Free for All: 10/21/14

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  1. Thanks to TV Newser for the link:
    A lot of stuff but it’s interesting. Lots and lots of charts and graphics, eight pages of them. Apparently, moderates (‘mixed’ as their called) are more likely to trust than distrust both MSNBC and FNC. The Wall Street Journal is the only source on the list to be trusted more than distrusted by moderates, liberals, conservatives, consistent liberals and conservatives. BuzzFeed was the opposite.

  2. Charts and graphs. Reminds me of Ross Perot, or something.

  3. imnotblue Says:

    When will people stop making a joke of Ebola… it’s offensive!

    Oh wait… it was on MSNBC, nevermind. It’s fine. Just a joke.

    And thank goodness there’s no hypocrisy:

  4. I’m saddened that another soldier has been killed in an apparent terror attack but I’m also enraged. Our government had so many years to improve security considering report after report of security flaws, underequipped law enforcement officers, not enough officers, etc.
    According to a CTV’s Craig Oliver, who’s a been on Parliament Hill for decades, he pointed out if the gunman walked to the Senate instead of the House of Commons, more people could have been shot because the security in that part of centre (main) block of the Parliament Buildings are unarmed. The HoC has armed security but not the Senate. Makes sense.

  5. In 2006, police thwarted an attempt by jihadists to storm Parliament Hill and behead the Prime Minister. What’s shocking is at least one of them was released not too long ago and at least one joined IS militants.

  6. This speechifying is getting to be a habit with Shep. I generally agree with him, but I’d prefer he just cover the breaking news on his Breaking News Deck.

  7. – Shep –
    What I’m curious about is what his reaction is when there’s a random ‘active shooter’, unrelated to Islamic terrorism. It’s become clear to me that when it’s random, they’re all about changing laws and whatnot. Terrorism? Let’s be calm. And you can flip that coin for conservatives. That being the case, it’s not difficult to see which way he’s leaning.

  8. Shepherd Smith is right on this one but it’s odd – in a revealing way – how we (yes, you too) react when anchors give opinions that we agree with.

    When they say things we don’t like we’re shocked, shocked that they violate the catechism of objectivity.

    Lynn: Excellent point.

  9. savefarris Says:

    Dear Mr. Griffin:

    you’re telling me Al Sharpton is the *BEST* you could do for the 6:00 EDT hour? Seriously?

    Let’s play America’s favorite pastime: “If W had said it…”

  10. Sarah Palin personifies everything bad about modern conservatism – she’s essentially a political (and fiscal) grifter – but if you don’t see the bias in the coverage of this latest incident involving her daughter and, for example, Biden’s son, then you’ve got your eyes closed. Tightly.

    This disparate treatment is why – for all of its faults – something like Fox News was needed. There’s a worldview that dominates most newsrooms and it is distinctly not friendly towards right of center views or people.

    Palin has gotten most of her bad press the good old fashioned way – she’s earned it – but not all of it is fair or warranted.

  11. ^ Ain’t that the truth.
    After all the well-deserved kerfuffle over the NFL, you had Carol Costello getting the biggest kick out of hearing audio of Bristol Palin, post-assault. I have no use for Sarah Palin, haven’t for years, but our Objective Newspeople might want to look in the mirror, for just a moment. I thought the the initial reports of the incident were funny, but the followup was drowned out by plague and pestilence. I would hope to have had the proper response, not the “fun” one.

  12. Carol Costello, Serious News-Person. I’ve overlooked some of her stuff in the past, and generally accept that a bit of opinion is part of the game, but this is unforgivable. Again, she reviewed a recording of a young woman having just been assaulted, and gave it two thumbs up.

  13. savefarris Says:

    but if you don’t see the bias in the coverage of this latest incident involving her daughter and, for example, Biden’s son, then you’ve got your eyes closed. Tightly.

    C’mon erich: you’re just cherry-picking data points. There’s no way to prove that the media treats children of Executive Branch members differently.

  14. savefarris Says:

    Ezra’s site is now claiming that Wendy Davis was “always going to lose”. Of course, his previous site claimed exactly the opposite:

    And if she was always going to lose, why did the Daily Show plan to do the last shows before the election from Austin? Those shows, unless Stewart pulls a 180, will prove without a doubt forever that Stewart is more interested in rooting for Dems than rooting for Comedy.

  15. I’m assuming that Rene Zellweger has joined the FBI’s witness protection program?

    Any other explanation? That’s about as drastic a change in appearance I’ve ever seen.

    I think she’s a terrific actress. Or was?

    Anyway, if she’s happy, fine.

  16. Hmm, I didn’t think that photo would show up.

    That’s new.

  17. Not that new. but it’s usually a Twitter link.
    I hope she’s happy with it, and doesn’t plan on doing Bridget Jones anymore.

  18. icemannyr Says:

    “She’s sorry, now. That’s nice.”

    Not sorry enough to say it on CNN?

  19. There was sarcasm in that comment. If the apology isn’t on her program, it’s worthless. I wouldn’t think much of any apology, anyway. She has shown her ideological bent, garnished with a dollop of inhumanity, as clearly as is possible.

  20. Probably a stupid question but maybe I’ll be surprised. ..have any “women’s groups” criticized Costello? It’s never been a secret which side of the ideological fence sits on. Her apology is meaningless.

  21. A journalist with the Montreal Gazette posted this on his blog on the incident where Ottawa police mistakenly said there was a shooting at the shopping centre nearby.

  22. icemannyr Says:

    O’Reilly is doing a segment on the Palin fight and the comments of Costello.
    That might force her to respond on her next newscast.

  23. icemannyr Says:

    Here’s also this
    “Why Everyone Thought There Were ‘Multiple Shooters’ in Ottawa”

  24. Unless you’re kissing someone with a fever, I’d leave the hazmat suit at home. Actually, the hazmat wouldn’t help you in that situation anyway. In spite of the rampant idiocy I saw on Fox tonight, the fact remains Ebola is only transmittable through body fluid after the person is sick. Believe no one who tells you otherwise. They’re lying.

  25. imnotblue Says:

    …speaking of rampant idiocy…

  26. F*ck off, Blue. I didn’t say anything to warrant a personal attack, you ignorant pr*ck. Take it up with Spud.

  27. savefarris Says:

    Believe no one who tells you otherwise. They’re lying.

    Because when this Administration tells you something, you can take it to the bank! Whether it’s matters of a general nature (‘What I’ve proposed is a net spending cut’, ‘Unemployment won’t rise above 8%’, ‘If you like your doctor…’, ‘It was a Youtube video’, ‘If Syria crosses the red line’) or specifically on this topic (‘It’s unlikely ebola ever reaches us’, ‘A travel ban would only make things worse’), if the Administration says it, you’d best believe it.

  28. It has nothing to do with the administration. They don’t decide how Ebola is spread. It’s through direct contact, after symptoms are visible. It’s a medical fact.

  29. I’ll trust virologists and other biological researchers any day over political pundits when it comes to biological aspects of Ebola. Here’s a nice test for the pundits spouting off about things they don’t understand, what is a virus and how is it different from a bacterium? Is it biotic or abiotic? Can’t answer, stop talking.

  30. Ok, I’m going to split the baby here…

    Joe, you can make your point without the over the top bull in a china shop reaction.

    Blue, you can keep your negative opinions of fellow commenters to yourself…especially when it was essentially nothing other than the usual “(fill in the blank) network sucks” variety which almost everyone engages in.

  31. imnotblue Says:

    For the record, my comment was far more about Joe taking my comment (which was obviously a joke) seriously.

    As for the Solomon decision, I’ll continue to think that’s a mistake. But it’s your site, so it’s your call.

  32. I didn’t take “hazmat” seriously, son, I used it as a jumping off point to call out some egregious fear-mongering I had been seeing on FNC. In other words, the comment had nothing to do with you personally, it was about a TV channel. Then you called me an idiot. Spud made it clear a long time ago that we need to stick to the general topics, and avoid needless personal attacks. You didn’t take the hint, and I fired back because I’m fed up with your crap. I’ll take my medicine for language, and you can stop talking to me. Try a cable news might like it.

  33. If you’re going to lie about being a straight news anchor, I guess it’s not a far step to lie about voting law while pimping a Michelle Malkin screed, too. But hey, she sure is pretty!

  34. icemannyr Says:

    And Hannity says only liberal use hate speech and say nasty things.
    Ann Couler on Pirro’s show tonight:
    “I think it’s like everything else, surprise after the election suddenly you won’t have insurance and It’s gonna hit right about the same time all the border surge kids brining in the Enterovirus will be paralyzing or killing your kids.”

  35. I think Ann Coulter is feeling the years slip past.

    And this. That “late wave” of song and story.

  36. imnotblue Says:

    Until I am no longer permitted… I will respond to whomever I chose.

  37. Blue, you’d do well to follow my lead and ignore those who fly off the handle at every little thing. Some people will always be “that guy”

  38. If Blue has responded like an adult on topic in the first place, there never would have been an issue. Don’t call me an idiot, then whine when I react to it. Grow up.

  39. imnotblue Says:

    I know, Lone. He’s been the same for years now… bullying people on this site, threatening them like he’s the boss, and doing his best to chase anyone with a differing opinion out of here. Of course, it’s never his fault, it’s always everyone else who is to blame.

    But when he says something loopy that’s worth responding to, I’ll do it, and wait for the predictable response.

    At least he’s stopped threatening to sue me.

  40. Poor babies. Enjoy your endless whining session, long after Spud handled the situation. Some day you’ll get back on topic. Maybe.

  41. I find the behavior of the four governors that have ordered quarantines of returning medical personnel who treated Ebola patients in Africa really offensive. There is no medical reason for the quarantines and indeed they seem to have only crass political motives. Hopefully the backlash they receive will force them to change their minds.

  42. West Africa sorely needs all the good medical people they can get. Turning them into pariahs when they return home is going to be a problem.

  43. What really makes this just another totally pointless political stunt is the way it’s aimed only medical personnel returning from Africa. What about those nurses, doctors and others in US hospitals and labs, like those in NY, dealing with Ebola patients? Don’t they pose exactly the same risk as those coming home from Africa?

    The only difference I see is that medical personal in the US have powerful unions and associations to protect them that politicians don’t want to upset; particularly just before the election.

    If there was any real justice these craven scum, calling themselves public servants, would get the comeuppance they deserve on Nov. 4th. That would be karma.

  44. The difference,I think, is that New York & New Jersey are now designated ports of entry for people flying in from Western African countries and, unlike most other passengers, these medical professionals are known to have been working within an Ebola-infected environment. There are very few medical professionals working within the US for which this can be said, and Governors Christie and Cuomo both indicated their decisions stemmed from the way CDC has been messing up. There’s nothing to stop them from including domestic docs & nurses whenever they see fit.

    As for it being a political stunt, only Gov. Cuomo is up for re-election this November. This could still be a “stunt”, of course, perhaps directed at the Obama administration to pressure them to get their act together. They’ll drop this mandatory confinement soon.

  45. ^ coorection. Illinois Gov. Quinn is also up for re-election. His state is also one of the designated ports of entry.

  46. Well Al, you are right about Cuomo. He got cold feet and is now “modifying” his stance on quarantines. As crazy as it sounds Quinn in Illinois is in a fight for his life in Illinois to keep the Governorship. Real Clear Politics has it as a toss-up right now. (For anyone that follows Illinois politics that is crazy! I mean, how many Democrat governors have gone to jail for corruption? 4 of the last 7!). So… guess is that not too many changes will happen until after the election.

    But, Democrats need not worry, Cook County has everything under control!

  47. You call it cold feet, but I think Cuomo’s modifying his executive order is warranted. Florida Gov. Scott’s mandatory monitoring order, while strict, seems more reasonable to me anyway. If it were up to me, those with experience treating Ebola should be allowed to self-monitor. I’d be more concerned with the untrained people – including docs like me – who mihgt not recognise the early symptoms of onset. I mean… I work with sick people so I can develop a little fever and not even notice.

    As far as it being “politics”, I give them all the benefit of doubt. When it comes down to it, it’s the heath departments of the individual states that legally take the lead in these things and it’s their governors who are, ultimately, accountable.

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