Free for All: 09/23/14

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  1. “Joe Wilson was right:”

    ^^Actually it’s Senator Vitter that lied. According to the article,
    the number is actually 115,000. Try reading more than the headline.

  2. President Obama said ‘zero’. So yeah, he lied.

  3. Any idea why Morning Joe was off the main set today?

  4. How you can tell when you’re dealing with a fraud: He claims to want the president to do something, then attacks him for doing it. …

  5. Things I thought I’d never say for $200, Alex:

    “Issues where I agree with Olbermann 1000%”

  6. Speaking of attacks,
    During a discussion of Iraq Beckel asked Hannity,
    “Will you give this guy [Obama] credit for something?”
    Hannity, “I’ll give him credit they day he leaves. The country will be better off.
    Beckel, “This tells you all need to know, what you just said.”
    Hannity, “Everything I’ve said about him is dead on accurate. The worst president in American history. He’s a disaster.”.

    If we are at war with ISIS should Hannity be saying that?
    I’m sure Hannity was not happy with people attacking Bush after we started the war with Iraq.

  7. You’re right joe. Attacking someone for holding the same position as you is intolerable and hypocritical.

  8. Interesting scheduling change this morning on MSNBC. The Daily Rundown was replaced by Jose Diaz-Balart’s show. No mention about the change on by either the MJ crew on handover or by JDB when he started his show.

    The change was obviously because of Obama’s UN speech at 10 AM; but it does say something about the clout that Diaz-Balart now has at the network. It’s the first time I can remember a scheduled show being replaced by another program on the network. I hope it doesn’t mean the demise of TDR at MSNBC.

  9. “I hope it doesn’t mean the demise of TDR at MSNBC.”

    They haven’t named a replacement for CT yet have they?

  10. Stewart has been exposed numerous times for his dishonesty. But, he still enjoys mostly sycophantic coverage from most traditional media outlets. Ideology binds.

  11. Jon Stewart has said – on the air..into the camera..several times – “I don’t know why people agree to be on this show.” The only way to make it work is if you get the joke and decide to be in on it, which I’ve only ever seen one person do: Dee Dee Benkie. She’s a (very) conservative Fox Contributor I’ve known for some years via the Twitter, and she DMed me a while back to be on the lookout for a segment she taped for The Daily was about college football players unionizing (she opposed). She joked that they would make her look stupid, but it didn’t work out that way.

    They did the usual setup of trying to get her to contradict herself, but it was clear she had actually seen the show and didn’t fall for it. Then she did another segment that involved some kind of physical football gag which looked a whole lot like guest and comedian were having a good time. It wasn’t very funny, but Dee Dee got her POV in without looking like a fool, and Stewart’s staff got caught kind of liking her. She watched the show; knew the game; and turned it on them. That was funny.

  12. BO: “In a summer marked by instability in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, I know the world also took notice of the small American city of Ferguson, Missouri, where a young man was killed and a community was divided,”

    Is this guy farking serious? Beheadings, Russian Aggression and… a guy shot by a cop after attacking said cop.

    Who is he playing to with that stupid comment? Is he that desperate to get his base out in November? Amazing that this guy is the supposed leader of the free world. What a joke. Go home.

  13. It was a long speech. Picking out that one line because a black president dared address a racial issue is really effing obvious. You should stop talking about’re bad at it.

  14. “Picking out that one line because a black president…”

    Haha. That guy again. Will do my best to ignore the troll.

  15. “‘we must declare war on war”

    Orwell would be proud.

  16. “‘we must declare war on war”

    Well, it was only one line out of a lengthy speech and the POTUS is a minority so not fair. Oh, and you’re probably a racist. Fun times.

  17. That’s how the game is played: Say something racial, then complain about being called racist. Oh, and the person who calls you out for your hundredth example of race-baiting is a troll. Perfect.

  18. Look, I’ll address you this time and this time only. I didn’t say anything racial. The tone deafness in his comment is astounding. You don’t go from beheadings of innocents to Russian aggression to an incident in Missouri.

    Now, run along and go whine about Megyn Kelly’s makeup or wardrobe or hair color or something. But please don’t address me any more. You have serious anger issues and I no longer feel sympathy for you. I’ve continuously ignored your constant personal attacks because it’s always been just “Joe being Joe”. But, I’m tired of them.

    You constantly make personal attacks on others then take great offense at nothingburgers thrown your way. You continually invent new ways to take offense. I have kids at home who are more grown-up than you. Adios.

  19. @ lonestar

    *stands on a chair clapping*

  20. @ INB:

    This is what started it all. It was about Chris Matthews implying that 9/11 happened because Dick Cheney put troops in Saudi Arabia in 1991. Joe said it was true that that’s what OBL’s “beef” was about. And I wrote:

    “That’s nice that that was his beef. I have a beef with radical Islam. I’m not going to go blow up a bunch of innocent people though. Though, if I did, I suppose you and Matthews wouldn’t blame me. You’d blame Islam.”

    From that ^, Joe went ape Shiite writing this:

    “Watch your step with personal accusations towards me.”
    then this
    “You’re out of line, son. I answered your cable news question, and you implied that Matthews and I would do this or that if a crime was committed. You have no place to make such a statement.”

    Yeah, that’s a rational response. And, why I have ignored him ever since.

  21. By the way, if you’ve enjoyed the last 8 years of being called a racist for using such offensive language as “golf”, “Chicago”, “tea”, and “law”, you’re going to LOOOOOOVE the upcoming presidential campaign.

    Wherein we learn that words you’ve been using your whole life suddenly have secret, sexist meanings.

  22. LS has consistently, over many years, found any excuse to find the ‘black person’ problem in any story. This morning it’s the black president commenting about the unarmed black guy being shot and killed by a police officer. Every eyewitness account so far has stated that the man was surrendering when he was killed. Of course this isn’t acceptable with LS because the white guy is always right; the black guy always wrong. He’s a race-baiting troll. Screw him.

  23. If it’s “consistently”, I’m sure you have COPIOUS examples , including those where Lonestar sides against someone of his own party/political persuasion just because they are of another race (conclusively proving that it’s a “black thing”, not a “liberal thing”.)

    … Go ahead, we’ll wait ….

  24. Instead of waiting, how ’bout posting something about cable news for a change, instead of hijacking this blog for endless whining about the president. This place is 90% partisan BS now having nothing to do with its name. It’s BORING.

  25. So that’s a “No” on backing up your libelous assertions, then?

    Speaking of cable news, we just might have an answer vis a vi Zakaria on exactly what CNN’s journalistic standards are:

  26. “Wherein we learn that words you’ve been using your whole life suddenly have secret, sexist meanings”

    It’s all up to the decoders. They have special talents.

  27. “The language that is being used on a daily basis about our commander and about our troops, I believe is undermining our troops.” (Sean Hannity, 12/2/05)

    Eric Bolling on Obama and the salute while holding a coffee cup, “Elitist clown who deserves nothing more than a low end factually job at a community college in Kenya.

  28. ^ That is racist birther crap. I thought we had finally moved to actually just hating the president without dragging these obscenities into it. Clearly not.

  29. Eric says he was just reading that Kenya line it was not his thoughts. I must have missed where it came from or who said it before he did in the segment.

  30. Then why was he reading it? That makes no sense.

  31. If you listen to the first minute of the clip, it comes from Greg. He did a monologue where he frames a thought from someone who “hates Obama”. It’s a device that Rush Limbaugh frequently uses, and is frequently accused of thinking the thing that he said. Bolling must have been riffing off of what Greg said.

  32. “They haven’t named a replacement for CT yet have they?”


    I found it interesting the used JD-B instead of Andrea Mitchell, Chris Matthews or one of the WH correspondents to do the show. It was as if they had asked Sharpton or Schultz to host. JD-B has someone in his corner at MSNBC.

  33. -Salute-
    Better hope Eric Bolling watched Special Report. Bush had his own unusual salute. There was some sort of protocol on these matters that Bret Baier read that I half-listened to. Anyone interested could find that Grapevine segment online (assuming FNC uploads those segments).

  34. Ignore my comment except maybe for the protocol part.

  35. It was amusing to hear Gutfeld acknowledge that when conservatives go on about crap like this, no one is going to listen to legitimate complaints. Too bad so much of their programming seems geared toward the constant complainers, the Hannity/Guilfoyle/Bolling/Tantaros contingent. People whose voices comprise a chorus of constant complaint, preaching to the choir and instantly ignored. Too bad that reflects poorly on conservatism in general.

  36. JD-B has someone in his corner at MSNBC.

    JD-B has a bigger audience in some cities than anyone else on MSNBC. Telemundo is a big network, and he’s been on it a long time. Phil Griffin is reading the demo trends, and they’re not pointing to Matthews or Mitchell…

  37. @ Ice: Laura is correct. I mean Lynn. LGM.

  38. Did we miss this one? I can’t remember if it ever posted here..I heard about it, but didn’t see the video until it played at the end of The Daily Show the other night. Not only does Harris “let her mind wander”, but as she’s accusing the President of the United States of screwing up his own security – no one knows how Obama is implicated in the Secret Service’s performance here; it’s Fox; it doesn’t matter – she does this very bizarre ‘sniff’ sound, then says “smells like it”. That’s one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen a news anchor do. I mean opinion host. Whichever one she was right then.

  39. Always thought Harris Faulkner was one of the better ones.

  40. Of course, it’s not a problem when an FNC presenter says such things as long as it appeases the cult.

  41. As long as what Harris says is judged to be “right”, then it doesn’t matter if she’s expressing an opinion on an opinion show. A dumb, cliched, insulting, non sequitur opinion at that.

  42. “Phil Griffin is reading the demo trends, and they’re not pointing to Matthews or Mitchell…”

    ^^What demo trends are you talking about? I haven’t seen any ratings on J D-B’s program. Does J D-B’s MSNBC show get more viewers than Mitchell or Matthews or is that just a guess on your part?

  43. Fitz: Telemundo, not MSNBC. Diaz-Balart is much better known in some parts of this country – like Southern California – than anyone else on MSNBC.

  44. Always thought Harris Faulkner was one of the better ones.

    Harris Faulkner has seen the “straight news anchor” writing on the wall with The Kelly File, and she’s riding that train to primetime when Megyn takes over The Factor.

  45. “Telemundo, not MSNBC. Diaz-Balart is much better known in some parts of this country – like Southern California – than anyone else on MSNBC.”

    ^^That he’s popular with Spanish speaking viewers in parts of the country says nothing about his potential viewership on MSNBC. They are two completely different audiences.

    Ronan Farrow was popular with young social media types. It didn’t mean he would do well in a dayside program at MSNBC. Cable news nets are littered with failed hosts who the bosses thought would bring their audience with them to their her gig.

  46. ^^their her gig >>> their new gig.

  47. That’s true in the short term, Fritz, but I think J-DB and Ronan are both ’10 years from now’ hires for what Griffin predicts will be a very different world for his network to inhabit. Everybody’s losing market share to the internet, and FNC is facing the steepest, hardest fall as it’s base ages out. The future of what we know now as ‘cable news’ will be beamed at a younger, more-independent-to-liberal, more diverse audience. The smart move for a network already on the ratings margins is to start building towards this today while a successful dinosaur like FNC lumbers along, content to believe they’ll be just fine forever.

  48. “I think J-DB and Ronan are both ’10 years from now’ hires for what Griffin predicts will be a very different world for his network to inhabit.”

    ^^I wish you were right Joe but network heads just don’t think ten years ahead. In this age of instant results six months is considered long range planning.

    Jose Diaz-Balart may be really popular at Telemundo but I’ve seen no evidence that those viewers will watch him in a second language; unless it’s a way to improve their English.

    For me the main problem, aside from the way discussion of almost every topic is eventually turns to how it effects immigration; is in his stilted delivery. He has the same flaw as Ed Schultz; a loud, yelling, I’m right and your not vocal style, that may play well in Spanish, but I just find irritating.

    “FNC is facing the steepest, hardest fall as it’s base ages out.”

    ^^Sadly, I don’t see any actual evidence that FNC’s audience is aging out. I think as people age most generally become more conservative not less. Because of demographics (the baby boomers dying off) there may be fewer older people in the future; but that won’t happen for a couple of decades.

    I do agree that television is being supplanted by the internet as the main source of news and entertainment. I can see, in the not to distant future, television being where radio is today and, eventually; as the computer monitor, laptops, tablets and smartphone screens improve; going the way of the LP, cassette, CD, cathode tube TV and a host of other supplanted technologies and becoming just a memory.

  49. “…but that won’t happen for a couple of decades.”

    Which does not contradict my “10 years out” thesis. I don’t see FNC’s ratings collapse as a near-term proposition. It will take another 10-20 years (my best guess is 15) for them to see real numbers problems. The next generation will not provide the same number of the arch-conservative archetype they reach now, so the current FNC model will have to change significantly to prevent this. I don’t see much evidence that they’re concerned about this.

  50. Does Al Sharpton have an out clause with NBC in case he’s chosen to replace Holder?

  51. “Does Al Sharpton have an out clause with NBC in case he’s chosen to replace Holder?”


  52. “Which does not contradict my “10 years out” thesis.”

    ^^ Ten years is an eternity in this information age. In ten years almost everyone in cable news now will either be dead, retired, in another career or at another network – including the driving forces at FNC, Ailes, Murdoch and Billo. CNN and HLN will almost assuredly be out of the news broadcasting business and there may be a dozen or more other networks splitting up a much smaller cable TV news market.

    What FNC and MSNBC will be broadcasting then is just unknowable now. Look at what has happened to the Discovery, History or A&E over the last ten years to see how networks can change over a short period of time.

  53. Does Al Sharpton have an out clause with NBC in case he’s chosen to replace Holder?

    Tomorrow’s News Today: Holder’s replacement will be confirmed via nuclear option by Harry Reid in December. Reid can’t do it before the election because he doesn’t want vunerable Senators to have to take a stand and because there’s no time anyway. And he can’t do it in Janary b/c that’s when Shellacking 2.0 class comes in.

    As for Holder … The Daily Rundown is still looking for a host …

  54. Holder can now go back to being Oprah’s boyfriend.

  55. Oh Chuck…

    In other news, Michael Jordan is a very non-competitive person.
    Jameis Winston is a very non-controversial person.
    Rush Limbaugh is a very non-idealogical person.

  56. Bill Simmons got 3 weeks for calling Goodell a “f***in’ lyar”. If he’d have punched Goodell instead, he’d have only gotten 2 weeks.

  57. Does Al Sharpton have an out clause with NBC in case he’s chosen to replace Holder?

    Won’t be an issue, unless Sharpton pulls a Dick Cheney.

    That said, MSNBC now has a active WH advisor on staff. That’s problematic to say the least.

  58. Yeah, that’s a problem. I’ve always supported the Rev as an activist with a TV show, but this is a step too far. MSNBC needs to tell Sharpton to either be an Admin advisor, or do opinion on their network. He can’t do both.

  59. “That said, MSNBC now has a active WH advisor on staff.”

    Dumb article already updated to say Sharpton has asked to advise. The WH hasn’t said anything and I doubt they will. Joe or farris could announce here they want to be consulted on Holder’s replacement. Doesn’t mean it’s going to happen

  60. Sharpton’s denial that he is the “decision maker” is bogus because POTUS is the ultimate decider (per Rachel Maddow). Sharpton does seem to be saying that he’s on the committee that decides the short list which, as even joe agrees, is a problem.

    I could announce I’m on the HolderSuccessionCommittee all I want. I don’t simultaneously host an hour-long weekday broadcast transmitted via one of the world’s largest media outlets.

    If you still don’t think it’s a problem, fritz, just imagine FNC giving Rove the Brit Hume slot … in 2004. Right during the middle of Plamegate.

    See the conflict of interest yet?

  61. “If you still don’t think it’s a problem, fritz, just imagine FNC giving Rove the Brit Hume slot … in 2004. Right during the middle of Plamegate.”

    ^^You might be right if Sharpton was actually on some sort of selection committee to choose Holder’s successor. He’s not. He can offer his opinion on the subject just like you, I or anyone else; but he will have no actual say on who is appointed. None. Zero. Zippo. That’s what the article update says.

  62. Fritz is right, Sharpton’s original claim appears to be hyperbolic hooey.

  63. He can offer his opinion on the subject just like you, I or anyone else; but he will have no actual say on who is appointed.

    You’re not that naïve, are you? Noone this side of Valerie Jarrett has Obama’s ear more than Sharpton.

  64. “Noone this side of Valerie Jarrett has Obama’s ear more than Sharpton.”

    ^^Your entitled to any opinion you want no matter how silly it is.

  65. Kasie Hunt asked Pat Roberts today whether he supported the Bob Dole view that the government shutdown was a big mistake or the Ted Cruz view that it was a great idea? His answer “both”.

    ‘Turn out the lights, the party’s over’.

  66. Watch out, fritz. Joe is likely to scold you for talking about politics on his blog ICN.

    He’s bored by it. You better move on, lest you get a digital tongue lashing.

  67. I was channel surfing and happened to see Eric Bolling’s b00b comment being discussed on CNN. Too bad I only saw the ending of that discussion. It could have been interesting and missed it since Alisyn Camerota was there. I guess if there was anything interesting it would be on Mediaite.

  68. But I don’t expect anything. Some TV personalities have a bit of professionalism unlike some on FNC.

  69. The CNN segment was fairly lightweight. It was a stupid thing(s) to say, but hardly the end of the world. Stelter says he “chose to dismiss” it, because it’s entertainment and not news. They all pretty much agreed, with things like “just a joke” and “juvenile” being used. The business about the “salute” was also played off as, basically, a cheap appeal to Fox’s audience, and not worth dwelling upon.

  70. This guy took a different approach.

  71. Let’s do it again.

  72. I’m finding it more and more grating every day to hear the word ‘Homeland’ used as a replacement for United States in common speech by hosts, reporters, pundits and politicians of all persuasions.

    To say the least, the word has a checkered history, and sounds like something out of Orwell’s “1984”. It’s genesis comes from Na*i Germany’s ‘Fatherland’ and the Soviet Union’s ‘Motherland’. It was also used in apartheid South Africa to refer to the blacks only districts established by their white rulers.

    In the US it came into general usage with the Bush administration’s establishment of the Department of ‘Homeland’ Security. There were complaints at the time but the term became common and now is ubiquitous.

    The recent upsurge in the word’s usage seems to stem from the recent mid-east crisis and the rise of ISIS. Now in many cases where people are referring to the United States; as in ‘the troops were returning to the US’ they say ‘the troops were returning to the Homeland’. It’s just creepy.

  73. Roland Martin appeared on MJ this morning. I never liked him at CNN so seeing him again wasn’t a pleasant experience.

  74. FNC is on a roll with hosts and guest making offensive comments related to women.
    From F&F joking about the Ray Rice incident, to Eric Bolling mocking a female fighter pilot “Boobs on the ground.” and now we have guest David Webb on Outnumbered saying he would not date Debbie Wasserman Schultz if she was the last person on earth and she is so toxic no man would date her.

    While I’m sure it was not intentional and he meant politically toxic,
    does Webb know Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a breast cancer survivor?
    He might not want to use the word toxic.

  75. Webb also said “You would have to be the world lowest beta male to want to date someone like that.”

    You can dislike her politically but the nasty personal attack is uncalled for.

    Of course the 4 women on Outnumbered say nothing back at him.

  76. What is it with men that they think the beginning and end of a woman’s existence is whether or not a man would do her? I can’t stand Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but I’m also damn near positive that her only concern for David Webb is the fact that he makes conservative males look like sexist jerks. And that is fine with her.

  77. While Outnumbered the non-news programme was on, CNN had live coverage of fighting between Kurds and IS right in front of their crew on the Turkey-Syria border. CNN eventually labelled it as exclusive live coverage (and I believe it was, it definitely wasn’t on BBC WN, never checked AJE though). This reminds me FNC doesn’t understand what exclusive means.

  78. *As a reminder, I’m not picking on FNC, it’s quality and standards have plummeted. MSNBC is not a news channel.

  79. The Post is such a sentimentalist.

  80. ^ The fine journalistic standards of Rupert Murdoch strikes again.

  81. and FNC says there’s no war on women.

  82. Looks like she’s got company…

  83. Chelsea’s baby should be off limits to partisan BS. But no, we have a lunatic Australian cheapening and propagandizing our news media, so New Yorkers get that front page on their newsstands. Great.

  84. Chelsea’s baby should be off limits to partisan BS.

    Sarah Palin’s wasn’t. You reap what you sow, brother.

    And it’s not like the Clintons haven’t been playing the “We’re just happy-go-lucky grandparents-to-be” for the past 6 months now as a way to avoid actual questions about 2016. You can’t use the baby as a shield and then get outraged that someone hits back.

  85. Good Lord, what a tortured life we must lead.

  86. ^ Huh?

  87. By that standard, we should just have no standards and be as crude and uncivilized as we want. If conservatives are supposed to be better than liberals morally, show it. Everyone knows actions speak louder than words.

  88. I love the argument that the other side did it so who cares if we do.
    Come on. No news paper was mocking the birth of Jenna Bush on their front cover.

  89. I didn’t think conservatives were supposed to be amoral. My bad.

  90. The Clinton’s used the baby as a shield about 2016? Dude, that’s just weird.

  91. You’re right joe: the Clintons and their press sycophants aren’t trying to capitalize on the world’s most famous grandbaby whatsoever:

    Where’s your outrage now, joe?

  92. Right, now the Clintons are in conspiracy with the press to publish silly articles, which apparently are designed to distract us from a presidential run everyone talks about ad nauseum every d@mn day. It was The Illuminati what did it.

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