. The only real buzz I am hearing is about the tattoos on the arm of the guy from Buzzfeed.

    That’s John Stanton, @dcbigjohn. He’s a cool dude, and frequently hilarious Twitter follow.

  179. I actually liked the first show more than I expected. I’ve said that hiring Chuck Todd was no different than keeping David Gregory, but I was way wrong, he’s much better. I agree with Chris (Lonestar) that it feels like an MSNBC show, but the morning MJ/TDR/Andrea Mitchell Reports version, not the later-in-the-day blatantly liberal ones. I doubt they’ll gain a significant ratings boost, but Meet The Press may stop sliding now.

  180. Most of the MSM reviews of the first MTP with CT are positive ( I particularly like the NYT and politico ones) and so I agree with Joe that the ratings slide may stop in the next few months. It could take
    a couple of years to bring the show back to where it used to be.

    The big improvement in the panel is that they’ve gone back to reporters (Scarborough being the exception) and away from pundits. If we never see Bill Crystal, Harold Ford Jr., Carly Fiorina and/or Al Sharpton again; that move alone will have improved the program tremendously.

  181. I thought the panel part was terrible. I just don’t care what JS or AM have to say. Like I said, if I wanted to watch the MTP from this past Sunday, I could have tuned into MSNBC at any time over the last decade.

    I don’t mind pundits; I like watching the ABC roundtable. I just can’t believe that those in charge at NBC want MTP to so closely resemble MSNBC. It’s dumbfounding. I think the association is what has tarnished the NBC brand over the last few years.

    If they were dead set on CT as host, surely they could have found people not named Andrea Mitchell, Joe Scarborough and Luke Russert to provide additional commentary.

  182. ^ I agree with you. The question is which credible “journalists” would replace the pundits?

  183. What is it with FNC hosts & guests making jokes and rude comments about women?
    Today we have this gem as Brian and Steve joke about the Ray Rice incident.

  184. ^That’s a serious reach, It was a very stupid joke, but a joke nonetheless. don’t make more of it than what it really is.

  185. ^^jackyboy is right ice. “don’t make more of it than what it really is.” It’s F&F after all. The misogyny bar is really low there. If it were any other network you could expect better behavior.

  186. “I just can’t believe that those in charge at NBC want MTP to so closely resemble MSNBC.”

    ^^Yeah LS maybe they should aim to stoop to the level of Fox News Sunday. Their panels are so much more unbiased. 🙂

  187. I don’t disagree with that, Fox and Friends is awful.

  188. It’s certainly noteworthy, in its Kilmeade-like stupidity. A firing offense? Certainly not. Might have been nice if Kooiman did something more than sit there and smile dimly, but that’s about the extent of her job, as well.

  189. Fox & Friends used to be a good show that did not show it’s pro conservative anti liberal cards as much as they have done since the start of the Obama administration.

  190. The conservative themes are pretty heavy but my biggest problem are the hosts. Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Steve and Brian, i.e. dumb and dumber? And of course we get our favorite anchor Anna Kooiman (this is who we get over Alisyn Camerota?). F&F needs a major overhaul, I don’t mind a vapid morning show but vapid and stupid that takes up three hours of programming? Unacceptable.

  191. “^^Yeah LS maybe they should aim to stoop to the level of Fox News Sunday. Their panels are so much more unbiased.”

    I don’t watch FNS. No real reason other than it comes on very early where I live. So, I can’t really comment on their panels. I do know that if I tune into MTP, I don’t want to see an MSNBC re-broadcast.

  192. Leave it to Andrea Tantaros to some how connect the Ray Rice video into bashing Debbie Wasserman Schultz and The Obama admin when they are not related.

  193. The Baltimore Ravens announced the release of running back Ray Rice on Monday.

  194. iceman, they’re connected b/c DWS compared Scott Walker to the Ray Rice’s of the world. After that, it’s totally fair to question whether DWS takes the safety of women seriously.

  195. Debbie W-S made an over-the-top stupid comparison of political decisions made by a sitting governor to domestic abuse. Her language was pretty graphic. She is also the chairman of the DNC.

  196. Leave it to the entirety of the media (outside of FNC) to somehow connect the shooting of a random member of Congress by a crazy person to Sarah Palin. Oh wait, that doesn’t work cuz, Fox News boo, sad face.

  197. I get your point on DWS. Explain per the comment from Tantaros what the Obama Admin has to do with this?

  198. What do they have to do with any of the personal/local societal problems they weigh in on?

  199. savefarris Says:

    Explain per the comment from Tantaros what the Obama Admin has to do with this?

    DWS is a Democratic. In fact, she’s the titular head of the Democratic Party. As such, it’s fair to say she speaks for all Democratics, including the WH.

    If Rience Priebus says something stupid (and the day is young!), do you doubt that ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN/AP/USAT/AJA/UNI/EveryoneUndertheSun would ask every elected and unelected Republican on the planet if they #StandWithRience.

    You don’t even have to answer because we already saw it with Todd Akin. And he was nowhere NEAR the stature of DWS.

  200. ^Exactly. There is plenty of outrage out there. Depends on who says it. Depends on whose ox is being gored. As for the “take the stairs” joke/not a joke, suppose Howard Stern or Kathy Griffith or gasp… Joan Rivers had said it?

  201. Are we really not grasping the difference between Howard Stern and a guy who hosts an ostensible news program? Gotcha.

  202. This is a perfect case of twisting someone’s words because you don’t like the politics of that person:

    Nowhere in Wilstein’s synopsis does it show Carson defending Rice. Mediaite definitely has some douchey headlines and stories. But, this is 100% trying to create a controversy about someone who disagrees with you on Healthcare.

  203. Gosh, does this mean that they might apologize, like Shepard Smith and other adults who make a mistake/say something dumb?

  204. We have a problem if Fox gets away with egregious crap because “well, it’s Fox”. Joking about a woman who was knocked out cold by her husband is not acceptable.

  205. No, we are not really grasping the difference between Howard Stern and a guy who hosts an ostensible news program. That’s because F&F is not a news program. It’s a talk show. Like The Today Show and GMA or any of the other early morning shows. I’m not even defending what Kilmeade said.

  206. So that ‘joke’ would have been cool on MSNBC, which primarily runs talk shows? Uh, no. Fox & Friends is on a news channel – it’s right there in the network’s name – and they read the news and do news talk. They’re not shock jocks or standup comics.

    It looks like they’re going to apologize. Hopefully without some sleazy “if anyone was offended” bollocks.

  207. Nope- wouldn’t have been cool on MSNBC either. It was a stupid thing to say. He will apologize. Making jokes about a woman being knocked out cold by her husband is not funny. This whole Ray Rice thing is criminal.

  208. “Hopefully without some sleazy “if anyone was offended” bollocks.”

    ^^I wouldn’t my breath on that one joe.

  209. “It looks like they’re going to apologize. Hopefully without some sleazy “if anyone was offended” bollocks.”

    Whew, thank the baby Jesus.

    I’ll never understand faux outrage at stupid jokes. It was a stupid joke. Period. Nobody was trying to hurt somebody’s feelings. The MSNBC Cinco De Mayo thing was a stupid joke. I don’t think they meant to hurt feelings either. And, I suspect they didn’t. Anyway, there are lots of stupid jokes. But if it makes the masses feel better to be issued daily apologies, so be it I guess.

    I prefer to issue blanket apologies. In advance. On a yearly basis. Usually around Christmas because giving mood and what not.

  210. This and what you said above, Lonestar. “Fox News, boo, sad face.” That was my point as well and my only point.

  211. “The MSNBC Cinco De Mayo thing” and “People only care about this because Fox” don’t go together, in case anyone hadn’t noticed.

  212. I guarantee you a joke about an abused woman would get attention regardless of the letters in the channel name. In the video it is not even clear if she survived. It’s not funny.

  213. You can say that this story is..whatever you say it is, but it strains credulity to act as though Fox is somehow singularly persecuted. Because it’s not true.

  214. I agree it would have gotten some attention regardless of the letters in the channel name. But not from me. Not because I think it’s okay to hit a woman (obviously) but because I don’t get outraged at jokes when I know there is no harm intended. Ray Rice’s wife can’t possibly be outraged by it. She married the freaking dude…after that incident.

  215. Doesn’t strain credulity at all. Been reading comments on this site for a long time and it is obvious that the vast majority of comments/disussions are about Fox and their credibility/stupidity. You’ve had some humdingers.

  216. Then you’ve been reading long enough to know that it is possible to discuss a specific cable news topic on a specific day without writing every comment off as “they always do this and that, so who cares?” I’ll say that Kilmeade was a jerk- which FNC appears to agree with – and five people will tell me it doesn’t matter because I hate Fox blah blah blah. It manages to be stupid while skipping over the incident completely.

    Right now on another blog my criticism is being met with the bizarre accusation that I care more about this than the original story about Ray Price. Which, considering I grew up in a domestic violence home, is ludicrous. But whatever it takes to make me the problem in a cable news discussion. That’s talent, baby.

  217. Not my point at all, Joe. I’m talking about the amount of time spent on Fox in general. I’m not saying “who cares”.

  218. ,baby.

  219. Fox gets the biggest ratings, and Fox commits the most craziness worthy of comment. And the latter is partly informed by the former: It’s hard for most people to get worked up much about MSNBC because so few see it. I personally don’t even consider it a news channel per se; it’s liberal newstalk radio on TV.

  220. Nice to see that CNN is finally blurring-out the woman’s crotch, in that video. I saw it unblurred a number of times. I guess they thought that not enough was exposed, at least earlier in the day.

  221. For example, Megyn Kelly. She spent months previewing her new show with magazine profiles proclaiming herself as a straight news anchor who “doesn’t offer opinions”. Since then this has been proven laughably false, to the point of using her show as an extended infomercial for Dinesh D’Souza’s latest partisan screed of a film.

    As we speak, she is interviewing some old crank named Ward Churchill who said something weird and offensive after 9/11. I have no idea why anyone cares what that idiot is doing today, but he’s in the film, and on The Kelly File. I’m sorry, but this is worth commenting on.

  222. “and Fox commits the most craziness worthy of comment”


    You don’t think it has anything to do with your obsession with FNC and your 24/7 pointing out of everything you see on FNC that you don’t agree with?

    When you spend your entire day talking about everything that occurs on FNC that makes you mad, you’re prolly gonna think that they are the devil and everybody else is awesomely awesome.

  223. For example, Megyn Kelly …what? Who’s talking about Megyn Kelly but you? Is it her crotch that’s being blurred out?
    Another example. Because Megyn Kelly. So freaking what. Who cares now? Not me.

  224. savefarris Says:

    Watching Rachel Maddow try to discuss football is like watching Joe Biden discuss charitable giving.

  225. ^ I have no idea what’s going on in either of those two comments. I don’t think you guys are actually reading mine.

  226. Rachel did fine discussing the Ray Rice issue, which is about how the NFL deals with domestic violence in their ranks. I have no clue how you found a problem with any of that report.

  227. And I think you don’t actually read anyone’s comments, either. You have your set comebacks ready to go no matter the content.

  228. O’Reilly had a good line when Megyn was promoting her latest radical liberal in a D’Souza movie interview that FNC played the Ayers special 150 times.

  229. Try not to panic, maw, I’m not interested in your “Fox hater” BS. I’m going to keep talking about cable news one topic at a time, you’re free to skip it.

  230. I’m sure he did. It is too much. Didn’t watch it, don’t care. But I’ll bet $5 you didn’t watch it either. But somehow it becomes all-consuming fodder for Fox is yucky and they ruin my day.

  231. That last comment referred to previous comment from Ice.
    Really, Joe? Where did I use the words “Fox hater”. Hmmmm? Please don’t conflate the term hate with obsession.

  232. You’re right, “obsession” is a much less bizarre accusation for a person who talks about a cable news channel on a cable news blog. If you haven’t noticed, all of us having this interest is already considered a bit odd to most people, so calling each other obsessed over various aspects of it is quite silly.

  233. This is fun! Yes, but not as bizzare as obsessing about Fox news babes and liars and OMG what did they say now!!!! There are how many other cable channels? Rarely are they ever mentioned for good or ill. I didn’t say never- but rarely.

  234. I already mentioned that Fox does more noteworthy stuff, and more people see it. If you want to find more examples from MSNBC and CNN to yak about, more power to you.

  235. You could also say it’s bizarre to be obsessing over a perceived obsession about FOX News.

  236. “But I’ll bet $5 you didn’t watch it either.”
    If you are talking about the whole F&F segment on Ray Rice I did watch the whole segment.

    “So you get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!”

  237. It’s a campaign, Ice, which Spud has evidence was at one time actually manned by Fox employees: They would flood comment sections to go after critics of FNC, and one of the themes was to claim anyone who talked about them was “obsessed”, a “hater”, and “always talks about Fox”. The trick isn’t to answer the actual criticism. The trick is to drown it out. It’s very old game, and still played by Fox fans all over the internet.

  238. No, Ice. I’m talking about the Megyn Kelly special on Bill Ayers that O’Reilly referred to showing 150 times. But thanks for playing.
    A couple of other items to mention, Joe. At your 9:04 comment about “as we speak she is interviewing some old crank…..”. You were talking about what Megyn Kelly was discussing on her show at that time. No she wasn’t. She was talking about a MN terrorist exclusive.
    As to the last comment, there’s also an old game played when someone who has been banned from a website shows up again using an alias. A very old game, but alive and well.

  239. I couldn’t care less who contributes here under what name, son. I like talking about cable news. You’ll get used to it.

  240. Sure you care about who contributes here under what name.
    But isn’t it so dishonest? Little is known about those people/persons are what their motivations are. And I’m not your son.

  241. Bro, I don’t know you from Adam, and have no idea why you’re wasting all this time having problems with commenters. It’s a cable news blog. If you want to trade opinions about cable news, I’m all for it. This other stuff is not interesting to me, and I suspect a crushing bore to anyone reading. I’ll talk to ya the next time something happens on topic. Which should be about 6am when the Hardy Boys apologize on Fox & Friends.

  242. I have no problem with the commenters here- except one. It’s called being a sock puppet. And you know exactly what I’m taking about. So go tell Spud on me.

  243. I. Do not. Care. That you – someone we’ve never heard of until a couple weeks ago – seem to already have a problem with a commenter. Your problem, you deal with it.

  244. Doesn’t surprise me, Laura.

  245. Fox employees flood comments sections? On what sites? There’s like 10 commenters here. Mediaite is full of fox hating crackpots.

  246. Years ago, Chris. Spud has published a few pieces about it. I don’t think it happens now, and doesn’t need to. There’s plenty of fanboys/girls who do the “Hey, don’t talk about Fox, you’re a hater” thing for free.

  247. 25% of Democrats. Must not be the ones I see on Twitter.

  248. Guess I’m a “fanboy”. That word makes me laugh. So, I’ll take it.

  249. “In spite of us joking that the woman should have taken the stairs to avoid being punched, and that in the future violent boyfriends should avoid cameras while punching their girlfriends, we assure you we take domestic violence very seriously. So pretend you didn’t hear what you heard, because we’re not sorry.”

  250. Sorry Joe, but very few who live outside the “I hate Fox News and have to tell the world why all day everyday” bubble, care.

    That’s the thing with the Fox haters. It’s all day, everyday. It becomes the equivalent of the boy who cried wolf.

    And, like I said yesterday, I don’t care about stupid jokes not intended to harm anyone. Mostly because I don’t tend to get faux outraged at something just because I disagree with that person’s stance on something. Which brings me back to the MSNBC Cinco de Mayo video. I didn’t care about it and they shouldn’t have apologized. But, if I was just an NBC hater, I would have gone on and on for 2 days whining about it. I imagine the only thing I said is they would likely have been in deep sh!t if it’d been Fox News.

    The Rice video should have been a half day story but the news people are milking it for all it’s worth in the name of ratings. So, spare me the, whaaaa, the joke was so sad, now lets show the video one more time for ratings.

  251. You’re wrong, LS. You’re still using the “it’s because you hate FOX” crap, which ignores the actual incident I’m upset about by presuming it only bothers me because it happened on that specific network. Which would be an immoral and crazy thing for me to do. That’s not what happened, so if you want to say I’m wrong about the joke, fine. Stop accusing me of objecting to things FOX screws up just because it’s FOX. It’s not true, and I’m tired of it.

  252. He could have apologized, straight up, like Shepard Smith. Then, if people still go on about it, you can complain about whatever. Or he can do some half-a$$ed bit like he did. Doesn’t matter much to me ..I don’t expect any more from Fox & Friends.

  253. Joe:
    “Which would be an immoral and crazy thing for me to do.”

    And those are only two of the reasons why we believe you’re doing it!

  254. Blue! I missed you man, let’s catch up!

  255. Nahhh.

  256. “He could have apologized, straight up, like Shepard Smith.”

    Why? To please the masses? Nobody cares. Well, some people pretend to care but they only care because FNC makes them sad. It was a harmless joke. The only people I saw get worked up about it were Carol Costello and Brian Stelter.

    Stelter has been the anti-FNC guy every place he’s worked. And, Costello works for a rival network and is often confused with a bumbling idiot.

  257. The conversation as evolved into calling Carol Costello “a bumbling idiot”. Stay classy.

  258. “The conversation as evolved into calling Carol Costello “a bumbling idiot”. Stay classy.”

    She is. She’s one of only a handful of people that I have no idea how they made it on TV.

  259. Major Garrett questioned PressSec about why anyone should watch Obama tonight. Good question. Why would you. I’m not.

    BTW, in case you’ve been asleep for a few years, Major Garrett hasn’t been at FNC in like a decade. So, save the FNC boo stuff.

  260. “She’s one of only a handful of people that I have no idea how they made it on TV.”

    Is Pirro on your list?

  261. The bubble-headed bleach-blonde comes on at 5.

  262. We don’t need a preemptive lecture on who Major Garrett is. If I want to comment on him, I will.

  263. I suppose Pirro could be. I’ve never seen her show. I’ll take your word for it. Is she on FBN?


    This is why it’s so hard to like Luke Russert. If you were a fan of his Dad, like I was, you want him to be him. But, he’s just your typical MSNBC persona…with a new $500M signing bonus for his new gig on MTP which totally has nothing to do with his last name.

  265. It’d be nice if NBC would tell us what Luke’s job is now. He’s done a lot of straight reporting and analysis, but now he seems to be morphing into opinion. That’s fine if it’s what he and the brass want, but I’d rather not have to figure it out myself. Tell us what you’re paying the kid to do.

  266. ^^ Everyone likes him, because Dad. The resentment that must seethe, behind the scenes, is a whole other story. They’re trying to make him into something he can never be, because he didn’t live the life that his father led. That’s not his fault, it just is.

  267. Chuck Todd is having an orgasmic polling experience on Twitter right now if anyone’s interested.

  268. “It’d be nice if NBC would tell us what Luke’s job is now.”

    I don’t get caught up in all that though I understand why it is a big deal. But, I do find it strange that he jumps from being substitute host on TDR to getting a spot on MTP to substitute hosting for Joy Reid.

  269. I’m not sure basic reporting of less than surprising poll numbers qualifies as “orgasmic”.

  270. I would say that it’s not fair to the kid, because it opens him up to all kinds of criticism from MS/NBC haters, but that would sound entirely too familiar. With a six-figure bonus, I’m sure he’ll manage. I prefer to eye the long-knives from the people he has passed over, in his rush to mediocrity.

  271. The fascination with Congressional approval numbers always strikes me odd, since it means so little in the grand scheme. I’m not really remembering the time when people liked Congress.

  272. It’s orgasmic because he loves polls. And, he’s firing them off one after another. It wasn’t a shot at Chuck Todd. I appreciate his enthusiasm. I can actually reference someone from a network I don’t particularly like without equating them with the devil.

  273. I don’t think anyone has equated a network host with the devil.

  274. “He’s done a lot of straight reporting and analysis, but now he seems to be morphing into opinion.”

    ^^I haven’t seen any evidence of that happening; aside from a few snide comments, from the usual suspects, here. He does straight congressional reporting and, on occasion, hosts a show on MSNBC. His hosting gigs are usually pretty non-partisan as far as I can tell.

  275. “Why? To please the masses? Nobody cares. Well, some people pretend to care but they only care because FNC makes them sad.”

    ^^Gotta agree LS. Nobody cares. Nor should they. It’s F&F after all. What do you expect? Class and intelligence?

    BTW: if Carol Costello is “often confused with a bumbling idiot” then what does that make the F&F boys? Hapless morons?

  276. “But, I do find it strange that he jumps from being substitute host on TDR to getting a spot on MTP to substitute hosting for Joy Reid.”

    ^^I think his role on MTP has more to do with his main job as a congressional correspondent than his sub-hosting duties at MSNBC.

  277. Hapless morons?

    ..who make a joke about an abused woman; the fanboys call it lighthearted; then one of the hapless morons comes back to say it didn’t mean that they take domestic violence lightly. Good luck trying to figure that logic out.

  278. The simple reason for ‘no apology’ s that Kilmeade/Doocy have no other options, beyond Fox and talk-radio. Someone like Shep, aside from basic decency, might, at some point, find himself moving to another network. A network that concerns themselves with such things.

  279. You’re right. Kilmeade/Doocy don’t care, Ailes doesn’t care, the fans don’t care. Awesome.

  280. It’s amazing how much the elevator video has changed this story. It shouldn’t have. We already knew Rice knocked that girl out, we already saw him drop her face-first on the floor, and we already knew the 2-game suspension was ludicrous. That guy should have been out of the game and under arrest months ago.

  281. The ice bucket challenge – while it’s snowing. Yes, it’s snowing where I live and has been snowing since Monday morning. A bit of surprise since Sunday had normal summer weather. To be fair, it’s only a degree or two below the freezing point so it looks colder than it actually is.

  282. ^ Crazy video. Can’t believe the snow. That guy took it like a champ.

  283. We expect no less from him.

  284. Jon Stewart making an in-kind donation to the Wendy Davis Campaign:

  285. An openly liberal commentator will be openly liberally commentating. Fascinating.

  286. For everyone who’s uttered the words “Bob McDonnell” in the past 12 months, defend your boy:

    If what McDonnell did was so awful, then you have a moral obligation to stand up and denounce this particular candidacy and the party that openly supports it. To do otherwise would be open, blatant hypocrisy.

    DWS, where do you stand?
    Rachel, where do you stand?
    Obama, where do you stand? (Obama is required to answer thanks to the Bush 41 precedent in 1991 about David Duke)

  287. @shipsoffoolscom:
    Wonderful news for our insect friends.

    Do you really want these people to represent your political or religious beliefs?

  288. “An openly liberal commentator will be openly liberally commentating. Fascinating.”

    I assume you’re talking about Carney? Anyway, I expect him to be fairly entertaining as long as whomever is talking to him doesn’t just let him get away with talking points.

  289. Just turned on the TV and am going to do my best Ice impression:

    CNN: Ray Rice
    MSNBC: Ferguson

  290. The NFL got the video in April. Answer the phone, Condi, you have a new job..

  291. Following up on joe … it’s on!

    Of course, if Condi gets the gig, then the ripples include messing up the inaugural season of the College Football playoff.

  292. ^ doubt it.

    There’s nothing to suggest Roger Goodell would lie about receiving a video. And, there’s nothing to suggest that he would try to cover this up. It’s silly. He would have absolutely no reason to protect Ray Rice.

    Ever since he became commissioner, he’s worked overtime to clean the league up. To the point that players complain about him and he’s been (big surprise) accused of “racism!” (ding!) because the league is predominately black and the blah, blah, blahabadly blah.

    If you know the NFL and have followed Goodell, it just doesn’t pass the smell test.

  293. In other news, Stephen A. Smith must have really enjoyed his suspension, because it looks like he’s itching for another:

    There’s nothing to suggest Roger Goodell would lie about receiving a video

    Sure there is. If Goodell saw the video and still gave out that weak-a&* 2-game suspension, then there are serious questions about how he treats domestic violence. So it’s in his best interest to lie and say he never saw it.

    Of course, if he’s telling the truth, that opens up the question as to whether he treated the issue seriously to begin with and why he didn’t do his due diligence in acquiring the tape.

    Either way, Goodell has questions to face and there are no good answers.

  294. More “peaceful” protests with rocks and bottles thrown in Ferguson. I love the media definitions of “peaceful” and “violent”.

    Peaceful is gun shots, Molotov cocktails and thrown bottles.

    Violent is old retired women protesting big government.

  295. Goodell isn’t going anywhere; unless it’s forced by a media mob mentality who want to place blame on the NFL just to create a story. Ray Rice is the bad guy here, not the NFL.

    There’s finally a sports commissioner who wants to hold player’s accountable. Goodell constantly gets hit from the media for being too harsh and too authoritative. And, like I mentioned before, has been subjected, numerous times, to being called a racist. Now, everybody is mad because they don’t think the suspension doled out was enough.

    It’s typical asshat media. Driven by quest for ratings. Hell, if CNN doesn’t have this to cover, they might actually have to cover real news. Well, until the next plane gets swallowed by a black hole or perceived injustice occurs against the wrong color person occurs.

  296. It looks like most Anglophone news organizations outside of North America are using ‘Islamic State’ (IS) instead of ISIL or ISIS. I took a look at several major news sites in several countries and every non-North American outlet used IS with the exception of the WSJ and the AP. They’re the only US news organizations to use IS.

  297. Goodell is a dead man walking. Days. Maybe weeks, but likely days.

  298. Goodell is a goner. Cash out and go home, son.

  299. Lead story at 7/6C:

    CNN: Ray Rice
    FNC: Ray Rice
    MSNBC: Bill Maher

    Goodell isn’t going anywhere; unless it’s forced by a media mob mentality who want to place blame on the NFL just to create a story

    Is the media doing it’s mob thing that years from now we’re all gonna be embarrassed we spent THAT MUCH TIME on it whilst ignoring the big stories? (i.e. Shark Attack, Balloon Boy, Cindy Sheehan, Chandra Levy) Of course, and the fact that it’s September 10th only makes it more stark.

    HOWEVER, Goodell undeniably dropped the ball on this one and deserves to go.

  300. “The mob thing” includes a long, detailed discussion of the epidemic of domestic violence in this country. It’s disingenuous to present that this is all about hounding poor Roger Goodell out of his job. Dude knew in February that Ray Rice knocked that girl cold, then dropped her in the hallway and shrugged at someone who approached like “Do you believe this sh!t?” Benched for two games. He blew that job before he pretended a video didn’t show up in his office in April.

  301. You had me, and then you lost me.

    I take a back seat to nobody in wanting to see domestic violence offenders get everything that’s coming to them and more. That said, the “epidemic” talk is like a lot of causes that’s based more on the pleas of special interest groups and less on actual facts.

  302. I’m not interested in “having” people. All of us know women who’ve been battered by a partner. It’s a real problem.

  303. Welcome to my world, conservatives convinced Chuck Todd is a lib.

    esd2000 ‏@esd2000 · 9m
    Oh look, it’s #mtp moderator, I mean #Gop operator UpChuck Todd on #hardball criticizing Pres. No surprise.

  304. Joe must have found out Roger’s wife used to work for FNC. 🙂

  305. I left NFLN out of my rundown. What where they covering?

    “We expect to see Johnny Football this week vs. the Saints”.

    All the NFLN personnel with backgrounds in actual journalism (Eisen, Kramer, Stark) should be ashamed.

  306. You’re so right, joe: any criticism whatsoever, even if it’s designed to “push” Obama into a position that they can support him on, is proof of conservatism and/or racism.

    Hillary criticized Obama last week too. I guess she’s a #roveoperative as well.

  307. I’m not agreeing with Liberal Twitter Guy, just showing you my strange world. I read about Chuck Todd The Lefty on ICN, then Chuck Todd The Righty on the liberal side of my Twitter feed. It’s amusing.

  308. Chuck Todd being a conservative is absurd on its face considering his background, wife and most importantly. .. he got the MTP gig. Doesn’t mean i don’t like him, i do.

  309. While everybody is busy pounding Goodell, i haven’t heard anyone upset at the union, Harbaugh, Newsom or anybody else. Mob mentality.

  310. My Twitter is plenty full of disdain for Harbaugh.

    Maggie Jordan @MaggieJordanACN · 13m
    The annual Tribute in Light one night before the 13th anniversary of 9/11. (thank you @GaryHershorn)

  311. I guess you’ll have to copy/paste that pic, it didn’t transfer as a link. You should, it’s amazing.

  312. Well, so much for my theory that if the press left Ferguson, everything would settle down.

  313. Cool pic, Joe. Thanks!

  314. Aaron Klein who is one of those far right conspiracy talk show hosts who writes for the far right World Net Daily was on FOX & Friends this AM hawking his book in which he claims Beghazi is Hillary Clintion’s fault.

    I really doubt Aaron Klein has any info that is going to change anything about Benghazi.
    Plus I’d doubt any book published by WND Books .

  315. In which Greta Van Susteran revives a dead topic about Fox News; misreads the screed as about the whole network, not Fox & Friends; then has to avoid addressing Kilmeade and Doocy in the comments because no one at FNC has agreed they screwed up. Because the real victim…is Fox News.

  316. Number of mentions by CNN: Zero
    Number of mentions by ABC: Zero
    Number of mentions by CBS: Zero
    Number of mentions by NBC/MSNBC: Zero
    Number of mentions by AP/USAT/HN/AJA/NYT/WaPo/TheHill: Zero

    Why, it’s almost as if the MSM is nothing more than a Democratic Protection Racket…

  317. Joe, did you read the article before you wrote that bit of nonsense?

    His Tweets make it clear that he’s talking about ALL of FOX, not just one show.

  318. I’ve read it three times. Wegman’s rant is about the producers and employees of Fox & Friends. I’m not particularly impressed with it..I think most of these people in media (see, Heather Childers) who go off on Twitter should either put the wine glass down or stop tweeting.

    The issue is with Greta, who revived a dead issue at FNC so she could claim FOX SMEAR, then got stuck tacitly admitting she can’t comment on Kilmeade and Doocy’s behavior because no one has apologized for it. As I said, I have no idea why she brought it up.

  319. She revived a “dead issue” which Mediaite wrote about YESTERDAY because of a Tweet from a NYTimes editor on the 8th!

    And his comment, “FOX is a welfare system for otherwise unemployable jacka$$es.” you believe -for some reason- that he’s only talking about one show, despite very clearly saying “FOX” and not “foxandfriends” which he more specifically references in his next comment?

    I think you’ve got a case of, “blame FOX no matter what they do.”

  320. I think you have a case of missing the point of why I think Greta should have left that screeching idiot alone. I’m not surprised.

  321. That “screeching idiot” works as an editor for the NYTimes. He’s not a “some guy.”

    And that doesn’t explain your other false claims.

  322. I guess all is forgiven with Fareed Zacharia. Saw his little face in a show-opener.

  323. Fareed Zacharia

    That name sounds vaguely familiar. Killed a guy, right?

  324. Just to watch him die.

  325. Killed a guy, right?

    Took credit for killing a guy. Still no proof he pulled the trigger.

  326. I never thought I’d miss Jay Carney, but his exasperated beligerrence schtick was a lot better than Josh Earnest’s talk-to-you-like-a-4-year-old schtick.

  327. At least Carney looked awake.


    The comments at the bottom are the best part. The fox-haters never disappoint with their faux outrage and nuttiness.

  329. Surprised I haven’t heard more about the irony of Obama launching a pre-emptive war.

  330. Fox haters! Drink!

  331. Something happened on Fox that made my pee pee hurt! Drink!

  332. Brian Kilmeade is an insensitive jerk who proved it by being too much of an insensitive jerk to apologize for being an insensitive jerk.

  333. ^ lol. You people are funny.

  334. Scarry’s “defense” – such as it is – is the same “it’s the media’s fault for noticing” crap I’ve been hearing all week. He writes off Kilmeade’s joke as not really meaning what it sounded like, while completely ignoring Doocy, whose quip was worse. A “blame the victim” joke gets dismissed by blaming the listener for hearing it. THAT. Is a joke.

  335. Surprised I haven’t heard more about the irony of Obama launching a pre-emptive war.

    Not only that, but a war in a place we “know” doesn’t have any WMDs and against a foe who the WH repeatedly and with great emphasis says poses no immediate threat to the homeland.

  336. Btw, Kilmeade’s elevator analogy is stupid, too. Janay Rice is not a celebrity, and her incident was potentially lethal. To compare it to Solange flailing at Jay-Z belittles what happened to Mrs. Rice. His comments were insensitive and pointless.

  337. It doesn’t matter if it’s stupid. It was a joke. A joke that didn’t have bad intentions. The only people up in arms about it are the typical fox haters. Get over it. It’s been a couple days. I’m sure there are about 64,572 things that have been said on FNC during that time that can get you all riled up to the point where you feel good about being all riled up.

    Megyn Kelly is on in 4 hours and 32 minutes. Prepare yourself to be outrageously outraged!

  338. It got another “boo hoo, poor Fox, victimized again” writeup, so apparently it still matters. As long as people are going to keep bitching that Kilmeade is a victim, I’ll keep reminding them that he was a tool. A tool who couldn’t even bring himself to say “I’m sorry.”

  339. Actually, Erik Wemple nails this harder than I did:

    Of all the moments for which Fox News has apologized or received apology demands, none appears as regret-worthy as what went down on Monday’s edition of “Fox & Friends.” In advising “take the stairs,” Kilmeade appeared to be counseling domestic abusers on how to do their thing. Or perhaps he was counseling women not to get into elevators with their boyfriends. Abominable either way. Fox News — and “Fox & Friends” itself — has apologized for much less. Absent an explanation from Fox News itself, only pure arrogance can account for why the network whiffed on its responsibility to viewers. Years and years of on-air idiocy, after all, have propelled “Fox & Friends” to the top of the morning cable-news ratings. Why walk back the show’s business model now?

  340. In advising “take the stairs,” Kilmeade appeared to be counseling domestic abusers on how to do their thing.

    Killmeade is a douche. But he did no such thing. And Wemple is being obtuse on purpose.

  341. 7/6C Lead Stories

    FNC: ISIS (Why won’t the Admin acknowledge we’re at war?)
    Hardball: ISIS (Why won’t Congress give Obama the power to fight a war we’re not in?)
    CNN: Ray Rice

    At least NFLN isn’t breaking down the latest on the Jags/IndigenousAmericans unlike last night.

  342. And people are still posting defenses of that douche days after it happened. Who does this serve? This story was headed towards dead and gone Tuesday morning when it looked like Kilmeade was gonna come out with 10 seconds of “Yeah, it came out wrong, sorry about that”. Just like that, easy peasy. No.

  343. And people are still posting defenses of that douche days after it happened. Who does this serve?

    Because people (like Wemple) are still lying about him. If this followed the normal script of “I’m outraged/Sorry I offended you/look, shiny thing!”, we’d be done with this by now.

    But we’re not. Because FNC haters want to extract an extra pint of blood just because it’s FNC.

  344. Wemple didn’t lie. He expressed a very common opinion in an article which attacked people who said Fox doesn’t apologize. You made that up. It’s not a lie, it’s an opinion.

  345. When Scott Pelley is doing an appearance on the CBS News set, he should NEVER throw to anyone with “JB” unless that’s the name on their birth certificate.

  346. Kilmeade appeared to be counseling domestic abusers on how to do their thing.

    Pants on Fire.

  347. If you think was Brian said was bad, watch the female Ravens fans that showed up in their Rice jerseys making excuses for his actions.

  348. 8pm top stories.
    CNN = James Foley’s Mother.
    FBN = 9/11
    FNC = O’Reilly complaining about Obama.

  349. I’ve seen blessedly few people defending this guy. The men irritate you in one way, the women in another. To the extent that it comes down to football, they should all go to Hell.


  351. At this point Goodell’s appearance on CBS News looks almost delusional. I think he believed his own lies.

  352. Because he thought he could strong-arm the leagues media partners. After all, he had done just that earlier in the day.

    Goodell was betting that no media outlet would want to kill the golden goose. Goodell bet wrong.

  353. I wonder what Rush Limbaugh is saying about all this. An honest man would not be happy that the NFL has handled it so poorly, “poorly” being a vast understatement.

  354. “Goodell may not make the weekend.”

    I haven’t heard a single team owner come out against Goodell.

  355. He’s cooked, Chris. You have this theory that if something doesn’t bother you, it shouldn’t bother anybody. That’s not how reality works, bro. A lot of people are bothered, and that guy is hittin’ the road.

  356. Actually, I have this theory that people shouldn’t just get fired because it makes people feel good when the complete story isn’t out yet.

    And, like I said, I haven’t heard a single owner come out against him.

  357. Most of the people commenting on the situation no nothing about the NFL or Goodell. The only reason it’s even a story is because Goodell has instituted personal conduct policies. He’s the toughest commissioner in sports on punishing bad behavior by athletes outside of the game. That’s the reason many players and media have never liked him. Now, they’re all faking outrage that he wasn’t tough enough. It’s hypocritical and dumb.

  358. Apparently, I don’t no how to use no you no?

  359. He knew a guy knocked his girlfriend out cold; gave him an hilarious 2 game suspension; then acted dumb when the inevitable elevator video was released. Oh, and his organization floated the idea that she started it, and plopped her up onstage next to slugger to apologize for her behavior. That bothers people.

  360. Then why didn’t the masses call for him to be fired months ago?

  361. He was already under fire for the cheesy suspension before the masses saw the video, and watched him lie about it. The rest of the media should have been on this before TMZ caught it, but most of them are NFL geeks like most of the country. Just like with the concussion scandal, too many segments of the MSM are waiting for it all to go away. Those boys like their beer and football, and they don’t want to lose it anymore than you do.

  362. 2 NFL games is the equivalent of 20 baseball games and 10 basketball games.

    When Jason Kidd played, he plead guilty to abusing his wife. I don’t remember him being suspended. His wife later said that he abused her repeatedly and broke her ribs. He’s now the head coach of the Nets. I didn’t hear anyone call for David Stern to resign. Haven’t heard calls for Adam Silver to resign.

  363. They did. And it was a familiar face to this blog:

  364. Rae Carruth had a woman killed and he didn’t even get suspended. But that (and J Kidd) were back during the late 90’s/early 00’s when harassing a woman didn’t get you in trouble, it qualified you to be President.

    Times have changed.

  365. Blaming Goodell for Janay Rice’s press conference is foolish, and demonstrates a continued lack of understanding of what happened. The assault happened BEFORE they were married, and they still got married! So suggesting that she was put up to it by the NFL is silly, and her continued comments prove that.

    That said, if Goodell knowing lied to the public about the video and what he/the NFL knew, they he’s going to have a real tough fight ahead of him. Although I still don’t understand what he would have had to gain by lying about it. What good would possibly come from that?

  366. I don’t know about suspension, but Carruth still has a few years on his sentence.

  367. Before Goodell, Rice wouldn’t have been suspended at all. Goodell instituted the personal conduct policy. He’s suspended more players in his tenure than probably every other commissioner combined.

    This is what bothers me. He’s made a concentrated effort to clean up the league and he’s done it. He’s the first commissioner to hold players accountable for off-field behavior.

    Now the swords are after him for not being tough enough when he’s constantly accused of being too tough. Mob mentality. From people who know nothing.

  368. Nobody cares that Goodell was better than nothing if he sits a guy down 2 games after he knocks her out and drops her face first on the floor. They REALLY don’t care after he tries to establish that Knocked Out Girl is partially responsible, then lies that he knew better. He’s DONE. Paging Condi…

  369. “They REALLY don’t care after he tries to establish that Knocked Out Girl is partially responsible, then lies that he knew better. He’s DONE.”

    I honestly have no idea where you get most of the stuff you write.

    He never tried to establish that Rice’s wife was responsible

    There’s no evidence he lied about anything.

    You’re doing what you always do and just making stuff up and presenting as fact what you want to be true.

    Unless somebody can show he did something egregious, he’s not going anywhere. I’m not sure if you’re aware but he can’t be fired by ESPN, MSNBC, CBS or internet tough guy.

  370. John Harbaugh, sometime in Feb/March 2014, cour\tesy of SBNation:

    “The two people obviously have a couple issues that they have to work through, and they’re both committed to doing that. That was the main takeaway for me from the conversation. They understand their own issues. They’re getting a lot of counseling and those kinds of things, so I think that’s really positive. That was the main takeaway.”

    This was the NFL’s stance from the joint press conference forward, that the assault was a problem bewtween the couple, and they were both working through. This included Mrs. Rice apologizing for getting her @ss beat. So give me a break with this “made up” crap. “She stayed, she started it, she’s part of the problem”, all that stuff is BS. She was the victim of a brutal assault by an NFL football player, and they didn’t deal with it.

  371. They REALLY don’t care after he tries to establish that Knocked Out Girl is partially responsible…

    Ugh. @Lonestar… Joe just makes stuff up and then gets insulted when he’s called on it.

    You’re right, there is no evidence that this happened. If you read through the thread, he’s made up facts and got his information wrong multiple times about this. I think he wants to have an opinion, but can’t be bothered to know too much about what he’s talking about (much like politics).

    Honestly, I think he hates football (because he’s such a big auto racing guy), and would like to see it knocked down a peg. Odds are, this is a vendetta based mostly on that, not on principle.

  372. Um, that’s psychotic. You’re accusing me of pushing the idea that Goodell will step down because I think it will hurt football and help racing. A. Him stepping down and Condi taking over – the thing I predict will happen – HELPS football. B. Take a pill. You’ve lost your mind.

  373. I’m just trying to figure out why you keep lying. There has to be a reason, unless you just can’t help it… which is a possibility.

  374. The story is straight, from multiple sources. You have some weird thing about supporting an NFL Commissioner, so you’re pretending things that happened did not happen. Which is exactly what Goodell is doing, and is why he’s cooked. You got a problem, bro.

  375. Sarah Palin says foreign policy stuff. ‘Cause she’s qualified to second-guess the President of the United States as he prepares the country for a global-coalition battle with a murder cult. You betcha.

  376. “Honestly, I think [Joe] hates football (because he’s such a big auto racing guy), and would like to see it knocked down a peg.”
    That’s must be it. *rolls eyes*

  377. *That must be it

  378. As the kids say on Twitter, #smh

  379. Except it isn’t what happened at all… there is no evidence of that… Harbaugh is the COACH, so you’re implying that the Commissioner influenced him, telling him how to phrase the story? That’s some crazy stuff right there.

  380. The coach, the press conference with both people, both people talking in terms of shared responsibility for “the situation”…yes. You’d have to be willfully blind to think that the NFL organization at the top wasn’t orchestrating this so that everyone stayed on script. If you want to believe Goodell had nothing to do with it, well, that’s just not how a PR campaign at this level works. That version of the story was trotted out at the same time Rice was being given a laughable suspension, from a commissioner who either refused to accept what had really happened in that elevator, or actively denied what he knew.

    It’s all out there, and to pretend this wasn’t a well-orchestrated campaign from the top of an organization notoriously good at controlling its image and presentation…is simply not believable. The NFL will be worlds better in the public eye with new blood at the top. The sooner the better, and preferably with a woman.

  381. ^ That could have used a decent editor. Anyway, this is all just reading the news, drawing conclusions, and predicting an outcome. I don’t actually care what the NFL does. I gave up on the game years ago because it’s become this weird gladiator sport, and I can’t relate to it. He keeps the job, he loses the job..don’t mean no never mind to me. Enjoy the show.

  382. There’s a better chance of the Earth being flat than there is that Goodell had anything to do with what Harbaugh said at the news conference. That’s the weirdest conspiracy I’ve ever heard.

  383. You, sir, a lifelong fan of the NFL, seem strangely unaware of how that organization controls the PR message. Maybe you’re too close to it.

  384. Sarah Palin says foreign policy stuff. ‘Cause she’s qualified to second-guess the President of the United States

    She’s been right about more things than he has. Of course, that’s true of most any inanimate carbon rod.

  385. I’ll take a pretzel rod over either of them.

  386. @seanmdav

    If only Roger Goodell had used some of his $44 million annual salary to hire Lois Lerner, those tapes would’ve been disappeared months ago.

  387. I heard some guy basically admit that he believed Rice because he was a friend and a great player, more-or-less in that order. He believed because he wanted to, If this group had just copped to that, the situation would be totally different. As it is, Goodell goes on TV and lies, while the truth is in the process of emerging. Good luck with that, and I hope you saved your money.

  388. We have this with Tony Stewart in NASCAR, too. Lifelong friends and fans are just sure about (thing you believe that minimizes Tony’s guilt in the matter), which is pretty much insane. There’s a hashtag #IStandWithTony which drives me crazy, because what does that mean? All you know is some kid got in front of his car on a dirt track, and it killed him. Do you know that it was an accident? Do you know that Tony made some gesture with his car towards the kid which went horribly wrong? NO. The matter is under investigation, and may go to court. Right now you do not know ANYTHING except what you see on the video, and Tony’s part is not well covered. So protestations of his innocence are simply ridiculous right now. Some NASCAR people just need it to be true. I am not one of those people.

  389. It turns out that on the same day that the NFL received the Ray Rice tape, Goodell was … golfing.

    And as we’ve all learned over the past 6 years, being on the golf course is the exact same as being in the office.

    Case dismissed!

  390. Yes, just as POTUS is expected to know what’s going on at his job while he’s golfing, it can be reasonably assumed that the NFL Commissioner learned a very important video landed on his desk sometime during his golfing trip. Maybe he wasn’t called immediately, because, ya know, not POTUS, but he certainly knew shortly after returning. Unless a protocol had been established by him which ensured this kind of information was withheld. Plausible deniability and whatnot.

  391. George Zimmerman. Still looking for people on the road, still looking for a reason to shoot.

  392. “You, sir, a lifelong fan of the NFL, seem strangely unaware of how that organization controls the PR message.”

    You seem strangely unaware of how type A personalities like Harbaugh operate. He’s not going to say anything he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t work for Goodell. Goodell can’t touch him.

    You always come up with crazy conspiracy theories that you pull out of thin air. I rarely read you back anything up with actual facts.

    You present things as the way you wished they happened based on your personal feelings.

  393. You rarely acknowledge anything you don’t approve of. It’s all “a lie” or “I don’t care about that”. Discussing Goodell and Rice with you is utterly pointless.

  394. “Discussing Goodell and Rice with you is utterly pointless.”

    Yeah, because I deal with the facts as they currently exist. Not conspiracy theories.

  395. Matthews said Dick Cheney created Al Queda. lol.

  396. And how, pray tell, do you know what “really happens” behind the scenes at the NFL?

  397. al-Qaeda In Iraq, which morphed into whatever-the-hell we’re calling these folks this week. Matthews has said this a hundred times. Everybody knows this crap happened to Iraq after Cheney and his band of Middle East “experts” invaded that country for no logical reason and destabilized the entire region. Thanks, you draft dodging sociopath.

  398. Matthews said that Dick Cheney put troops in the holy land of Mecca in 1990 (not true) and that led to 9/11.

    Matthews is a hyperbolic idiot. And calling the former VPOTUS a “sociopath” is insane.

  399. Liberals are mad because Obama’s worldview has been proven to be 100% wrong. They believed all the bad things that happen in the world are the fault of GWB. They believed that out of hate, not facts.

    Obama and his sycophants thought that if he was elected POTUS, world peace would ensue. But, things have gotten worse. Because radical Islamists want to destroy all that disagree with them. Obama and his acolytes have proven to be what rational people said they were…extremely naïve.

    Now they’re left with nothing but to cry and whine about Bush & Cheney. I don’t think they realize just how stupid they sound. But, when you’re motivated by hate, you tend to looks stupid. Often.

  400. Actually, that’s true. bin Laden’s original beef with the US was the troops in Saudi Arabia for the first Iraq War. That’s what all of his terror attacks on us were about, including 9/11. Of course most people don’t remember this because the neo-cons turned 9/11 into some ridiculous assertion that it was because UBL “hated freedom”, and Saddam Hussein was somehow involved. bin Laden’s justifications were psychotic, but Chris Matthews has every right to recite history as it actually occurred. Dick Cheney is a sociopath.

    Well, at least this one was indicted..

    NBC Sports ‏@NBCSports · 23m
    Report: Vikings Adrian Peterson indicted, charged with reckless or negligent injury to a child

  401. That’s nice that that was his beef. I have a beef with radical Islam. I’m not going to go blow up a bunch of innocent people though. Though, if I did, I suppose you and Matthews wouldn’t blame me. You’d blame Islam.

  402. Oh, and + 18 points for using “neocon”.

  403. Adrian Peterson indicted in the county where I live.

  404. I responded to your assertion that Matthews was wrong about his history. Watch your step with personal accusations towards me.

  405. Radical Islamists are similar to German Nazi’s. They’re brainwashed sociopaths guided by hate and fear. They don’t exist because of us. If Dick Cheney and George Bush had never been born, we’d still be fighting them today. And, we’ll be fighting them for a long time. That’s the way the world is today. Blaming Bush, Cheney or “neocons” for the acts of murderous terrorists going back 30 years is ignorant and offensive.

  406. Radical Islamists are similar to German N a z i ’s. They’re brainwashed sociopaths guided by hate and fear. They don’t exist because of us. If Dick Cheney and George Bush had never been born, we’d still be fighting them today. And, we’ll be fighting them for a long time. That’s the way the world is today. Blaming Bush, Cheney or “neocons” for the acts of murderous terrorists going back 30 years is ignorant and offensive.

  407. “I responded to your assertion that Matthews was wrong about his history. Watch your step with personal accusations towards me.”

    Matthews is wrong.

    And, don’t speak to me like that. I understand you have anger problems. Deal with them. Don’t threaten me on a blog.

  408. 1st Grand Jury in Peterson case decided not to indict. Brought a 2nd time and…indictment.

  409. You’re out of line, son. I answered your cable news question, and you implied that Matthews and I would do this or that if a crime was committed. You have no place to make such a statement.

  410. I can make whatever statement i want. You have a problem when someone argues something with you. You get overly angry. That’s on you. The only one who’s ever out of line is you. You can rant, rave, call people all sorts of stuff but when someone pushes back you go into a rage. It’s not normal. I wish you the best in dealing with it.

  411. Uh-oh… Someone call the lawyers, I smell a lawsuit a-coming!

  412. I didn’t call anybody anything. You reacted to my little history lesson with a weird personal attack. It’s weird.

  413. The truth is the 2003 war made things worst. Saddam Hussein and Bashir Al-Assad are Baathists. Radicals had a difficult time in Iraq because Baathism is an ideology that promotes secularism, socialism, pan-Arab nationalism, and authoritarianism to promote the above three. The two key intellectuals behind Baathism were a Greek Orthodox and an atheist. There’s a reason why not every Christian in Iraq were cheering contrary to what is perceived by many and many Christians support Assad.
    That said, Obama worsened the situation because he had this attitude that because it was Bush’s problem, he no longer had to care about it. Things were stabilizing barely and after US troops left, the violence restarted.

  414. Just throwing it out there, Tariq Aziz, a key figure in Saddam’s regime is actually a Christian.

  415. Presidential Candidate comes out against a continued presence in Iraq:

  416. ^^ I’ll criticize Fox with the best of them, but that guy. He calls certain women a word that I won’t even abbreviate, he calls people “teabaggers” and “racists”, and barely a month goes by that he doesn’t say something sufficiently offensive to garner some undeserved attention. With all that, he has the balls to talk about Fox causing a “language barrier”, or whatever the hell it was. Tell us more, Mohandas.

  417. I’m never going to understand why we should care what a comic thinks about anything. Maher is occasionally funny, frequently annoying and rude; Seinfeld has been sitting on his residuals since the late 90’s; Whoopi Goldberg is an ex-actress who says stuff on a daytime chat show. God bless ’em all for their right to go on TV and share their opinions, but the result is no more informed or meaningful than mine.

  418. Mediaite still posts bits of Cenk Uigher (or whatever), who might be broadcasting from his garage for all I know, so there’s that. It’s all about the clickage.

  419. “I’m never going to understand why we should care what a comic thinks about anything.” or Rush Limbaugh.

  420. The difference with Rush is he started as a political commentator conservatives care about, and is still a major player today. The rest of those names (including Uygur) have audiences for whatever they’re babbling about, but they don’t move opinion in any measurable way.

  421. The truth is, like or not, both have a certain influence. So does Fox. So does Hollywood. As long as that’s the case, you’ll see people comment on them, as tedious and tiresome as that may be.

  422. I should stipulate, though, that Uygur is in Rush’s business. He’s not a comic/actor.

  423. I don’t much care if people comment on a comic/actor’s opinions, I just get annoyed with the level playing field sites like Mediaite put everyone on. I’m more interested in the political opinions of people who specialize in that activity than I am in Bill Maher’s, Whoopi’s, Rob Lowe’s or Ted Nugent’s. This goes for Dennis Miller, too. He may be a Fox Contributor now, but he’s still a comic, and being a comic is what got him there. His opinions are valid. They are not important.

  424. Eh, Mediaite has space to fill. It’s when Fox decides to talk about these people that it gets weird. Although, in Maher’s case, he’s making some political moves. Not good ones, but moves nonetheless…

  425. What about Al Franken?

  426. Speaking of comedians, can anyone explain why Pirro still has a show on FNC?

  427. Chuck Todd did another good job on MTP today. Excellent panel and good interview. Still hate the desk but, IMO, that’s the only thing that has to go. I can live with Mike Murphy, even if he’s a pundit, because he has a sense of humor. The show is a lot like the TDR, as LS says, but for me that’s a good thing.

  428. ^ I didn’t watch today. First time in a long time. Haven’t seen much coverage/analysis from Mediaite, etc.

  429. Idiot actress looking for a fight so she play racism card. But, at least she gets to promote herself on CNN.

  430. Hannity’s segment on Adrian Peterson was outdated since he tapes at 6pm ET by the news that broke at 8pm ET that Peterson injured another son while disciplining him.
    Hannity said he agreed with Barkley and said Peterson went “A little over the line.”.

    Olbermann and others do not agree,

  431. Jean Valez Mitchell, CNN, “male privilege”. Ding!

  432. Pretty awesome takedown of Neil deGrasse Tyson. It seems plausible that the guy is a serial liar.

  433. Rachel getting verklempt about the Joint Chiefs saying he might recommend combat troops. 2 points:

    1. “The guy in the suit gets to decide. Not the guy in the uniform. That’s one of the things that makes America great.”

    Rachel, so you’re okay with POTUS overruling the generals? Oh right, it depends…

    2. “President Obama is the CiC. He is the decider.”

    Funny, I remember the last person to claim “decider” status wasn’t shown the same level of respect and decorum.

  434. Anyone who still believes Megyn Kelly is a straight news anchor, watch the segment about Ayaan Hirsi Ali .

    Straight News Anchor is nice to the guest who invited Ayaan Hirsi Ali to speak at his college.

    Straight News Anchor is not nice to the guest who disagreed with the comments of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and yells at him.

  435. Weird how you never have a problem with anchors from other networks arguing with a guest who double speaks. Our takes such a ridiculous position

  436. You must have missed my complaints about Don Lemon giving his opinions and getting nasty with guests.

  437. Rachel is quite right that military officers don’t decide foreign policy. They develop military strategies, advise the president about same, and carry out orders.

  438. Thanks for proving my point, joe. When Obama ignores the generals, it’s a good thing.

    When it’s a Republican, super bad!

  439. Oh sorry, forgot about Lemon. So, that’s one who doesn’t work for FNC.

    And, it’s not just because they work for FNC, I think it’s just about anchors you don’t like (it just happens that 99% of them work for FNC).

    Shep Smith always inserts opinion. But, liberals are typically cool with it because Shep appears to lean left.

  440. Shep does a news broadcast in the middle of a sea of rightwing propaganda. Very few liberals ever see it.

    Nobody said presidents should ignore military advice. The point is that the military doesn’t make the final decision on military incursions into other countries. If Obama ever decides to put combat troops back into action, I dearly hope he listens to advice about it better than Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz did.

  441. Nobody said presidents should ignore military advice.

    You and Rachel just did. By saying it’s A-OK if Obama doesn’t follow the generals’ plan of attack to a T. Which is a valid opinion …

    … unless you just ran down the previous Oval Office holder for having that exact same opinion. Then, you’re just a big hypocrite that plays politics with national security.

  442. Very few liberals see Shep? But, have the time to rant and rave about Megyn Kelly is wearing? And how stooopid she is?

  443. The generals do not decide foreign policy. They give military advice; draw up military plans; carry out military orders. The CiC makes the final decision.

  444. Megyn Kelly is a little easier to keep track of via Twitter and Mediaite, son. You pretty much have to be watching Shep on that channel live to know what he’s up to. You already knew both of these things.

  445. The CiC makes the final decision.

    If he’s a Democrat, sure. But if he’s of “the wrong party”, then he/she will be mocked incessantly for claiming that he has the power to make said final decision. Oh, and he/she will be savaged by the press for not following the generals recommendations.

    You know, like you and Rachel did.

    Your rules, buddy. Your rules. If you don’t like them, you probably shouldn’t have written them.

    And the new (R) POTUS in 2017 (or whenever) is gonna have a field day with all the new precedents you’ve been setting over the last 6 years. Not having to listen to Congress, ignoring existing law, auditing/jailing your critics, giving the finger to every investigative authority under the sun.

    It’s gonna be schadenfreudelicious!

  446. […] never thrown this much money at a trip before. It’s more than when I did Komodo and Lombok two years ago. I don’t want to do that again. This is an itch that will get scratched and then I’ll […]

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