Al Jazeera America Numbers…

The Wrap’s Jordan Chariton writes about Al Jazeera America’s ratings…or lack thereof…

Its lineup of journalists hasn’t translated to ratings. When comparing Al Jazeera America’s ratings to date to Current TV’s ratings from December, 2011 to August, 2013, the numbers show significant losses. In total day, AJAM is down 44 percent compared to Current TV; in the 25-54 demo, the channel is down 55 percent. In primetime viewers, AJAM is down 49 percent compared to Current TV; in the primetime demo, down 54 percent.

In its 14 months on-air, AJAM is averaging 14,000 viewers 5,000 demo viewers for total day. In primetime, its averaging 18,000 viewers and 6,000 demo viewers.

2 Responses to “Al Jazeera America Numbers…”

  1. It’s boring, and still not in HD on Comcast. And they should have kept the Current name: AL Jazeera with the Arabic-looking logo creeps people out.

  2. That graphic, suspended over what looks like a desert, Very inviting.

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