Jose Diaz Balart to Anchor Two Hour Daily Rundown…

The Wrap’s Jordan Chariton writes that Jose Diaz Balart will get The Daily Rundown which will now air for two hours.

The morning show formerly hosted by Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie will be anchored from Miami starting November

The MSNBC show left behind by Chuck Todd now has a host in the form of José Díaz-Balart, who will anchor an expanded “Daily Rundown” from 9 a.m.-11 a.m., individuals with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap.

The Miami-based Díaz-Balart, who debuted on MSNBC at 10 a.m. in July and also anchors an evening newscast on Telemundo, will anchor the morning show that under Todd was based in D.C. and focused on politics.

What gets me is Phil Griffin’s not so internal internal memo that just happened to get leaked to Chariton…this part in particular…

Jose Diaz-Balart joined the msnbc family in July and is already off to a great start. He’s introduced new voices and a fresh perspective to our network. Thanks to his deep experience as an anchor he has the ability and flexibility to deliver dynamic coverage of breaking news events – as they develop.

There are internal memos which are designed for internal consumption and just happen to get leaked. And then there are internal memos which are designed for external consumption and must get leaked in order to be successful. This is the latter.

Griffin is so nakedly obvious in what he’s doing here it’s embarrassing. He writes an internal memo which ticks off all his recent public talking points. You don’t do that for an internal memo you want to send your employees. You do that when you want to send out a press release in the form of an internal memo.


12 Responses to “Jose Diaz Balart to Anchor Two Hour Daily Rundown…”

  1. Because I find JD-B pretty much unwatchable this is not what hoped would happen to CT show. IMO not only has the network taken away one of it’s best hosts in Todd but it’s now replaced him with the Spanish equivalent of Al Sharpton.

    Sad just sad.

  2. I haven’t watched him yet. Surely he’s not as bad as you say. Though a Spanish Al Sharpton would be great.

    The actual Al Shartpon show is indistinguishable from the SNL skit.

  3. Good, more news on dayside. The ‘news’ shift has been noticeable lately, even on things like Joy-Ann Reid’s show. Half of her opinion hour starts with standard news reports like the Antares rocket explosion now.

  4. José @ msnbc ‏@JDBmsnbc · 56m56 minutes ago
    ‘The Daily Rundown With José Díaz-Balart’ premieres November 17 @jdbalart @msnbc #JDBnow

    Joe Remi ‏@JosephRemiB · 36m36 minutes ago
    @JDBmsnbc @msnbc @jdbalart An excellent decision. I want to see the NEWS again!

    jose diaz-balart ‏@jdbalart · 4m4 minutes ago
    @JosephRemiB that’s what I want as well! Thank you Joseph

  5. “An excellent decision. I want to see the NEWS again”

    ^^Well if you want mostly news about Hispanic issues, like immigration, delivered by and for Hispanics then your right joe, it’s more news. If you want more analysis on politics in general from a liberal POV then not so much. We’ll see how you feel in six months.

    I assume most of the FNC fans here will cheer the decision, mostly because they know most liberals like me don’t like the move.

  6. You’re not actually watching the show, are you? It’s been mostly straight news lately, and I expect more in the 2-hour format. And the less political analysis from a liberal POV the better. That’s not what J-DB does.

  7. “You’re not actually watching the show, are you?”

    ^^Not every minute and less every day. I watched some shows but found his delivery irritating.

    I rarely watch TV but it’s on as background as I work on the computer almost all the time. I don’t get news off the TV much anymore. That’s what the computer is for. What I want on TV is smart political analysis. J D-B doesn’t do that. Now, like with Ed, Al and MHP he’s on mute if the TV is on at all.

  8. Am I missing something when I read that they’re doubling down on breaking news coverage with an anchor who’s in an outpost far, far away from anything that resembles an MSNBC newsroom? JDB seems like a show that would either be relocated or the first one to be axed altogether if MSNBC is really looking to go back to news.

  9. That guy is way too intense for morning television.I guess that’s two more hours that I won’t have MSNBC. I’m down to recording Andrea Mitchell and Chris Matthews – that’s it. Too much like Fox News now

  10. savefarris Says:

    So I tuned into Jose’s show for the very first time. The very first issue I see: why isn’t Mark Udall being more vocal about his immigration bonafides?

    Second issue: why isn’t Wendy Davis creaming Greg Abbott among Latinos?

    I’m afraid Fritz may have a point.

  11. I’m afraid judging the show based on two stories on Election Day is silly.

  12. Reblogged this on Paul Keohane's Blog and commented:
    Someone should tell José Diaz Balart that they make decaf. That dude is way too intense

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