The Zakaria “Plagiarism” Saga: Part 3?

Our Bad Media is back with another look at Zakaria and alleged examples of plagiarism…this time on CNN’s GPS.

It’s not surprising that CNN would stand behind Zakaria. What was curious about their statement was the claim that “In the years since [his 2012 scandal] we have found nothing that gives us cause for concern.” It was a response that seemed to imply that CNN has continued to review Zakaria’s show and other content for “lapses.”

After our own review of Fareed Zakaria GPS from 2011 to the present, we’ve found CNN’s claim is evidently false or a sign of gross incompetence at the network. Two dozen episodes of Fareed Zakaria GPS contain content that has been lifted without proper attribution or sourcing – including one he earned a Peabody for. One episode on vacation time was broadcast just two weeks ago. In other words, after having issued his only denial on the issue, Fareed Zakaria went back to plagiarizing while we were writing this blog post about him plagiarizing. It’s possible he’s plagiarizing right now.

OMB lists dozens of alleged examples of plagiarism by Zakaria on his show. The most damning for me is this one as it’s practically a smoking gun…

That’s where Zakaria sloppily gives his game away. The Economist article, written in 2011, cites the $400 billion Mexico did in trade with the U.S. “last year” – that is, 2010. Zakaria, apparently forgetting that The Economist article was written the previous August, also says “last year.” According to government statistics, the U.S. and Mexico did just short of $400 billion in trade in 2010. But in 2011, they did $461 billion in trade. So either Zakaria lifted this passage from The Economist, or he was off by the GDP of Luxembourg.

CNN is going to have to respond to this. There are too many instances listed for them to ignore it.


5 Responses to “The Zakaria “Plagiarism” Saga: Part 3?”

  1. Welcome back!

  2. I don’t get why he wasn’t canned after the last one, like, last month.

  3. I’m bewildered by this. Fareed is just grabbing stuff from other media and jamming it together into his teleprompter.

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