Election 2014: Coverage Notes

Capital New York’s Alex Weprin has a comprehensive…and then some…wrap up of who is doing what for the 2014 midterms.

The midterm elections are here, and control of the U.S. Senate is in the balance. Still, these are midterms, not a Presidential election, so television coverage will be significant, but below 2012. Cable news will be all over things, while the broadcasters are mostly sticking with regular programming, save for updates, online programming and 10 p.m. specials. There are also a wide array of online offerings, giving viewers more flexibility to take in the results on their second (or third) screen of choice. Below, a viewer’s guide to the options being offered Tuesday evening

Sounds about as appealing as an appendectomy. Here’s the way I see it: Tomorrow the Senate will flip and gridlock will continue and life goes on…or…the Senate doesn’t flip and gridlock will continue and life goes on…or…we will head on to runoff elections which will eventually decide whether the Senate flips and in the meantime gridlock will continue and life goes on.

Bottom line: Gridlock will continue and life goes on. Everything else is just political puffery that only nerds and ideologues care about. Yes, I’m a cynic.


15 Responses to “Election 2014: Coverage Notes”

  1. Grandpa Dave Says:

    As long as ‘life goes on’, I’m good with any outcome.

    Although I favor the first option.

  2. It’s like Christmas Eve, without the joyous anticipation. Well, maybe a little.

  3. I’m still an Election Day geek and I intend to enjoy it. Even if the idiots win.

  4. As long as my idiots win.

  5. savefarris Says:

    What I’m looking forward to:

    * completely useless technology from CNN that confuses more than clarifies.
    * Megyn Kelly walking down a hall.
    * James Carville putting a trashcan on his head.

    But most importantly, I’m looking forward to spending all night bathing in the MSNBC schadenfreude.

  6. It’d be nice if MSNBC could wait until the night is over to concede. They’ve spent the last two days talking about a Republican majority as if it’s already happened. That’s a bit annoying.

  7. According a segment, I believe it was Megyn’s show, last night Biden saying they need to compromise in the CNN interview meant Biden and the Obama admin believed election was already over and the republicans were going to win a majority.

  8. savefarris Says:

    joe, are you saying they should ignore the polls? Isn’t that precisely what they lambasted Romney-ites for doing in 2012?

  9. I’m saying what I said. I have no idea why people ask me what I really mean.

  10. My favorite meme of the day so far is that conservatives are still victims of a liberal media even when they’re winning. I’ve seen a dozen versions of this on Twitter, and it bewilders me. STOP WHINING!

  11. savefarris Says:

    MSNBC: The Place for Pre-Emptive Finger-Pointing

    Sorry joe, but anyone even halfway honest with themselves will see that the MSM has leaned on the lever so hard left, it’s almost broken off. Yes, Republicans look like their winning. And they’re doing it despite of the MSM’s “help”.

  12. Sorry Farris, you guys sound pathetic. In my days as a Reagan conservative we never would have stood for this Industry Of Victimization you’ve built. It amazes me you aren’t embarrassed by it.

  13. savefarris Says:

    Oh, I’m embarrassed all right.

    *I’m embarrassed for the Charlotte Observer, who spiked their own story because it made Kay Hagen look bad.
    *I’m embarrassed for CBS, which fired one of their reporters for daring to investigate the president.
    *I’m embarrassed for ABC, which, up until last week, didn’t think that the midterm elections were a story worth reporting on.
    *I’m embarrassed for CNN, which apparently has an in-house bet on which employee can most embarrassingly support the Democrat during a debate.
    *I’m embarrassed for the NYT, which posited the theory that we should stop having midterms because there was a chance Democrats might lose one.
    *I’m embarrassed for PolitiFact, which has decided that a Republican who tells the truth about something which embarrasses a Democrat is “mostly false”.
    *I’m embarrassed for the Daily Show, NYT, and WaPo for foisting upon the nation the walking embarrassment that is Wendy Davis.
    *I’m embarrassed for Chuck Todd whose reason for poo-poohing the IRS scandal is because “we haven’t pulled any incriminating evidence from those wiped hard drives.”

  14. savefarris Says:

    Allison Grimes made it a race for all of 4 seconds.

    Congrats all around.

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