Tent Shooting: Round 2?

Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell writes about Chris Wallace trying to tamp down the Fox and Friends hosts responding to Barack Obama’s overhyped FNC swipes yesterday…

“I just didn’t think we belonged in the dialogue,” Brian Kilmeade said. “Just tell me what you think and take on the other party.”

“Are we at the presidential level?” Steve Doocy asked. “Isn’t he punching down?”

“Doesn’t Vladimir Putin get under his skin a little bit more?” Kilmeade asked. “ISIS?” added Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

“Stop being cry babies, my gosh,” Wallace replied with a smirk. “You criticize the president for being thin skinned and you’re being thin skinned.”

Wow…I wonder how that went down with Roger Ailes? Remember that Wallace once before took an opposing view on Fox and Friends and paid dearly for it

In 2008, Wallace criticized Fox & Friends hosts, including Steve Doocy, on the air. Ailes was furious: “You shot inside the tent,” he said to Wallace, whom he called a “jerk.” Wallace sent Ailes a letter of apology, and all was forgiven.


13 Responses to “Tent Shooting: Round 2?”

  1. Chris Wallace is too professional, too rational, and too much of an actual journalist for that crap hole.

  2. Wallace may work for Roger, but I don’t think he considers himself a Fox News anchor..he’s a Fox Broadcast guy. And he treats the F&F crew like he’s Walter Cronkite and they’re “Who the eff are you?” Accurately.

  3. If a Republican POTUS continually whined about CNN or even MSNBC you can bet they’d respond also.

  4. This is a situation that perfectly serves everyone’s interests: Obama gets to blame his and the country’s problems on anyone but himself, which his audience craves. Fox gets to play victim, which is what they live for. Chris Wallace gets to do what the network should do, which is to be an adult, above it all. Everyone’s a winner.

  5. I don’t know, Chris and the F&F gang “fight” all the time.

    Joe, Chris fills in on Special Report all the time and appears on many programs. Though his program airs first on Fox broadcast, it’s a Fox News program. I’d say he, Bret Baier, and the whole Washington Bureau are in a different league from the rest of the network (especially the talking heads), in the sense they they have to work with the government, not just criticize it all the time.

    But yeah, not doubt he feels superior to them. That comes across every week, but hard to tell how much of it is just playful jest.

  6. Has Fox been antidemocrat?

    Have they ever made the government so much the enemy that their viewers would think putin was a stronger leader?

    Show me one time even olbermann said another world leader would have been better “in charge.” It’s almost a treason.

  7. Didn’t watch it so don’t really know, but I suspect Andrew Kirell is unaware of the shtick between Wallace & the F&F boys that’s been going on for years. Kilmeade whines that Wallace is a big-shot broadcast guy who won’t say “hi” to/follow on Facebook/sit with at WH press dinner/etc., and then Wallace insults one or both of the guys. Calling them ‘thin-skinned’ fits right in. I’ve noticed Wallace has similar shticks going with at least a few local anchors during his other Friday hits around the country.

    The little dust-up in ’08 was different. Wallace rightly corrected Doocy and it’s probably important to note that it was Kilmeade who, basically agreeing with Wallace, thought that the short clip used took the president’s words out of context. F&F was a ratings getter back then so Ailes being “furious” was probably for Doocy’s ears and Wallace, being ever the gentleman, was fine with it.

    I’ve been out of country for weeks pretty much living under a rock. The past few days in the news I see beheadings, we’re back in Iraq, Ebola, Rosie O is on The View… and frickin’ Mork died. WTF?

  8. savefarris Says:

    Show me one time even olbermann said another world leader would have been better “in charge.”


  9. Hi Al. As you can see, that rock was an excellent choice. I’d say crawl back under.

  10. Wallace is an adult and a legacy, castigating morons. That, by itself, should indicate that Ailes will do nothing. Assuming that it wasn’t just a bit of jocularic byplay, as indicated above.

  11. harry1420 Says:

    fox and friends..really what a circus act. wallace doesn’t belong on fox…or any legit journalists.

  12. […] This was the infamous “you shot inside the tent” incident which Roger Ailes called Wallace on the carpet for. This was a bad example Weiss chose to cite […]

  13. […] whow used to run the network Hannity and Kelly call home…absolutely abhored tent shooting. Just ask Chris Wallace. MSNBC has had its occasional on air shenanigans but they have mostly been few and far between. […]

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