Free for All: 10/13/14

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  1. Morning Joe has sunk to a new low. They had that Chrisley guy and his wife on this morning. Next up: Honey Boo Boo!

  2. I saw part of that. Reminded me of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. Creepy.

  3. imnotblue Says:

    ‘Republican Cuts Kill’: Ad Ties GOP’s Health Funding Cuts to Ebola

    So two weeks ago, Republicans were fear-mongering and racist for worrying about Ebola.

    Now, it’s Republican’s (and Rick Perry’s) fault for not doing anything and cutting (but not really) funds to stop Ebola.

    But please, let’s continue to discuss whether Jeanine Pirro smiles too much when talking about Ebola. Clearly, that’s the outrageous part of this situation.

  4. icemannyr Says:

    The hate for Obama continues on FNC.
    Stacey Dash on “Outnumbered” saying “I don’t think he [Obama] likes our country.”

  5. People disagree with Obama…


    The horrors!

  6. There’s disagreeing with Obama which is fine,
    than there is the conservative talking point that Obama hates this country.
    Sure he ran for President twice just to destroy it even though he’s still going to be here when his Presidency is over.

    Again I did not vote for Obama in the last election however this line that he hates America that conservatives like Dinesh D’souza and actress like Stacey Dash promote is just silly.

  7. I don’t think he “hates” America but I think he views it the way many liberals do – deeply flawed, the cause for most of the world’s problems, more of a source for bad than good, in need of a radical transformation, etc.

    That’s the belief of many liberals. And, it’s not a stretch to think it’s his belief as well.

  8. You said it much better than Stacey Dash did.

  9. ^ put me on FNC!

  10. But please, let’s continue to discuss whether Jeanine Pirro smiles too much when talking about Ebola. Clearly, that’s the outrageous part of this situation.

    It’s the cable news part of the situation. But I guess talking about cable news on a cable news blog is out of the question.

  11. Jeanine Pirro is to the legal/news profession what Keith Ablow is to the mental health profession. Speaking of.

  12. Last night I watched Mike Rowe’s first Somebody’s Gotta Do It from sometime last week on CNN. It was… good. Certainly entertaining but not great. As for this type of programme being on a cable news network, I guess it’s informative.

    Judge Pirro used to be an occasional guest on somebody’s show years ago and she was refreshing. She’d pluck out some fact from reading the case history that no one else brought up in such a way that I almost expected others on the panel to smack their own foreheads and ask why they hadn’t thought of it. But not long after she was showing up on the air more regularly, often to opine about things she clearly had little personal knowledge of. This quickly morphed into her style of manufactured controversy and that’s probably what got Ms Pirro her own show. She’s about as pleasant to watch as would be Ted Koppel hosting Family Feud.

    That Keith Ablow has an ‘MD” after his name, to me, is embarrassing. Sanjay Gupta being a notable exception, I have personally observed many physicians who regularly appear on network television talking about serious medical subjects give out information that they must have, at least partially, pulled out of their butts. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard Ablow say anything with at least that level of professional opinion.

  13. It’s bad enough when they have barely-qualified people on to discuss politics, since what really “qualifies” you to talk about that? These people, like it or not, represent professions. I would hate for some person with a mental illness to have Dr Ablow as their impression of what to expect, should they decide to seek help. But I know that it’s stupid to be concerned with such a thing.

  14. People have been calling their governments to ban flights from West Africa (or even the country of ‘Africa’ from some) over Ebola. Here’s the problem if you leave in Canada or the US according to Wikipedia (and it has rarely disappointed me): there are no direct flights between Canada or the US and Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Leone. The few airlines that served those three airports before the epidemic have cancelled all their flights to and from those places. It appears the only places where people from those three countries can go to are Brussels, Paris, Casablanca, and Istanbul. So unless they’re demanding flight bans from those four Ebola-free cities, they’re essentially demanding a ban on non-existent flights. I could be wrong and Wikipedia is not an ideal source so it would be nice if a news org could look into it. They can contact airliners and aviation authorities and actually get a response and disseminate the information they receive.

  15. *live in Canada or the US
    And ‘three airports’ refers to the fact each of the three most severely affected countries have only one international airport, the others barely function.

  16. Fox has a consistent problem with people deeming themselves experts on whatever damn thing is in the news that day. Last night it was Billo deciding he knows more about Ebola than the doctor who’s been telling us about it at press conferences. Apparently the issue is that Dr. Frieden won’t go on his ridiculous show, so he must be A LIAR. It was quite a performance from the old gasbag.

  17. Bill might have been over the top but the fundamental questions he asked are ones being asked by many, including my husband and his colleagues who work in healthcare (hands on with patients – emergency and non-emergency). The story keeps changing from the “so-called experts” and all who are truly paying attention have noticed that.

    Now, does he get his practicing information from TV hosts? No, but he does need to respond to what patients who come to the hospital are asking as they are in a more fragile state because of health situations they are/may be experiencing.

    This has been an effed up response from our CDC and healthcare workers know it.

  18. imnotblue Says:

    That’s a good point… FNC is the only network where pundits are allowed to comment on jobs they’ve never held. Never see criticism (or praise, for that matter) of military decisions, legal issues, health, education, religion, etc by hosts on other networks.

    Nope, never happens.

    Heck, I’m glad I work in media or else I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on in making such a point.

  19. The CDC’s Tom Frieden who O’Reilly says is a liar hiding information is a guest on The Kelly File tonight.

    O’Reilly must be mad not only is Frieden not doing his show but is going on Kelly’s show instead.

  20. Gretchen in her show promo says “New estimates show that up to 10,000 people a week now could get Ebola in the comming months.”
    Who did those estimates? What areas are they talking about?
    I hope when she does the segment she notes the sources for that.

  21. There’s a difference between interviewing experts and having an opinion, and the crazy “we know better” crap Fox does. Keith Ablow thinks POTUS is intentionally undermining the Ebola response because he wants Americans to suffer; Andrea Tantaros is flailing around with crazy crap about Santeria and witch doctors; O’Reilly is screaming HE’S LYING, FIRE HIM because the doc won’t go on his show. It’s irresponsible stupidity.

  22. Don’t forget to add Turmp. How many business owners people show up on CNN or MSNBC to give their opinions on Ebola and ISIS?

    BTW Cretchen’s source is the World Health Organization.

  23. Bah that got messed up, since there is no edit on WP, take two.

    Don’t forget to add Trump. How many business owners show up on CNN or MSNBC to give their opinions on Ebola and ISIS?

    BTW Gretchen’s source is the World Health Organization.

  24. I know there are a lot of posts about MSNBC’s problems but I think the biggest problem right now is that they’re a political network wanting to do politics in a time of global crisis.

    With everything going on right now, nobody gives a damn about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

  25. INB…don’t forget, every newsperson knows better about how to handle riots and mobs than the police. But…FOX!

  26. savefarris Says:

    With everything going on right now, nobody gives a damn about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

    That’s probably the most sexist thing ever published on ICN!

  27. FNC and MSNBC have gone more political since the 2008 election and their news talk and opinion shows are mostly covering political topics.

  28. Watcihg “The Cycle” and I’ve noticed that Abby Huntsman has very much been the lead on this program. I’m wondering if this falls in to how they change their lineup.

  29. Abby is also the only apparent regular host now. The rest of the Cycle crew gets shifted out for subs, and Abby is doing a lot of one-on-one interviews

  30. imnotblue Says:

    Well that’s true too, lone. Basically, everyone knows better than FNC. Everyone can and should give their opinions, except for those who work for FOX.

    Furthermore, you should stick to cable news when writing on this site (even on open threads)… unless you don’t want to, and are talking about the “right” kind of people. Then you can do whatever you want.

    There isn’t a double standard. Trust me.

  31. savefarris Says:

    The NYT buries the lede:

    Wait, how can there be casualties from Iraq’s WMDs if we “never found any”?

  32. savefarris Says:

    MSNBC: The place for crackpots

    Andrea Mitchell thinks Greg Abbott is faking it.

  33. Gosh, is CNN doing some sneaky advertising for Ancestry Dot Com? Isn’t that adorable…

  34. It helps to read the article.

    The United States had gone to war declaring it must destroy an active weapons of mass destruction program. Instead, American troops gradually found and ultimately suffered from the remnants of long-abandoned programs, built in close collaboration with the West.

  35. “It helps to read the article.”

    ^^Farris rarely gets past the headline. It’s what makes his comments so cute.

  36. This crap is all over Twitter. Somehow leftover chemicals from before the Gulf War are now proof that we had to go back or “mushroom cloud”. It’s stupid.

  37. icemannyr Says:

    Is it really that hard to find FBN on your TV service provider?
    This week multiple times per day the FBN channel finder promo is being broadcast on FNC.

    When an FBN business person is on FNC they now change to a custom FBN lower third graphic showing the URL for the FBN channel finder.

    With the FBN lower third graphic they cover up the right side of the screen with the FOX search lights which is not needed.

    Here’s a sample of the graphics,

  38. savefarris Says:

    The United States had gone to war declaring it must destroy an active weapons of mass destruction program.

    Uh, no it didn’t.

  39. icemannyr Says:

    Has any cable news channel mentioned that Rick Perry is not even in Texas right now?
    Has he commented on the latest ebola case?

    The President has cancelled campaign events in NJ and CT scheduled for this afternoon and evening.

  40. We were told Saddam had reconstituted his WMD program and could be a year away from a nuclear bomb able to reach New York City. A stash of old chemicals is not that.

  41. savefarris Says:

    “Trying to reconstitute” != “reconstituted”.

    Go ahead, re-read the Axis of Evil speech. Here, I’ll help:

    Iraq continues to flaunt its hostility toward America and to support terror. The Iraqi regime has plotted to develop anthrax, and nerve gas, and nuclear weapons for over a decade. This is a regime that has already used poison gas to murder thousands of its own citizens — leaving the bodies of mothers huddled over their dead children. This is a regime that agreed to international inspections — then kicked out the inspectors. This is a regime that has something to hide from the civilized world.

    States like [Iran, Iraq, and North Korea], and their terrorist allies, constitute an axis of evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world. By seeking weapons of mass destruction, these regimes pose a grave and growing danger. They could provide these arms to terrorists, giving them the means to match their hatred. They could attack our allies or attempt to blackmail the United States. In any of these cases, the price of indifference would be catastrophic.

    Notice there’s no mention of an active weapons program.

    There’s mention of a previous weapons program.

    There’s mention of plans for a future program.

    But nothing “sitting on the launchpad”. They are “seeking”, not yet “creating”.

    The point was by the time they’ve already ramped up production, it’s too late. You have to stop them BEFORE they develop the weapons.

    The NYT is trying to re-write history.

  42. I lived that history. I remember yellow cake and aluminum tubes and “mushroom cloud over New York City”. We were told Saddam was an imminent threat to destroy an American city. It was complete BS.

  43. Farris:

    The media/left have created their own version of events to fit their talking points. It’s what they do. It’s why most people think Palin said she could see Russia from her house. It’s why people think nobody thought Iraq had a WMD program before Bush came along.

    And, many are not only dishonest but unhinged. It’s a waste of time.

  44. savefarris Says:

    We were told Saddam was an imminent threat to destroy an American city.

    By who?

  45. Farris, you forget that all was well and peaceful in the world before Bush. Iraq and the rest of the middle east were thriving. The entire region was much like San Diego. Just hotter. That’s the revised history liberals (including the media) are sticking with.

  46. Doug McElway accidentally referred to Ebola as “Obama”. I have to wonder how long it is before this becomes a thing, like Obama/Osama.

  47. savefarris Says:

    Farris, you forget that all was well and peaceful in the world before Bush. Iraq and the rest of the middle east were thriving.

    Yes, yes, I know: it was a kite-flying utopia.

    Then Cheney (because Bush was such a dummy) singlehandedly changed all the intelligence and made Clinton go back in time to deliver those remarks in 1998 all so he could get oil for blood.

    Tale as old as time … and just as accurate.

  48. Why in hell would the Pentagon “cover up” these weapons, if they proved the basis for the war? That doesn’t even make sense. That, and the reporting from Jen Griffin essentially says that it wasn’t what they were supposed to be looking for.
    I think saying that “Bush lied” is BS, but this proves nothing.

  49. savefarris Says:

    Since we seem to be having an Iraq nostalgia tour, it’d be easy to note that sent “ground troops into the war on Ebola” without sufficienty giving them the tools they need to survive.

    But it’d be more correct to observe that THIS IS WHY YOU SHUT THE BORDER: to make sure that something you aren’t prepared to handle doesn’t make it’s way in.

  50. imnotblue Says:

    Obama needs to spearhead the American response to Ebola, and try to deal with the situation internationally.

    What does Rick Perry have to do? Tell a private hospital to stop making mistakes?

  51. icemannyr Says:

    I’m not blaming Perry, it’s just that the two current ebola cases are in a hospital in his state while he is out of the country.

  52. imnotblue Says:

    And… So what?

  53. The Bush War revisionism over finding (and covering up) old chemical stockpiles is ludicrous. You proved Saddam had a dismantled chemical program from before the Gulf War. Well golly, that changes everything.

  54. icemannyr Says:

    FNC needs to send Dr. Keith out the door and lock it.
    ” Obama Won’t Keep Ebola From U.S. Because ‘His Affinities’ Are With Africa”

  55. Ailes won’t boot Ablow. He likes that crap.

  56. icemannyr Says:

    Since O’Reilly is not live he is not covering this news that broke in the 6pm hour. I wonder if Hannity got this info before he taped if the show is not live either,

  57. So now we know that proper protective gear was not made available in the Texas hospital treating an Ebola patient for as long as two days. The clamour seems to be all about blaming the CDC, its director, and then by extension the president. Yeah, the CDC needs to shape-up its response a bit but medical protocols, including infectious disease containment, are administered at the state level. That private hospital is certified to operate by a state bureaucracy, not federal.

    Gov Perry needs to get his butt back in Texas, if only to chew on the butts of whoever under his authority are in charge of making certain proper protocols are in place. That’s his job.

    I’ve recently practised at trauma centres in both Michigan and Virginia and always knew exactly the medical order to give that would get me full quarantine containment and Anthrax-level haz-mat suits inside of ten minutes. We’ve had drills on how to handle these situations ever since 9/11/01. For smaller hospitals that don’t have that capability it takes a simple call to 911 and the fire department brings it, which I assume was funded by Homeland Security grants. There is no excuse for what happened in that hospital.

    After Katrina there were teams of medical professionals staged to go into New Orleans and provide desperately needed help but were legally barred from doing so I argued then that it was entirely the fault of Louisiana’s then Gov Blanco for refusing to sign a simple executive order that would’ve made that all happen. But the politics of it tried to push the blame to Bush. This situation is little different. The ultimate controlling authority for that Dallas hospital is the State of Texas, not the CDC.

  58. icemannyr Says:

    Well said. Some pundits on TV are all about calling any criticism “attacking the hospital” while putting all the blame on the CDC.

    Some of the blame has to go to the administration at the hospital and the state government.

    Everything worked correctly for the first two patients who were brought back for treatment.

  59. savefarris Says:

    Why are people blaming the CDC? For stunts like this:

  60. This thing with Dr Nancy ‘Snyderman, NBC is totally useless if they don’t fire her. Now, it seems that no one is eating at the restaurant that she just HAD to go to, while under quarantine. If there’s anything I hate more than arrogance, it’s people losing their livelihoods because of someone else’s arrogance.

  61. CNN cancelled ‘Crossfire’ last night. I never watched the show and apparently few others did either.

  62. ^ I watched it. I like those kinds of shows. Used to watch the old one too.

  63. About five years into my career, I was thinking myself too important for lowly routine chores. My mum would have none of that. “Doctor shmocter. Get your butt over here and fix your mother’s toilet!”

    A certain amount of arrogance, it seems, is bestowed right along with the rest of the package for all who’ve earned a medical degree and survived the slow cooker of residency. Some of that is probably a good thing, but a strong sense of Primum non nocere should also have been deeply instilled. Dr. Snyderman has chosen to ignore it.

  64. A piece from the BBC on how Nigeria and Senegal stopped Ebola from spreading in their countries. A bit of positive news.
    “Nigeria, though notorious for its corruption and inefficiency, evidently has a bureaucracy that functions effectively enough for the strategy to counter Ebola to succeed – unlike the three hardest-hit countries which were suffering from extreme poverty and the aftermath of conflict even before the virus struck.”

  65. savefarris Says:

    So the guy Obama put in charge of the stimulus is now in charge of our Ebola response.

    So that means Wall Street will be cured of Ebola 6 years of now (even if the rest of the country suffers.) And it’ll cost twice as much as expected and lead to “unexpected” rises in employment.


  66. “So the guy Obama put in charge of the stimulus is now in charge of our Ebola response.”

    ^^Ahh yes the GOP and their loyal supporters, like farris, whine for days that we need a czar to handle the Ebola crisis and then, oh so predictably, whine he isn’t the right Ebola czar. And all this is after many months of whining we had too many czars and we should be getting rid of all the czars.

    I think Obama should have nominated Dr. Vivak Murthy (the Surgeon General nominee) just so we could watch GOP politician and pundit heads explode.

  67. It’s a joke. Obama picked the guy he thought would help the docs talk to the public in straight language because the right despises him, and will b!tch at any move he makes. So why bother trying to make them happy? They’ll never be happy. Screw ’em.

  68. savefarris Says:

    Even Obama isn’t dumb enough to nominate Murthy (his ‘guns are a bigger health threat than ebola’ clip would be seared into the public’s memory before the introductory press conference ended.) Though I know Obama would love to get a chance to blame ‘those mean old Republicans blocking the nomination’, which according to last count included … 10 Democrats.

    The problem is that Obama picked a political guy. Proving that Obama doesn’t see this as a public health issue, or even a national security issue. It’s nothing more than a political issue. And it proves Obama thinks Ebola can be cured by a speech on a college campus combined with a few well-placed hashtags.

    It can’t and it won’t. Not until Obama actually gets serious about the task at hand.

    That’s right: those rascally Republicans would have complained no matter who (or even if) Obama nominated anyone. I just know we wouldn’t have heard a peep out of the left if W had named Ari Fleischer to oversee the Katrina response.

  69. “That’s right: those rascally Republicans would have complained no matter who (or even if) Obama nominated anyone.”

    ^^You got that right farris.

    “I just know we wouldn’t have heard a peep out of the left if W had named Ari Fleischer to oversee the Katrina response.”

    ^^Fleisher, incompetent partisan that he was, would have been a big upgrade over Bush’s real pick “Heck of a job Brownie”. 🙂

  70. savefarris Says:

    Bush didn’t “pick” Michael Brown to oversee the Katrina response. Brown was the already-existing head of FEMA well before the storm even formed.

    … Kind of like how Obama has an official that’s SUPPOSED to be in charge of this type of thing at the DHH, but is being shielded from the public and press.

    I wonder why the media hasn’t shown the same level of interest in Dr. Lurie, her background, or her current whereabouts as they did Mr. Brown. It wouldn’t be because the MSM is hopelessy biased, could it?


    Bonus Snark: By appointing Klain to take over for Lurie, isn’t Obama perpetuating the #waronwomen?

  71. “Bush didn’t “pick” Michael Brown to oversee the Katrina response. Brown was the already-existing head of FEMA well before the storm even formed.”

    ^^ 🙂 Talk about revisionist history. Next it will be ‘W’ didn’t really invade Iraq. It was just a continuation of his Dad’s earlier war. 🙂

  72. After bombarding us with a month about Hannah Graham, the local news networks can’t interrupt an infomercial to report the breaking news CNN is covering? LOL.

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