Spin Control…

TVNewser’s Mark Joyella writes about Brian Stelter addressing CNN’s layoffs on today’s Reliable Sources…

It is unfortunately happening all over the place. Conde Nast, the publisher of Vogue and Wired, is laying off 70 to 80 people this fall. My former employer the New York Times is cutting 100 from the newsroom.

And yet they, like CNN, have been hiring people, too, lots of people, mainly for online jobs. That’s for new apps, for new web sites, for new ventures.

Now, there is some overall shrinking going on. But the better word for what’s happening in media today is “reshaping.” Through layoffs, through cuts, through new investments, “reshaping” for the digital future that really feels more like the digital present. It’s already here.

Ugh. Re-characterizing this week’s cuts into something they never were…ugh.

Ok, there were earlier in the year several rounds of mini cuts at CNN that were definitely all about rashaping the network. That’s not what these cuts were. These cuts were ordered by Time Warner. Not to reshape for digital. Not to prepare for the future. To cut costs to raise TW’s profit margin to placate upset shareholders after TW refused to do a deal with Rupert Murdoch. To state otherwise is just silly.

Yes, Stelter did state it in his piece. But he still went on to lump the cuts in with a bunch of other media moves that had no similarity to why this week’s cuts at CNN took place.


8 Responses to “Spin Control…”

  1. Credit to him for addressing for addressing it but the spin was especially silly. Because of his liberal leanings, you can be sure if he was still at the NYT he’d be ripping CNN for putting profit above news gathering.

  2. What does supposedly being a liberal have to do at all with how he’d report on CNN’s cutbacks?

  3. ^ profits above journalism. Cost cutting to increase revenues. Evil shareholders. Down with the 1%. All that neat stuff.

  4. But I congratulate Stelter on at least addressing the situation. Not easy, I’m sure.

  5. Can you blame him? If I were in his place, I would watch my tongue too.

  6. I feel bad for the kid. He gets his dream job, at exactly the moment when CNN decides that ‘news’ is passe. Or whatever the hell it is that they’re doing.

  7. Nope. Don’t blame him. Imagine it’s uncomfortable. He may as well just stick to being the anti FNC guy. He covers the CNN stuff and still gets hammered for it.

  8. “Anti FNC guy” is bollocks. Stelter covers news media, which includes pointing out when your precious does something stupid.

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