CNN’s Standards Are Now The Story…

Politico’s Dylan Byers got CNN again standing by its previous statement…

UPDATE (6:50 p.m.): CNN spokesperson Jennifer Dargan told me the network is standing by the statement it provided in the wake of Bort and Blappo’s initial report back in August. That statement follows:

CNN has the highest confidence in the excellence and integrity of Fareed Zakaria’s work. In 2012, we conducted an extensive review of his original reporting for CNN, and beyond the initial incident for which he was suspended and apologized for, found nothing that violated our standards. In the years since we have found nothing that gives us cause for concern.

Ok. CNN doubles down. Or triples down. Or quaduples down. They’re not going to change their mind. They’re bound and determined to go down with the SS Zakaria. Fine. Let’s play this out…

So now the story pivots from Fareed Zakaria and whatever he did or didn’t do to what the hell are CNN’s standards exactly?

Do CNN’s standards include plagiarism?
Do CNN’s standards include cut and paste jobs?
Do CNN’s standards include “patch writing”?

Our Bad Media has made a better than circumstantial case that Zakaria looks guilty of at least one of the above.

But if CNN feels that Zakaria is not guilty of any of the above how does it differntiate the definitions of those terms from what Zakaria has (not in CNN’s eyes) done? What makes what Zakaria did different? What are CNN’s standards?

CNN by standing by Zakaria and not commenting further to specifically rebut the latest OBM charges; charges which include incidents that occurred after the original 2012 story erupted, has opened up its own standards for examination for they are the very things the network said he has not violated.

Fareed Zakaria is radioactive and CNN has chosen to bask in the radiation. It just keeps digging itself deeper. Horrid PR and crisis management going on here. Absolutely horrid.


7 Responses to “CNN’s Standards Are Now The Story…”

  1. So now the story pivots from Fareed Zakaria and whatever he did or didn’t do to what the hell are CNN’s standards exactly?

    I would argue the story is now “What is the rest of the media’s standards?”

    This only gains traction if the rest of Zakaria’s MSM bretheren pick up the torch and start leading the charge. If they don’t, that will tell you all you need to know.

  2. Fair point.

  3. For the media writ large they just do not care. And as long as the general viewing public who watch cable news and specifically FZ don’t care, CNN can keep him around as long as they want to. Only when he becomes a liability will they do anything.

    I mean, let’s rake Rand Paul over the coals when he supposedly committed plagiarism and make him footnote press releases, but plagiarism by a news guy, NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG, MOVE ALONG. And by gosh, STOP asking us about it!

  4. The problem on the consumer end – I think I’ve said this before – is that nobody cares about Fareed Zakaria, and very few of them know he has a TV show. CNN should dump him, and we can all go back to not caring what that pompous arse does with his time.

  5. That’s been my thesis all along: Zakaria is (or they think he is) the best pundit that no one’s ever heard of. It has an “If a tree falls in the woods” quality, though. He does an interview with Bill Clinton, which would seem to be a big deal, but it isn’t. I don’t know, it makes me think of PBS, for some reason. Like they want to have this show on Sunday morning, so no one will watch it. Weird.

  6. I, like Spud, watch Fareed Zakaria and enjoy his show. Intelligent discussion of the news is a concept that’s hard to find and most don’t care about; so I’m one those who will be disappointed with Zakaria if the charges are proved to have substance and he is dismissed by the network.

  7. It’s a war. Experts are in short supply.

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