CNN Workforce Cuts…

TVNewser’s Chris Ariens reports that CNN will be forced to cut its workforce as part of the Turner 2020 initiative…

As part of Turner 2020, the cost-cutting and reorganization plan announced earlier this year, the parent company of CNN, HLN, TBS and others, just announced it plans to cut 1,475 jobs.

The cuts, first announced in August, will come from across the company’s networks and corporate functions and will include layoffs, buyouts and unfilled positions. Turner says it will also add 150 new jobs.

“Employees whose positions are directly impacted will be advised over the next two weeks and will be offered severance pay for transition,” CEO John Martin writes in a note to staff.


3 Responses to “CNN Workforce Cuts…”

  1. With advancements in technology it’s natural some of those jobs will be technical ones. But it’s safe to assume a lot of them are also journalists and producers, where technological advances don’t make their positions redundant.
    It’s just getting harder and harder to become a journalist everywhere these days. If you want to be a journalist that does real news, investigate and research thoroughly, kiss that dream goodbye. Consumers of news should be upset too. Traditional media is dying but what’s replacing it is extremely disappointing. From what I’ve seen, a lot of outlets that have started online and are still online-only just aren’t producing a lot that’s of quality like what traditional media used to do. Content that’s devoid of facts, involve little investigation of claims made, or provide absolutely no context. If that’s not the case, some of the good content is presented in away that’s not professional in an attempt to catch the attention of younger consumers. I’m part of their target demo but it just doesn’t appeal to me and it’s hard to pay attention to or take seriously.

  2. savefarris Says:

    Looks like they may have cut one too many:

    My favorite bit was how the pretext they used to get rid of this guy: plagiarism. Yep, CNN takes a REAL HARDLINE stance on that type of monkey business. … unless … you know …

  3. “But it’s safe to assume a lot of them are also journalists and producers,”

    ^^It seems to me that as CNN morphs from a news network into a reality network they will reach a point where a large news gathering workforce will not be justified by the hours actually spent broadcasting news.

    When you are a full time news network; covering stories all over the world; you need a large and expensive workforce to provide that content. But when you decide to get out of the news broadcasting business you can either change all at once or gradually ease into the new role. CNN has chosen the second route; but it creates a problem of where do you cut personal in the news broadcasting side of the business.

    At some point your workforce will shrink to a size that it just can’t do the job. Then you do what CNN is doing and concentrate your resources on just a few stories and ignore the rest. This works well where you can predict what stories will be news in the near future; 2014 election, mideast wars etc. It also help explain why CNN has focused on a story like Flight 370 for so long. Concentrate your limited resources on one story and mothball the rest.

    The real problem will come when the Dayside shows start to be eliminated. At that point what happens to the remaining newsgathering force?

    I know this thesis has lots of holes but it’s just a theory of what may be going on at CNN at the moment.

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