CNN’s (Un)Scripting…

Capital New York’s Alex Weprin writes about CNN’s unscripted programming…

With the threat of layoffs from the “Turner 2020” plan hanging over all of Turner Broadcasting, those original programs seem assured to be spared from cuts. If anything, Turner 2020 will amplify CNN’s original programming plans.

But that only intensifies the pressure.

CNN has blocked out 9 p.m. on its schedule for original series, though so far it it does not have nearly enough programs to fill up that schedule. With the new shows launching this fall, and the slate for 2015 just about to take shape, that will soon change.

“I don’t think we have launched three at one time before,” Amy Entelis, CNN’s senior V.P. of talent and content development told Capital, referring to a new season of “Parts Unknown,” and the launches of new shows featuring Lisa Ling and Mike Rowe. “This is sort of a big season for us right now, the most new content that we have put out there since we started this strategy.”


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