In for a Penny…

Variety’s Brian Lowry writes about some things Jeff Zucker said today…

CNN is “open” to the idea of airing scripted movies under its CNN Films banner, CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker said on Monday.

Zucker made his remarks at a lunch in Los Angeles promoting upcoming CNN Films documentaries, which he called one of the three foundational components of the network’s lineup, along with breaking news and the regular series that have become an increasing part of its mix.

The CNN chief stressed that there were no imminent plans to order scripted movies, and acknowledged that “some people would find it odd” to see such fare on the news network. Still, he said in response to a question, “I would not be opposed to that.”

I’m not going to comment here. It would be too easy…

8 Responses to “In for a Penny…”

  1. “Also, Monster Trucks. Monster Trucks are bitchin, let’s do those.”

  2. Jesus. Is anyone else noticing a common, recurring theme in Lisa Ling’s program? Why don’t they just re-air late-nite Cinemax and be done with it?

  3. “Really, Tara, being a stripper makes relationships difficult? Tell us more about that.”

  4. I saw one about “hot barristas”. Every time I stumble on that show Ling seems to be interviewing some babe making money off her babeness. It’s pretty weird.

  5. Anthony Bourdain was okay. Still is. You could maybe, tangentially, torturedly say that his travel show fit in with the overall idea of a “news channel”. Or, lacking that, you could say that it’s just the one show, and what the hell. It makes pretty filler, between actual news bits. But Lisa Ling and Mike Rowe? Arg. Ling defies any attempt at viewing, and Rowe’s “personality” seems to have been lost in some unknown legal dispute. And what the hell is he doing, watching oysters breed? If someone told me that, I’d think it was a joke.

  6. Strippers and hot barristas? Damn, how in the bloody ‘el did I miss that?

    Maybe 24hr cable news has about run its course. There’s a multitude of other ways to get news now and they’ve all in one form or another gotten away from reporting facts along with providing the necessary context of what’s happening.

    CNN doesn’t have broadcast affiliates so too bad it hasn’t teamed up with something like CBS News, which might reinvigorate a better, albeit smaller, news product.

  7. “You could maybe, tangentially, torturedly say that his travel show fit in with the overall idea of a “news channel”.”

    ^^I don’t think Zucker even pretends CNN is a “news channel” anymore. In a few years news on CNN will be 5 minute updates on the hour much like what AM radio used to do.

  8. Maybe we’ll start having overnight news again.

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