Free for All: 09/17/14

What’s on your mind?

17 Responses to “Free for All: 09/17/14”

  1. Grandpa Dave Says:

    Welcome back!! I’m looking forward to the trip report.

  2. Mitt Romney: still right.

    Good job, Media!

  3. I never did understand Lauren Ashburn’s presence on Media Buzz, and her rapid transformation from a ‘down the middle’ commentator on MSNBC to and increasingly-blonder-by-the-week purveyor of simplistic rightwing talking points at FNC was annoying. Then two weeks ago she suddenly dropped that character and talked like an adult again. My reaction at the time was “What the hey happened to Ashburn?” Now we know.

  4. ” increasingly-blonder-by-the-week purveyor of simplistic rightwing talking points at FNC ”

    That statement is sofa king dumb. You have a problem with females, particularly blonde ones, if they work for FNC. She didn’t just repeat right-wing talking points. It’s like you don’t even watch the shows you comment on.

  5. I watch Media Buzz every week, and you can keep your personal comments about how dumb my thoughts are to yourself.

  6. Why are you afraid of blonde haired women? What does blonde hair tell you about a woman? Why are you so superficial?


  7. I’ll wait to see if anyone else has an actual comment on cable news for this new Free For All. Inside I Can’t Believe What Joe Said is pretty boring.

  8. I’d always assumed Ashburn was only signed as a throw to help lure Kurtz to FNC; so it’s no surprise she’s been dumped as soon as it was possible.

    She was only useable by FNC on Kurtz’s show so why keep her on when her contract ends. Her main role on the show seemed to be someone for Howie to flirt with on air and FNC has a large number of more talented and versatile female cohosts, under contract, that can perform that role on the show.

  9. Right now we don’t even know if she’s gone from MB. FNC may consider her Howie’s employee now.

  10. Lauren Ashburn @laurenashburn
    Thrilled to be joining @thehill as a contributor focusing on politics and media. #midtermmadness

  11. Yes, I know. Referencing your comments and asking you to explain yourself is very boring and tedious, especially since you can’t answer the question.


    Another thread, another “How dare you pay attention to me!” complaint.

  12. “Why are you afraid of blonde women?” is trolling, which appears to be the only reason you bother with this blog. Cable news does not interest you, so I have no idea why you perk up every time That Terrible Joe Guy comments on it. You have a problem.

  13. It’ll be nice to see Ashburn go back to looking normal and talking like an adult. That she can’t do it on Fox should be telling, but it won’t.

  14. Nope. Her hair literally got blonder and bigger every Sunday for about 6 weeks. We all know about the Fox Look they apply to those women, but it was bizarre to see it happen in real time on my TV screen. The look was transformed, and she morphed into a character which would take the more conservative POV from Howie, which she had not done before joining Fox. Suddenly two weeks ago she was talking like Lauren again, and it was a noticeable change. I remember at the time wondering what the heck had happened.

  15. The BBC’s version of CNN’s Tom Foreman. No virtual studio, just the atrium of their Scotland HQ.

  16. So you’ve got multiple comments here on her hair color… and yet it’s my fault -and apparently trolling- for mentioning it?

    Joe, if you don’t want people to comment on the insanity you dish out, perhaps you shouldn’t write such craziness on a board where people can comment.

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