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  1. savefarris Says:

    To say Obama has damaged the brand, so to speak, is an understatement:

  2. Joe S was awful on MTP yesterday and this morning he was an ass again on MJ.

    Good golly it is hard to find good morning television these days!

  3. Pam, what did Joe S. say yesterday and today?

  4. Jeff Toobin is miffed at the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage. I’m sure he thought Roe was great, too.
    Best I can tell, this ruling is what conservatives always said the Court should have done with abortion, which is leave it to the States. They were never going to declare it “illegal”, “not a right”, or whatever the proper term is, so this is the best that can be expected, particularly if you oppose SSM. It buys a bit more time for people to get used to it, or not.

  5. Scarborough was doing his yelling thing about Ebola, which is the usual noise on MJ, but ridiculous on Meet The Press. Chuck Todd lost control of his panel at one point, and did not look happy about it.

  6. “It buys a bit more time for people to get used to it, or not.”

    ^^People are already used to it. When it’s legal in over half the country and opponents can’t find a single case where it has harmed traditional marriage; the war for SSM is won. Lots of people, but a ever declining number, will still oppose it and states will hold out on legalizing it for a few more years but g*y marriage is now inevitable in the US.

  7. “People are already used to it” and “Lots of people will still oppose it” are not compatible statements. Time to “get used to it” is a much better outcome than the judicial fiat that’s generally preferred by liberals. As we saw with Roe.

  8. “Chuck Todd lost control of his panel at one point, and did not look happy about it.”

    ^^This was the first week where I thought the show declined. Part of the problem was the cutesy new mini-sets that Todd was forced to navigate between, part the really weak, pundit filled, guest list, and part Scarborough and Axelrod on the panel. Todd to seemed to force his performance as if he knew it was all wrong.

    Bring back a simple table style desk, lose the gimmicks, have mostly topic experts as guests and have only reporters on the panel.

  9. They turned MTP into Morning Joe without Mika. Of course, the fatal flaw in this is that if you put Joe into a setting which feels just like Morning Joe, he’s going to naturally take over the conversation just like on Morning Joe. While yelling. Bad plan.

  10. Thanks for the info, Joe.

  11. Carolmr: the other commenters here summed up pretty nicely what I was going for. Normally I would have responded more quickly but had some day surgery today. Pain and drugs made me not respond.

  12. Hey Pam, I didn’t mean to steal your thunder, but this is what I tweeted last night while watching the MTP re-air on MSNBC:

    Hey Scarborough, this is Meet The Press, not Morning Joe. Stop yelling at people.

    It was annoying, then he did it again on MJ.

    I’m sorry to hear about surgery, get better fast.

  13. No problem joe. And thanks for the well wishes.

  14. Feel better, Pam.

  15. Wishing and praying for a speedy recovery for you Pam.

  16. “Best I can tell, this ruling is what conservatives always said the Court should have done with abortion, which is leave it to the States.”

    I’m not sure that’s right, is it? The federal courts are overturning state laws on marriage. That’s what this was about. I.e, whether the Supreme Court should rule on these lower court decisions which are being appealed by the states that don’t recognize SSM.

    So it’s not really the states changing the laws; it’s courts – federal ones – overturning the state laws. That’s not “the states” deciding the issue it seems to me.

    Sure, some states are changing their laws but the debate here is about whether these lower federal court decisions should be addressed by the Supreme Court.

  17. Oops.
    “Stop Rush” founder may want to explain some old racist, h0m0phobic writing

  18. savefarris Says:

    Sarah Palin was right:

    Obama thought if he refused to build the pipeline, the Canadians would just forget they were sitting on all that oil and refuse to harvest it. Instead, it’s getting sold to our greatest geopolitical foe.

    Heck of a job, Baracky.

  19. The pipeline was such a no brainer decision. I highly doubt Obama opposed it. He let the opportunity go for purely political purposes so as not to agitate not really his base but the most extreme, crackpot, basement dwelling portion of his base. But, he largely gets a pass. Cuz it’s ok that he’s all about politics. Cuz, he’s special.

  20. savefarris Says:

    Our unbiased media at work (1 of 3):

    Politifact dings Thom Tillis for saying that ObamaCare will “kill 2.5 million jobs”.

    Mind you, they’re not denying the 2.5 million part. Their sole objection is the use of the words “kill jobs”.

  21. savefarris Says:

    Our unbiased media at work (2 of 3):

    Guess what Politifact had no trouble with 2 years ago?

  22. savefarris Says:

    Our unbiased media at work (3 of 3):

    Guess what Politifact had no trouble with 3 years ago?

  23. Monica Crowley ‏@MonicaCrowley
    Not an SNL skit> RT Obama slams GOP billionaires then goes to $32k-a-head fundraiser-hosted by man named Rich Richman

  24. Easy there Farris. You’re being all race-baitey and someone might tell the teacher on you.

    Rich Richman – that story literally made me snicker.

  25. No idea if the Jon Stewart story is true but (unfortunately) it wouldn’t surprise me. NBC/MSNBC appear to be run by people who think the land between LA and NY/DC is inhabited by no one.

  26. It would have been a strange experiment to hire an openly liberal comedian with no journalistic background, but I can see what NBC saw in it: Jon Stewart is the most brutal political interviewer since Tim Russert. Subjugating his comedic instincts would have been difficult, but if he could do it, Meet The Press would be a better show than what we’re stuck with now.

  27. I have this crazy view that Leon Panetta’s first loyalty is to the country and the office of the presidency and not the man occupying it.

    If he thinks the President – and the country – is headed in the wrong direction, should he just keep it to himself?

    I find all of these journalists – Charlie Rose and Dana Milbank are the latest examples – who seem to be more concerned with him criticizing the President then the specific criticism completely irresponsible.

    President Obama’s been asleep at the switch. Letting him sleep isn’t going to help him any. Or the country.

  28. savefarris Says:

    Stewart has the capacity to be tough, but all too often he plays adoring fanboy (see the last Hillary interview). And his one attempt at “real” advocacy accomplished the daily double of being embarrassingly naive AND easily misinterpreted.

    That 30 Rock honchos thought Stewart was worthy of the seat helps explain why NBC is doing a Terrific Titanic impression.

  29. NBC was hoping to attract young people to the show with the Stewart hire. Really, you think that crowd is going to be awake on a Sunday morning to watch politics TV?

    I have kids in the age demo they would have been after and there is no way that would be there choice of TV ever! They can’t understand why my husband and Inwatch the TV we do in the evening!

  30. Carol Costello very unhappy that Duncan Hunter relayed he was informed by Border Patrol that ISIS fighters have tried to cross Mexican border.

    Costello’s guest doesn’t believe it reasonable that terrorists would cross into the USA from Mexican border cuz they could just all come in at the ports. Uh, ok.

    Ends segment with him by transitioning “so, if it’s unlikely ISIS terrorists are sneaking into the country through Mexico…”

    That’s not unlikely at all. It’s not unlikely that any particular person from any particular place could be sneaking in. It’s a mess at the border. My state has become a mess because of the border and these liberal elitist jackholes who’ve never venture outside of the NY/DC area don’t know Shiite.

  31. This is another area where liberals just “believe” something, and it’s more a matter of faith than belief. It is completely unreasonable to discount the idea that a certain group is coming over the border. Period. But they do it, based upon the idea that having a mostly-open border is the “right thing”, and when you view something as “right”, you can’t ever admit the drawbacks of having it that way.

    Then there’s this. I’m tired of hearing people say that it’s “fear-mongering” or “conspiratorial” to doubt what’s being said about Ebola. These issues are not unrelated, not when we clearly have a President who doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing, presiding over a government that seems to have reached the outer limits of its semi-competence.

  32. Neither Greta Van Susteran nor Carol Costello nor anyone else can confirm Hunter’s statement. His source amounts to “some dude told me”, which is juxtaposed with much reporting asserting that ISIS is right now focused on dominating the region it operates in in the Middle East. They do not appear to have much invested in jumping to Mexico, then the USA, at this point. Hunter made it up.

  33. Andrea Tantaros bleating nonsense about witch doctors, and Dagan McDowell telling Hannity you can get Ebola from subway stations, is most definitely fear-mongering. The news media has a duty with ISIS and Ebola to say things they have some ability to verify. Going on TV and saying “Well, I don’t believe this; well, I definitely believe this” is just saying stuff. “Just saying stuff” about terrorism and disease is deeply irresponsible.

  34. Good points “Lynn”. I would think it almost unreasonable not to believe terrorists of some sort aren’t coming across our southern border. It’s vast and largely open. The CNN guest didn’t think terrorists would sneak across the border because they could just use their visas. Uh, ok.

    Liberals like Costello don’t want it to be possible because it hurts their view that only awesome law-abiding people looking for a better life are coming across.

  35. That’s rightwing talking point bollocks, Chris. If a private citizen wants to go on a blog and shout IT COULD HAPPEN and I DON’T BELIEVE ANYBODY, that’s fine. It doesn’t work that way on a news show (if that show doesn’t suck). “ISIS could invade from Mexico” is not a news story, it’s just someone saying “what if?”. Duncan Hunter gave Greta and Carol nothing to work with but “somebody told me”, so they have nothing to work with.

  36. savefarris Says:

    His source amounts to “some dude told me”

    Worked for Harry Reid re: Mitt’s taxes.

    which is juxtaposed with much reporting asserting that ISIS is right now focused on dominating the region it operates in in the Middle East. They do not appear to have much invested in jumping to Mexico, then the USA, at this point.

    Given Intellegence’s recent track record (Saddam’s got WMDs lying around everywere, ISIS is JV, nothing to worry about re: Ebola, we’re not collecting any metadata, Russia is just kidding about Ukraine), their claims that ISIS has no desire to strike us here doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

  37. savefarris Says:

    If today’s lead in the WaPo is accurate about WH involvement in the Columbian hooker scandal, CNN’s newest employee has some ‘splainin to do.

    Previously, on “Jay Carney Obfuscates”…

    “There are no, to my knowledge, and have been no credible or specific allegations of misconduct by any member of the White House advance team or White House staff.”

    … Whoops!

  38. “CNN’s newest employee has some ‘splainin to do”

    Be interesting to see when/if they have him on

  39. If he was smart, he’d shrug and say “We won. Live with it.”.

  40. Duncan Hunter is an idiot. When Greta doesn’t buy your BS you know you’ve jumped the shark. Besides why would ISIS bother to send terrorists here through Mexico when they have hundreds of members right here in the USA ready and willing to do their dirty work?

  41. imnotblue Says:

    Because “ready and willing” is different than “willing and able.” They’re not trained, and a foiled attack is bad for recruiting. Think about the shoe bomber or the underwear bomber… foolish attempts like that the get stopped before they have a chance to bring anyone harm, do a lot of damage.

    I just don’t understand this head-in-the-sand mentality that says, “Nuh-uh. They couldn’t come here, and they don’t want to.” I don’t understand if it’s fear, politics, or just too uncomfortable to recognize the pure common sense of it all. It’s the, “It could never happen to me,” mentality… and it’s going to get a lot of people killed!

  42. “”

    Excellent article farris. You should read it. It says it could be many years, if ever, before this pipeline is approved let alone built. Like Keystone there are big plus and minuses for doing it – or not.

    There’s also talk of a pipeline to the BC coast, but it has even more opponents the Keystone or Energy East.

    Toss in a probable change in the Canadian government next year and you have a much better shot of Keystone, being approved, in the next two years, than a new bitumen pipeline being green lit in Canada – to either coast.

    “Instead, it’s getting sold to our greatest geopolitical foe.”

    ^^ Are you referring to Europe or India?

  43. savefarris Says:

    Like Keystone there are big plus and minuses for doing it – or not.

    Big plusses, yes. “Big Minuses”? Are you sure you read the right article? Other than a few objections from some NIMBY Quebec enviros, everything appears to have been worked out.

    FACT: That oil is coming out of the ground, whether you, Obama, Quebecians, or Albertan aboriginals want it to or not. There’s too much money at stake for it not to. There are only 2 questions:

    A) Will it be transported via pipeline (safest and cheapest) or will it be transported via truck/rail (more expensive and more prone to accident)?

    B) Will it benefit the US or some other country?

    Obama’s actions have told us how he would prefer to answer those questions.

  44. “I just don’t understand this head-in-the-sand mentality…”

    What’s even better is it often comes from people who think GWB should have been able to stop terrorists from flying planes into buildings.

  45. If you want to talk about the border, knock yourself out..nobody’s saying people can’t deal with the issue. If you’re gonna tell Greta 10 ISIS guys slipped in through Mexico, cough up a better source than “some dude told me.” This isn’t complicated.

  46. I have no idea who told what to Duncan Hunter, and haven’t actually been following his claims that closely, since I don’t watch his favored shows on Fox. If he claims to have heard something, and people are now denying it, I’d like to know who those people are, and how many of their prior claims are no longer operable (in other words, untrue). Because that’s where we’ve gotten, with this Administration. Whether-or-not Duncan Hunter is full of it, that fact cannot be established by anyone with any attachment to this Administration. Because they either continually lie, continually make blithe assurances about serious matters, or continually do things that, oops, don’t quite work out the way they planned.

  47. Come on folks. Ten or more ISIS terrorists sneak across the border from Mexico and are captured by the border patrol and only Duncan Hunter knows about it. If that were true it would be all over the far right blogs. Get real.

  48. savefarris Says:

    Yes fritz, this Administration has been the model of forthrightness and honesty. Nothing is ever hidden, glossed over, or denied now only to be proven correct later.

    That’s unheard of!

    Besides, we already have confirmation of at least one terrorist crossing the border:

  49. Sure, we’re just gonna buy whatever some Republican says because “I don’t trust this administration.” That’s a fact free world barely worthy of a truck driver calling Rush. Let’s face it, this Hunter dude thought he could blurt his crap out on Fox without being challenged. He didn’t realize there’s a difference between Greta and Judge Jeanine. Whoops.

  50. “Will it be transported via pipeline (safest and cheapest) or will it be transported via truck/rail (more expensive and more prone to accident)?

    ^^For the next 4-8 years it will be trains and trucks. After that who knows. Shipping oil is unsafe no matter how you do it. The cost is only relevant to the oil companies who pass on to the consumer.

    “Will it benefit the US or some other country?”

    ^^ Neither. Big oil and the pipeline owners will be the benefactors. Most of the refined oil will be shipped to China, India, Europe etc. because they pay more than the US for refined oil products. The US is rapidly switching to natural gas and alternate fuels and oil consumption is declining now and will decline even more in the next decade.

    Some temporary jobs will be created in building the pipeline and cleaning up after the inevitable leaks and spills and just as many full time jobs will be lost in the rail and oil transport industry as they lose business to pipelines. The refiners and ports are built and will need few extra employees to handle Keystone crude. As you say they already get the oil by rail/truck.

    The US doesn’t even get much of a tax benefit as big oil is the largest tax avoider in the United States.

  51. If Greta challenged him, isn’t that the story? From a cable-news perspective, anyway. Is he telling the truth? I don’t know. Is what he’s saying beyond the realm of possibility? Hardly.

  52. She’s a treasure.
    Mediaite ‏@Mediaite
    Joan Walsh on Ebola Victim: ‘Probably No Accident’ He Died in ‘Rick Perry’s Texas’ (By @eScarry)

  53. “Is he telling the truth? I don’t know.”

    ^^No he’s lying. He wants publicity and now he has it. Think Palin or Trump wannabe.

    “Is what he’s saying beyond the realm of possibility? Hardly.”

    ^^Yes it is. No one in the MSM is talking about. If there was even a tiny kernel of truth to his story it would be much bigger than the Ebola story and be the lead item on every news show. Heck even FNC isn’t talking about it much. That tells you everything you need to know about the tales veracity. It’s BS. End of story.

  54. Is there a more irresponsible and/or ridiculous person on cable news than Keith Ablow?

    Who decided that he deserves being interviewed?

    Even by the low standards of cable the man repeatedly says ridiculous things.

  55. And that was in a column, into which one assumes he put a fair amount of thought, and wasn’t just an off-the-cuff comment. Not that he apologizes for those, either.

  56. That’s even better.

    These were his well thought out views and not something off the cuff?

    Lordy, what does he say when he’s winging it?

  57. “Michelle Obama grew the Ebola virus in her White House Garden.”

    There’s Ablow when he really lets loose.

    I made that up just in case you think he actually said that.

  58. Drudge has the following two heads on top of one another.

    “Oversized body causes fire at crematory”


    “Will: Christy lays groundwork for ’16”.

    Just a boating accident I’m sure.

  59. savefarris Says:

    Maddow’s “proof” that Duncan was full of it was asking Homeland Security. You know, the ones who have the most to gain from lying about their incompetence.


  60. “Maddow’s “proof” that Duncan was full of it was asking Homeland Security. You know, the ones who have the most to gain from lying about their incompetence.”

    ^^Well if they actually caught 10 ISIS terrorists crossing the border it would be a success for DHS. Why would they lie to cover up a successful operation. Maybe there keeping the ISIS terrorists in Roswell with all those other secret illegal aliens.

  61. savefarris Says:

    Why would they lie to cover up a successful operation.

    Because less than a week ago, the Commander in Chief went on National TV and told everyone that there was no threat whatsoever that ISIS was on their way here and there was nothing to worry about. It’s the same reason they didn’t go public with ISIS’s rise in 2012, because doing so would have ruined the election narrative.

    To relate it to today’s other big news, why would they lie to cover up the Columbian hooker scandal? Because they could.

  62. BREAKING: We did not have a successful intercept of 10 ISIS terrorists that would have been proof that our border is secure. He made it up.

  63. I would like the Keystone pipeline built because oil being transported by rail is very dangerous. The demand isn’t going away. That said, those oil companies have done some very terrible things and tried to cover them up. Their influence in local and national politics is disturbing too. Some of the tactics are close to those of authoritarian regimes. I have no problems with fossil fuels but there’s a right way to do things.

  64. savefarris Says:

    You sound pretty confident.

    As confident as “If you like your doctor…”?
    As confident as “not a smidgen”?
    As confident as “It’s unlikely ebola ever reaches our shores”?
    As confident as “The website is gonna work”?
    As confident as “we’re not collecting metadata”?
    As confident as “unemployment will never reach 8%”?
    As confident as “ISIS is JV”?
    As confident as “Osama is dead and GM is alive”?
    As confident as “Assad has crossed the red line”?
    As confident as “Ukraine has nothing to worry about”?

  65. I’m confidant that some idiot going on Fox News to proclaim we’ve secretly stopped 10 ISIS terrorists at the border is lying. He made it up, and assumed a channel which prides itself on making up its own news would run with it. He guessed wrong.

  66. icemannyr Says:

    “The Five” August 5th

    TANTAROS: Well, I do think there’s cause for concern. I mean, you have 190,000 flights coming in to JFK alone, 21 million people a year. A lot of them coming from this region of the world.

    I will say this — in places like New York City, they do practice alternative medicine. So you could have somebody come from one of these countries, go visit a family member and go see a nontraditional doctor who practices Santeria in neighborhoods like Queens. This is not unheard of, if he comes with a family member, if somebody gets sick on a flight from JFK because it’s passed through bodily fluids, through vomit or something else.

  67. imnotblue Says:

    I don’t practice Santeria
    I ain’t got no crystal ball
    Well, I had a million dollars but I, I’d spend it all.

  68. Gwyneth Paltrow. What can you say? She’s neat.

  69. savefarris Says:

    Wendy Davis has been better than I could have possibly imagined.

    Please someone, give her some money so she can run in 2016.


  70. savefarris Says:

    Greg Abbot’s new campaign theme…

    They see me rollin’,
    they hatin’
    And tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty

  71. savefarris Says:

    Obama, yesterday: “The 2014 elections will be about the economy”

    Dow, today:

  72. Arise News. Another news channel trying to get into the US market.

  73. Slublog ‏@Slublog Not sure what’s worse. What @Milbank said, or that the culture of MSNBC is so toxic that he felt free to say it:

  74. The great thing about the CNNi simulcasts is they use the metric system. Aside from -40, 32, 70, 95, and 250, I would have no clue as to what the rest would feel.

  75. icemannyr Says:

    Apparently a First Lady campaigning is just the worst thing ever because Tuckler Carlosn was whining about it on F&F.

    “She’s campaigning for candidates as a partisan Democrat trying to get Democrats elected but she’s also the President’s wife so you can’t criticize her without being called out of bounds.”

    “She’s the only person in America who gets to behave like Harry Reed & gets treated like Mother Teresa.”

    “I think it’s awful. I disagree completely with what she’s doing. She’s campaigning for candidates. I feel completely entitled to criticize her for that. Once you enter the political arena I’m sorry it’s fair to say we don’t like it.”

  76. icemannyr Says:

    Yeah there’s no L in Tucker.

    After making a big deal over the video from the Conservative biased campus reform asking Harvard students is America or ISIS a bigger threat to world peace FNC is now making a big deal over a school district talking about a possible policy to use gender neutral names for students.

    This story just like the Harvard one has been on just about every FNC show and F&F just did another segment on it.

  77. I’d like to inform the idiot on Twitter that a guest on MSNBC is responsible for his own stupid comments, not “the culture at MSNBC.” Milbank said a LOT of weird crap yesterday.

  78. I resemble that remark. 😉

    It’s like Milbank has Olbermann-flashbacks. A minor form of PTSD.

  79. MSNBC is not responsible for the ridiculous, awful comment Milbanks said. What it is responsible for is the lack of pushback the host gave him. That was awful just as awful as when Ablow says stupid shit on Fox and nobody pushes back against him.

  80. Mildly amusing, but with something that triggers moderation for no obvious reason.

  81. icemannyr Says:

    Pirro just may have topped Tantaros for dumbest comment related to ebola.

    Tonight in her opening rant she said,
    “So what should happen to miss not so friendly skies, the one who subs an Army Ranger who she says is not first class. The one who yells at passengers who offer to give up their first class seat? Ma’am I don’t know what your name is and I hope I never find out because not only do you have no class, you have no honor.
    You know what? As U.S. Airways investigates the role of this flight attendant I have an idea. I’ll be kind. She should not lose her job. She should stay an employee of U.S Air in maintenance cleaning toilets on all flights coming in from West Africa. Someones gotta do it.”

    To have a response like that is beyond discusting.

  82. That woman is a race-baiting lunatic. Roger Ailes doesn’t mind.

  83. imnotblue Says:

    What did Pirro’s comment have to do with Ebola or race?

    Oh… And speaking of race baiting:

    This is the “everything is racist” world the left has been building for the past few years.

  84. A. A disgusting comment about disease from Africa is race-baiting. B. You have no right to attack a grieving family member. If they think their relative was discriminated against, leave them alone to think it.

  85. icemannyr Says:

    Add to that flight attendant comment, Pirro just showed an on the street segment where she is asking a dog “Are you worried about Ebola?”.

    Ebola is not something you use to make nasty personal attacks on a flight attendant or joke about.

  86. “What did Pirro’s comment have to do with Ebola or race”

    The slam about cleaning toilets obviously ebola. But to claim something about “race” is reactionary nuttery.

  87. Oh bullshyte. Every claim of race-baiting is met by a denial by you people. It was rank race-baiting from that lunatic. Intentional, on purpose.

  88. I’ve heard ebola jokes from all over. News. Late night. Friends. Strangers. You’re kinda over reacting

  89. You’re kind of oblivious to the terms “toilet” and “Africa” coming from a Fox host’s mouth. It’s racial and disgusting. Intentionally, on purpose.

  90. Over reacting comment intended for you ice as I only respond to rational, thoughtful people.

  91. Uh huh. You’ve never once accepted an accusation of racism or race-baiting against a white person. The problem is you.

  92. icemannyr Says:

    I’m thankful for every person who has served this country in the military and the flight attendant was wrong for doing that.

    However for Pirro to suggest that of the flight attendant “She should stay an employee of U.S Air in maintenance cleaning toilets on all flights coming in from West Africa.” is a nasty disgusting comment to make.

    She does indirectly makes it about race by saying West Africa.

  93. imnotblue Says:

    Ebola’s not something to joke about? I dunno Ice, I think we can’t always be so sensitive. The flight attendant was really foolish, and either consciously rude or unable to think for themself. Moving them seems appropriate.

    Besides, I’m pretty sure Jon Stewart would disagree with what is and isn’t allowed to be joked about.

    I have the right and ability to comment on anything I see fit. If you don’t like it, you can overreact and scream like a lunatic all you want… but I can’t pretend to care.

  94. icemannyr Says:

    “I’ve heard ebola jokes from all over.” How many of them were standing on a NYC street asking a dog “Are you worried about Ebola?” How is that funny?

  95. imnotblue Says:

    There’s a difference between “not funny” and “offensive.”

  96. icemannyr Says:


    “She should stay an employee of U.S Air in maintenance cleaning toilets on all flights coming in from West Africa.” Offensive.

    Pirro standing on a NYC street asking a dog “Are you worried about Ebola?” Not funny.

  97. I have no use for Pirro but it was about a disease. Ebola. Not race. She was clearly upset about the flight attendant and ebola is the big news story. To suggest anything about race is absurd. If the disease originated and was spreading across Sweden and was the big news story she’d have said cleaning toilets on flights from Sweden.

  98. imnotblue Says:

    Were jokes about Mad Cow Disease racist? Were jokes about Bird Flu racist?

    Come on. Since when did everyone get so unbearably sensitive?

  99. In other news, Shep Smith is gonna be in a good mood this week. His Rebels are beating the shiite out of A&M right now.

  100. The comment was racial in nature. That woman is psychotic.

  101. icemannyr Says:

    “I have no use for Pirro”
    There’s something we can all agree on.

  102. Hero healthcare worker in Dallas infected with Ebola. Or, racist who couldn’t save Liberian man infected. Depending on your POV.

  103. Not happy F&FW cut one of Ainsley’s segments about the 60th anniversary of the Ferrari. Not sure why we needed to see Kevin McCarthy review a movie he reviwed on Friday or Pete Hegseth bash Obama for the jillionth time.

  104. What a joy Joy Ann Reid is.

  105. icemannyr Says:

    But what she said is the same as Pirro so it’s not a big deal right?

  106. icemannyr Says:

    According to Heather Childers on voters and the mid term elections “And a sense that the government is not releasing all the information it has on both Ebola and the situation in ISIS and I’m wondering with mid term elections is that part of the strategy is that what’s going on they’re going to wait until after on both counts?”

    Anyone else reporting on this conspire theory to hide information on Eboia and ISIS till the election is over?

  107. Do what? They are not remotely comparable. JAR was effectively blaming republicans for the spread of ebola. Pirro was mad at a flight attendant and basically told her where she could stick it.

    You’re smarter than that.

  108. icemannyr Says:

    Selective outrage.

  109. imnotblue Says:

    Yes… “Selective.”

    Just so long as the “selection” is between “actually foolish and offensive comments” and “bad jokes.”

  110. icemannyr Says:

    FNC let Pirro do another live show tonight and it was all about ebola.
    Only she could smile and laugh throughout the show.
    They should have let a real news anchor do that hour.

  111. imnotblue Says:

    Smiling? On TV?!


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